Ask Jo: QOV, Ruby and More

Every so often I get questions from blog readers that I think other blog readers would like the answer to as well.  When that happens, I answer the questions here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

I had LOTS of people respond to the wonderful QOV (Quilt of Valor) that Doreen worked on and M. Smith made as part of our charity project.  You can read about it here if you missed it.


There were several people who wanted to know the measurements needed for a QOV.  I asked Doreen and she said, “Minimum size is 55″x 65″ and the largest size is 72″x 90″.”

Terri L writes, “Jo, I would love to donate a quilt top, but have a few questions. Size requirements? Do they need to be Red , White and Blue? and most important, do we send them to you or directly to QOV representative?”

The quilts are typically some type of red, white and blue…red and white is fine.  There are all sorts.  If you do a google search of “Quilts of Valor” and look at the images there are MANY.

Anyone who wants to make a QOV top can send them to me…I’ll get them to Doreen.  Any help from blog readers to help with Quilts of Valor is greatly appreciated….as always you can email me at

Jan Ochterbeck also commented on the QOV post she said, “Quilts of Valor is such a worthy cause and the veterans always seem to appreciate them so much. You may be aware of the block drive that Alycia in Colorado is spearheading, but other QOV groups are welcome to make blocks and quilts for local and regional needs as well. Alycia is featuring a block I designed for QOV, and the tutorial can be found on my blog here: or on her blog at”  I checked that out.  It seems that they are looking for people to make quilt blocks.  There’s a way to help if you don’t want to make a whole quilt!!

Next question came from Mary Jo after she saw my finished “H” quilt, “Beautiful as always – hope Ruby is not under the weather. Probably at the end of a long week she is too tired to pose on a quilt.

Actually Ruby was out with a the neighbor girl.  Since my foot surgery I’ve had the neighbor girl take Ruby and walk her a few times a week.  The neighbor girl is nine and we’ve become fast friends.  Ruby loves her and loves getting out of the house with her…I love her too.  She’s a real sweetie.

Here’s a snap shot of the Ruby hanging with Kayla over the weekend.


Ruby is fine and well.

And for the last comment….This one came from a blog reader, Dorothy,  after I wrote the Stash Report (Find it here), “Wonderful gift box. I do have a pet peeve with your blog writing though. Could you please use “spell check” ????? It drives me insane to try and figure out what you are trying to say sometimes :-) On the other side of things, I love your blog and your inspirations.”

This one had some other blog readers feeling bad…me, not so much.

I thought I’d address the question though, so here goes….Yep.  I do use spell check.  I will readily admit, I don’t use grammar rules.  I am not writing this as a paper.  I am writing this as a girl friend talking to my girlfriend.  I use the dot, dot, dot, as in …. because that’s how I’m thinking.  I’m not quite sure if my thought is complete and don’t know if I want a period.  I use things like “hmmm”.  That’s my way of telling you I’m pondering something (yes, spell check did tell me that “hmmm” should be corrected).  I write “yep” because if you were sitting here and having coffee with me, I wouldn’t say “yes”.  I’d say “yep”.  Some of the things I say are likely a little more “Midwestern” too.  It’s me.  It’s how I am.

As for the straight up spelling errors and miss-punctuations.  (Spell check did just tell me that punctuations isn’t actually a word-but I ignored it because that’s what I want to say)…well those happen.  I am human.  I do not have an English degree.  I am not writing this as a professional.  I’m simply writing.  Miss-spellings happen.  Miss-punctuations happen.  Likely they happen more often to me than to others because I am not a perfectionist and I don’t read, re-read and re-read again everything that I write.  Perfection isn’t that important to me. For me, I have more import things to do than to hunt down a coma or a typo.

Lots of times I’m writing blog posts late at night and I’m tired.  I’m writing blog posts in between things.  I start supper, come start a blog post, the water starts boiling and I’m back to making supper and then later back to the blog post.  (WOW! Check out that run on sentence!)  It makes it a bit challenging to reach perfection this way…but that’s the way I have to write or I wouldn’t have time to write at all.

When I use spell check it does not catch all errors.  Sometime I write “at” when I mean to write “it”.  In the previous sentence I just corrected “big” to “bit”.  Spell check doesn’t get those…my tired eyes often don’t either.

I used to read a blog a long time ago.  The blogger NEVER (spell check is telling me NEVER is bad -again, I’m ignoring it) used a capital letter ever-not even at the beginning of a sentence.  It bothered me.  That along with a few other things made me quit reading her blog.

I can’t be everything to everybody.  I’m content with that.  Please note: I am a complete package.  I come with spelling errors, grammar errors, and all the good stuff too.

I hope that covers all the latest questions and comments.  If you have others feel free to email me at

36 thoughts on “Ask Jo: QOV, Ruby and More”

  1. I love your blog too. It reads like a person would talk. I love your little expressions too. It gives some color to your conversations. It’s enjoyable to me to hear your regional expressions that I haven’t heard, living in PA.

  2. I love your blog! I’ve always thought it’s well written and easy to read! Guess I never noticed if there were errors. We must write the same way! In my opinion, you are doing a great job!

  3. I’m not sure if I have commented before, but I choose which blogs to read more on content than anything else and I read your blog regularly. Typos often make me wince but others make me smile. I recently learned that “lightening” is not that stuff we see in an electrical storm so that made me realise there is lots to learn and not to judge.

    I also use English spelling because I am English, I’m sure it upsets some people…. too bad!

    I enjoy going to thrift shops but I haven’t found any fabric treasures. When my son was a freshman at art school he had to repurpose a chair. My immediate thought was to go to the thrift shop and he was happy to do that. We spent $5 on a chair and I was amazed when he turned it into a table.

    It was interesting to read one of your commenters say that thrift shops just want to make money for their causes. Earlier in the year I got a sewing machine, it needs new wiring if it is going to work. If it can’t be done then it will be used as a table for my Go! cutter. It will be good to have it out all the time because I think I would use it more.

  4. I love your blog. It is like sitting with a great neighbor and sharing a cup of coffee. We used to spend hours and hours searching thrifts, garage sales and other sites for things to sell. Hubby used to sell groups of books on ebay and often I would find some great things. I also follow a quilter in the UK that I have met many times and a wonderful gal in Japan whose grandfather owned a soy sauce plant in my state. The world is a small place and blogs let us follow along without living next door.

  5. I love reading your blog Jo and look for it every day. I am offended for you upon reading what the other person said to you. You are a busy, creative person and as you said, write your blog in-between other activities. Who cares how your blog is written? I sure don’t! I just enjoy your day to day commentary. Keep it up!!!

  6. The comment about thrift shops just wanting to make money for their cause makes me wonder what other possible reason would there be…. or am I clueless. The thrift shop where I volunteer is super fun and we have over 40 volunteers and tons of items get donated but all the money goes for a good cause…… we are working for a charity – no one gets paid – the thing I hate the most is when people want to bargain down prices when they are already the lowest in town. If you can’t afford it, we will give it to you – don’t try and bargain.

    I would also like to say that I like the way you write and ignore any and all criticism – you cannot please all the people all the time and the ones who don’t like it should just go elsewhere. I thought it was fantastic that you spoke and know your goals and ideas of what to do with your life. Don’t change for anyone except yourself. We are all old enough to stop “shoulding” and “correcting” on each other. I had a friend who was constantly correcting my pronounciation of simple words like pizzelles and gala apples — turns out when you do the research both words can be pronounced two ways – just because you don’t know that doesn’t give you the right to correct another person when they do not pronouce it the same way as you. Arrogance is not education!

    People need to stop assuming that they know everything!

  7. I love your blog and don’t mind the rare typos. I love your expressions. I’m from the deep South and we have all kinds of expressions and pronunciations of words so I enjoy hearing others. Spell check doesn’t speak Southern or Midwestern but I enjoy the differences. Keep on keeping on ,girlfriend. You make lots of people happy so don’t worry about the few that find fault.

  8. Betty (from Canada)

    Who gives a rip if you have spelling errors? If anyone has a problem with your way of expressing yourself maybe they shouldn’t read anything on the computor as there are iots of errors.

  9. Always enjoy reading your blog! I am in awe with all that you accomplish. Your quilts are beautiful. What a cute picture of Ruby soaking up all that love with your neighbor.

  10. I love reading your blog. You come across as genuine and human and very likeable, and I love how you’re willing to share what’s going on in your life with your readers.
    Also, thanks for spreading the word about the QOV block drive.

  11. Bonnie Lippincott

    I am the former editor of a newsletter that went to 7000 readers. I know about mistakes. I still see them everywhere! With that said, you are right, it’s your blog, warts and all. I love it. Even though there are mistakes, I know what you are saying and that is all that matters. When I handed my editor job to the next person, I reminded them, correct the spelling and glaring grammar mistakes, but don’t take the “voice” of the writer out of the piece.

    You go ahead and write what you want, how you talk and we will figure it out.

    I love your blog, what you share about your kiddos and family, and most of all your quilts.

  12. Love your blog as is!

    When I make a typo in a comment…I seldom make another post and say “oops” and then correct my prior mistake. Altho I see other ppl do that, I figure unless it’s sooo garbled that no one could figure out what I said…I ain’t drawing more attention to it! haha.

    Oh, and the . . . is called an ellipsis. It IS an actual part of grammar used as a pause for effect or to show some text is missing. I…pause ALL…The…TIME!

    Love your Q&A’s!

  13. Thank so much for being a faithful blogger, grammar and spelling mishaps and all. If I have to re-read a sentence to make sure I understand your message, that’s OK in my book. I admit that I’m not always careful with what I post.
    Love the insights into your life, which is far removed from my city girl life. Keep blogging!!

  14. Gosh—– all these comments echo what I want to say! I love your blog and even with the occasional flub I always know what you are saying. I love your style and am always eager to get to your blog. I do have one question—– how on earth do you accomplish all you do???? It’s as if your have more hours in your day than I do:-)))

  15. You are taking the time after what has already been a very active and busy day to write your blog. I get to read it for enjoyment and inspiration. I can read it and figure out what you are saying, typos and all. It’s not a thesis, it’s just a neighborly blog!

  16. You just keep doing how you do – I for one LOVE it. I have dyslexia and have to check my blog posts as it looks fine to me, but others would think I had hit the bottle. And sometimes I laugh as spell check will often ask for a ‘translation’. I would love to sit at the kitchen table over coffee and add some ‘yeps’ to the conversation with you.

  17. What I “love” about a computer is it tries to second guess what I am writing and changes it. Write Jo Write and we will all enjoy reading it. Not sure I could wear as many hats as you do in the course of a week. You are like sitting down with a friend while I drink that morning Dr Pepper and I love it. Keeping sharing and we who love you will keep being faithful readers.

  18. Jo I love your blog! I have never posted before but I read you everyday! I am originally from MO my husband is an Iowan! Midwesterners are the friendliest, okay maybe after the southerners! Don’t change anything!!!!!!

  19. Now what I get out of your posts is that sometimes I’m having a coffee break Jo while reading your posts on face book & I feel just like we’re sitting together having a good chat. Such a good feeling ~ you really make my day Jo!!

  20. It’s not the way you “speak/write” that gets on my nerves–it’s the misspelled words that make me go back and re-read the whole sentence to try and figure out what the sentence is saying. I grew up in the Midwest—I know how we talk back there, and I spent 30 years in the deep South, so I know how we talk there too. I was not being disrespectful to you or your blog—–I love you much, and respect you much.

  21. I enjoy reading your blog. It is one of the first things I check each morning. I appreciate all the time you take for it as well as all your charity work. THANKS

  22. I enjoy your blog and the content thereof! I admire your spunk, creativeness, your adventures and all the good you do for others!

  23. Bestie, I loved your blog long before I met you! I have said many times, Don’t change a thing! I love that you are REAL, down to earth, HONEST, and that is why I think so many of us follow you. Most of us can relate to the things going on in your family, your health issues, how much you love Ruby and how much she loves being included in your quilt pictures. Most of us like reading about the farm and what Roger is doing. Thank you, for all that you do, and write and share with us. Thanks for keeping it Real!

  24. Hey Jo, I don’t comment a lot (something that I really should work on!) but I enjoy your blog. It is not whiny ( as in another blog that I have almost completely stopped reading), nor is it completely devoid of quilty content (as in another blog that I have almost completely stopped reading). . . . it just is. And I like that.

    Of course, I would love to see Ruby more (but that is because I love dogs!). . . . but I enjoy reading about the kiddos you watch and the thrifting that you do. . . . and will continue to read (unless you get really whiny or drama filled. . . just saying! LOL).

    Have a pleasant day,

    Sherry V.

  25. Y gads. Mis-spelled words drives Dorothy insane…….. Wow. Dorothy, my dear, you need to lighten up. There are so many things to drive one insane (global warming, taxes, starving children, etc.). But misspelled words!!! You need to read the thoughts and friendship that Jo sends thru her misspelled words and enjoy their warmth. Just my opinion. Take care.


  26. I noticed the comment and was kind of taken aback that someone would have the nerve to mention it to you. You put at least one message a day to us, sometimes more. You are an awesome daycare provider, wife, mother & now Grandmother. If it is anything like my house, you have 5 minutes in which to put out your message and fingers are flying. If I can’t take the time to read in the word you meant to say, I shouldn’t be reading it! Please, continue to keep in touch with us the exact same way you have been. Obviously everyone enjoys it! Hugs to you,

  27. I get it. I’m not a perfect speller, typist, or grammar queen either. I think of you as a friend I haven’t met yet and I’ll take you just the way you are. I get the gist of what you are writing about And maybe I get it because I’m from the Midwest as well. Keep it up and I’ll keep reading. I just wish I got as much done I a day as you do. :)

  28. My gosh, some of your readers really need to get a life! One of the things I enjoy about your posts are that they are “real.” When reading your posts I feel like I’m getting an individual letter to me, from friend to friend. Don’t change anything Jo, you are “perfect” just they way you are.

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