Ask Jo: Pie Crust Recipe

Everyone once in while blog readers ask question in the comment section or in personal emails.  Sometimes I know that other blog readers might like the answer to the same questions.

This question is about pie crust…would I share my recipe?  SURE!
My recipe comes from this book Better Homes and Gardens Complete Step-By-Step Cookbook.  (Amazon has lots of these in the used book section for cheap).  This has been a favorite cookbook of mine.  It’s great for learning everything and anything.


This came out before the Youtube age.  It’s full of step by step pictures which is sometimes exactly what I need sometimes.  This book taught me how to make pie crust.


My mom wasn’t a big pie maker.  When she did it was with frozen pie crust already in the tin and a can of pie filling.  I love baking…not fancy baking.  I want to do old fashion baking and master the art of pie…not even fancy pie…just good comfort food pie that our grandma’s would have made.  That’s the food Hubby and love.  No fancy and exotic things for us.  We prefer my plain old chocolate crazy cake vs any other cake.

This cookbook was really helpful for me with several things…pie was one of the main things.

Hubby loves sweets and even though there is often only the two of us, when I make pie, I still make two pies.  They keep really well so it’s not a problem.

Here’s the recipe I use for one double pie crust.


You can tell from the pages and the discoloration that I’ve used this recipe often.

On the day I was pie making it was a Sunday.  I love Sunday baking.  I have plenty of time and can do it leisurely.  It all started because I had a box of apples that needed to used.  I had made most of the apple desserts in my recipe book except for pie.  I had the time so started peeling apples.  Before long I had a big bowl peeled.   I got the crusts made and filled only to find that I had peeled too many apples.  Just then Neighbor Girl came over.  I’ve not seen her a lot lately so was really happy to see her.  I asked her if she could stay very long and the next thing I knew we were making another pie, peeling a couple more apples and making more crust so she could take one home.

After the now three apple pies were made I found I had enough crust left to make a single crust.  Hmmm.  Time to try something I hadn’t made before.  I chocolate pudding pie complete with home cooked chocolate pudding and meringue.


I followed the meringue recipe in the book except I added two tablespoons of meringue powder.


Oh Hubby is going to be so happy with me!!


Check out our PIE!!!pie-16
One pie is going home with Neighbor Girl…the others we’ll be eating here.  I think I better have Craig and Kalissa over for supper…three pies is definitely more pie than the two of us can eat!!  Too much pie is an easy problem to solve!



6 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Pie Crust Recipe”

  1. That is the exact pie crust recipe that I use, but I find that 6-7 tablespoons of water isn’t enough to hold the dough together. I don’t even measure what I use (water), just add enough so that the dough sticks together and I can easily roll it out. Always turns out great!

  2. My friend made a buttermilk pecan pie for Thanksgiving. I’ve looked online for a recipe and it’s an old fashioned recipe from the south. It was awesome!

  3. My MIL was the pie master. I use my food processor to make the crust and it’s SO easy; it’s like magic. I made a pumpkin pie and a deep dish apple pie for Thanksgiving.

  4. Thanks for the pie crust tutorial and for the cook book recommendation! Nothing beats those old-fashioned cookbooks. Ordered for holiday gifts for my daughters.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been looking for a pie crust recipe that doesn’t sue shortening and doesn’t call for a food processor. This is wonderful!!!!

  6. This is the same pie crust recipe I have used for 28 years! I love it, it works every time, and tastes great! I live in a desert area, so I find I need just a bit more water. Thanks for a great blog, I enjoy reading it!

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