Ask Jo: Quilt Alongers and How it Works

I often get questions from readers and realize that other readers are probably wondering the same thing.  I had one of those questions recently from Cheri, “Can you explain what the quilt alongers and stitch alongers groups are? How does one join and what are the expectations and projects?”

Anyone…and everyone can join.  Here’s how it works.  The quilt alongers are working on this quilt, Lori Smith’s Pieceful Nights.

Pieceful Nights: A Sampler Quilt by Lori Smith

My daughter Kelli is the host.  Each month she picks a block or two.  Participants make the block and send a photo of it in us.  We post the the photos of their blocks on our blog.  Those that turned in a block are eligible to win one of the prizes we have listed each month.  Their goal is to finish the blocks by the end of the year.  They have been working on it since January.  People with blogs do not need to send in their block.  They can link up using the linky tool but are still eligible to win a prize.  The blocks have to be in before the first Wednesday of the month.

The stitch alongers operate much the same way.  They are making this Lori Smith pattern Fit to Frame #6.  Some are using wool, some cottons.

Fit to Frame: Pattern Six - Grandmother's Garden

This is done in the same manner only the blocks need to be done the first Thursday of the month.

We pick prize winners sometime over the next weekend after the blocks are all in.  We get great prizes from a variety of different sponsors.

We have lots of fun with in and invite anyone to join in anytime….hope to see you next month.

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