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Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days. Today’s question is about podcasts.

Here is the question from Tammi. She writes:
What type of podcast do you listen to and on what device? Have never done before

First off I want to say I can totally relate. It was only two years or so ago when my daughters were talking about podcasts all the time and I was not understanding the whats, whens, wheres, whys, hows of it all. I didn’t really even understand the appeal of it. My things have changed because I listen to more podcasts than books nowadays.

First off, I have an iPhone and listen to them on my iPhone with a program called Apple Podcasts. There are other way to listen to podcasts as well. You don’t need an iPhone. Your android phone or tablet will work as well. Pretty much any device will allow you to download an app so you can listen through the app on whatever device you have.

Some of the apps you can listen through are Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. If you go into your App Store and type in “podcast”, several different apps with show up. Choose whichever one is applicable to your device.

You don’t need an iPhone. You can listen on any device.

As to what I listen to…

the sky is the limit.

Whatever you are into, you can listen to that. There are quilting, cross stitch, self help, money management, talk shows, bible, gun, house plant, mystery, farming, true crime…the list of possible things to listen to goes on and on and on. Pretty much anything that all that you are interested, you can find a podcast about…even things like rock collecting. Seriously anything. If you are into the Today Show normally seen on NBC, you can listen to the podcast version.

I mostly listen to true crime…Television shows like Dateline, 20/20, Cold Case, and 48 Hours, all have podcast versions of their shows. I listen to them as well as other shows…
Crime Junkie
Counter Clock
Finding Jodi
In the Land of Lies
Paper Ghosts
The Deck
The Prosecutors
Tom Brown’s Body
True Crime with Kendall Rae

My favorite has been Your Own Backyard.

As I said, I mostly listen to true crime. I, for some reason, have always listened to true crime. Way back when Unsolved Mysteries came on television, I was a fan and have been ever since.

If true crime isn’t your thing, that’s perfectly okay. There are so many topics of shows that something is sure to peek your interest. If you go to the internet and type in whatever your interest is with the word podcast, something is sure to come up that you will enjoy listening to. I just typed in top quilting podcasts and got this…

There truly is something for everyone in the podcast world. They are set up in some many different ways. Some are like a call in show. Some are more like a documentary. Some take serious topics and make a joke of them. Whatever your style is, you can find something you’d like. I am going to warn you that some podcasts you won’t mesh with.

I told you that I like true crime but one show call Muderish…I don’t like. There’s a saying the host always says “If you’re feeling Murderish”…Um that doesn’t jive with me. I like True Crime in a way that I like listening to court proceedings. I like to see old cases solved by genealogy. I find that interesting. I would NEVER make light of a murder. That show, to me, almost seems like it does.

It’s all a little like blogs or books or music. Some you just like better. All that to say, if you don’t like the first one you pick to try, no worried. Keep trying. I’m sure there is one you’ll enjoy.

You can totally listen to podcasts for free. Of course, as with anything, you can pay for subscriptions to get episodes more quickly. You can pay to get things ad free. You can pay to be in fan clubs. I’ve not done any of those have totally enjoyed listening and don’t feel like I’m missing out by not having them.

I listen to a couple podcasts each day. Years ago before we had other modes of technology, I often had the television on as background noise that I pick up a few things on…nowadays, I do that a little with podcasts. Some I get completely engrossed in and binge listen to. Others I don’t so much…some are background noise.

All in all, I love podcasts. I often listen if I’m walking the dogs or gardening or hanging out in the kitchen doing chores. I love listening while I’m sewing or cleaning the house. If I can find a good program to listen to while I clean house, the time goes so much quicker. I love it!!

So give it a try…you might just love it. I think it’s always great to find a new form of entertainment. If you are a podcast listener, please go to the comments and list some of the shows that you listen to. I’d love to find some new ones. So many of here have some of the same taste so I’m betting we’ll all find something new to listen to.

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  1. Hi Jo! We listen to many of the same podcasts, thanks for listing yours! You might enjoy Buried Bones, true crime plus history. The Lady Vanishes is another good one, I recommend starting at the beginning. It’s set in Australia and I love the Australian accents. Also love your blog and the gorgeous quilts you make!

  2. Accused (seasons 1 & 3 especially), and In the Dark (I have only listened to season 1) are two fantastic true crime podcasts. Check them out. I also love Canadian True Crime, & Casefile, Dark Downeast, and Appalachian Mysteria are also worth listening to.

  3. I’m such a history geek! My favorite podcast is The History of the English Language. It comes out about once a month. You can support the podcast on Patreon and get bonus episodes from there. English is such a mish-mash language and Kevin gives us the historical reasons why. I find it fascinating.

  4. Great answer to a question I didn’t know I needed. I haven’t gotten into listening to podcasts but I think I should since reading this. I probably would like some of the same ones you listen to since I like crime TV shows.

  5. Hi Jo
    I was trying to find the email where you showed the binding tool you use. Could you please post it again?
    Thank you

  6. I like podcasts when driving and working in the kitchen-=Quilter on Fire, The Off-Kilter Quilt, American Patchwork and Quilting – all very different styles. I also like True Tales from Old Houses and Talking Home Renovations, podcasts about restoring older homes. I will also listen to NPR’s Fresh Air. There are SO many choices, and I like to try new ones every so often. I never understand why anyone would complain about a particular blog, podcast, or whatever. If you don’t care for something, move on and find something that fits you. I admire all of the work that podcasters put into their shows.

  7. Jo, I’ve never listened to a podcast—audio books exempted—but it sounds like something I’d like. I have The Ideas Network of WI public radio going all day. It’s the same as podcasts—wonderful variety of topics. You can stream it live if you’re not in radio range.

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