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I got an email the other day…it was from Ruth.  I tried answer her directly but I got a message back that the email didn’t go through.  I thought I would answer it here in hopes that Ruth might see it…and I thought a couple of you might be wondering too.

Ruth wrote:
Hi Jo,
Am I the only one seeing all these ads on your blog? – See below.  It is very hard to read or enjoy the blog.  I wondered if you actually knew they are there?
I hope you can get them to go away and did not have to add them so you could keep the blog going.”

Here is the picture she attached.

Here’s my answer:
The ads haven’t changed for about a year.  I know they are there.  I know they aren’t “fun”.  I know some people are completely annoyed by them.

There’s nothing I am going to do about them.

The truth is that they are there partly to keep the blog going.  Many people don’t know this but blog writers pay for you to come and be able to read their blog…it’s more or less kind of like this:

I have “cyber parking lot” associated with Jo’s Country Junction.  When you come and read the blog, you are parking.  I have to pay for you to park in my parking lot.  I can’t afford it…so the ads are the price we all pay for you to park here.  If you read other blogs, Judy at Patchwork Times, Bonnie at Quiltville, Mary at Country Threads…you’ll see that they and others have ads to pay for you to park.

You might argue that “a friend named Jennie” has a blog and it doesn’t work that way for her….Truth.  But “Jennie” doesn’t have the same amount of traffic.  The more readers you have, the higher the parking price.  People who have small blog get by with a small yearly fee of $20 that covers all they need for their blog.  Not true for others.

Also…I spend a minimum of an hour or two-ish every day doing all of the things related to the blog.  The blog started as my personal diary that grew and grew into more of a public diary…now it’s almost moved into a part time job.  If I don’t write a post…people wonder where I am.  If I don’t answer email, people wonder if I’m okay.  I never imagined it become this, but it has.  I don’t mind that it has-I actually very much enjoy the blog…It has just turned into something that has taken so much time that I need some type of compensation for that much time.  Trust me, I’m not getting rich over it!!

Some time ago I answered this question…You can find that HERE.  It was a longer explanation…more thorough.

I guess my best suggestion is if you don’t like the ads, hit the “X” button…they go away, and it helps the writer of the blog make more money…*wink*wink* and it’s gets the ad out of your view.

Seriously…I wish things weren’t this way.  I wish things didn’t cost money.  I wish I have plenty of money that I didn’t need the ad money.  It’s just not the way of the world.  My dad always told me, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”.  Sadly it’s the truth for the blog as well.  Your cost is having to look at some ads.  It’s just the way it is.



18 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Question from Ruth”

  1. I just click on the X by the ads and they go away. I click them all off first and then go about reading the blog. See if that works for you Ruth

  2. I’ll be clicking all the ads in future. Thanks for explaining the blog process. If I buy anything through Amazon I’ll access via your blog.

  3. I too never knew x’ing the ad gives you money. So from now on I’ll x them all. It is annoying but I’ve just worked around them. Glad to know a little effort on my part can give you some much needed pennies.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  4. I never realized that “x”ing the ads were beneficial to the blog writer until Mary over at Country Threads pointed it out. It takes very little effort to hit the “x” and continue reading. The only ad I find difficult is the window one from Hunter-Douglas – this ad bounces all over the place and is hard to x out. Not to worry here, I have always “x’d” out all ads including yours and Quiltville Quips and any other “x’s” I run into. Be
    well. Terry

  5. This is not a big deal, and I try to remember to click the ads for you as I appreciate what you share with us here.

  6. It’s just the way they pop in and make the text jump around and move, and you have to chase after them and figure out where to go next.

    I understand why you have the ads, but sometimes it’s just too annoying to put up with and I leave without reading your post, and sometimes I just don’t open your post in the first place because I am not in the mood to deal with all the pop up ads. I’m glad you understand that, too.

  7. I have an interesting side note to your ad issue. I’ve noticed when I use my iPad to view your blog, the ads can overwhelm me because they not only pop up and cover a good portion of your photos, but they are like moving targets. However, if I use my desktop computer (also an Apple product) the ads stay below the photos and don’t move around. I can’t figure out why it works out this way.

  8. They are actually more annoying if you come to blog via bloglovin they cover everything up..if i just Google your blog and look at it that way they are not covering everthing up they are less intrusive..i will x them out!

  9. Thanks for the explanation. I discovered recently that I needed to clean up my ad choices. don;t ask me how to do it as I did it once and could never describe how to do it again. However, I was able to clean up some cookies of sites that I visited by accident or never want to go to again. These sites follow you around once they find you. In the top left of an ad is a block that says Ad choices. I think I clicked on that and it took me to where I needed to go.

  10. I waited till today to post because, like others, I just recently figured out the ad thing. It’s easy and sometimes I find something that I’m interested in on an ad, but my main objective is to support the blogs I read all the time – and this is the way to do it. You can’t expect to go through life thinking everything is free. So thanks bloggers and readers! You are the best!

  11. Jo – I’m happy to X out the ads. I thought I had to actually open the ads for you to get credit for them. Just having to close them is so much easier. I’m happy to do it. Please know I’m not asking you to do this, but one time I read a quilt blog where the gal showed a typical month for her blog. What it cost vs what she made from ads. The costs were way higher than I had imagined. It was apparent that she wasn’t going to get rich blogging! It made me aware how important it is to close those ads. Thanks for all the work you put into your blog! I look for it every morning and evening!

  12. I have been opening the ads too because I thought that was how you got paid!!!! I started closing them after Mary at Connecting Threads explained that closing them was how you get paid!!! Closing the ads is so easy and I don’t mind doing it! I love your blog!!!

  13. I don’t mind Xing out of the ads. At least your ads don’t cover your photos. And I can also enlarge the photos if I want to when I’m looking at them on my cell phone which I cannot do on other people’s blogs who will remain nameless at this point in time. What amazes me is how fast blogs have ads for something that I just finished looking at on another site. I found pausing a moment before reading your blog allows time for the ads to load and the page to stop moving.

  14. I use a blog reader called Feedly that I put all my blogs in that I read regularly. I find I don’t see ads when reading in Feedly. If I go to the website for the blog I will see the ads.

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