Ask Jo: Outdoors Version and Quilt Along

Often times blog readers ask questions that I think others might be interested in as well.  I answer them on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

After my blog post about the garden getting tilled I had a couple people, including Susan the Farm Quilter ask, “What a fun day for everyone! Why do you put the tile around the tomato plant? Is it to keep rabbit or other pests away from the plants?”  You can read the blog post here if you missed it.

We live in farm country.  Farmers previously used these tiles for field drainage.  Growing up, we always had extra of these tiles lying around.  My mom always put these around her tomato plants.  There are several reasons why she did.
1-the tile protects the new plant from the springtime winds.  As the plant grows and peeks out of the tile it slowly adjusts to the climate and winds.
2-the tile protects the plant from hungry springtime critters.
3-the tile warms in the sun and acts a bit like a greenhouse
4-later in the season when if the plants need to be watered we water directly into the tile.  It keeps the moisture targeted to the plant.

But the main reason…my mom did it.  I don’t know any different…I think my mother in law did it too.

My next question came to my email…..It’s from Kathy on the west coast of Canada.

Love your blog look forward to reading it ever day. I was wondering what is happening about the areas in your yard that are sinking. Hope they are not getting all lot worse.  Take care of your self you are special.”

This question came after I post about the sink hole in our yard.  This is how it looked on March 31st.  Read about it here if you missed it.

Here is how it looks today.

The grass is so long it the area that we can’t see if the hole got bigger.

Nothing has been done to it.   Out rural where we live patient truly is a virtue.  The guy in our area who has a back hole to deal with this is also the guy who cleans out our driveway in the winter and also the guy who fixes the farmers waterways, digs holes for basements and new construction and also the guy who fixes the roads in town and also the guys who digs and puts in tile in the farmers fields.  Needless to say, our little sink hole problem is WAY-WAY down on the low priority list.

We’re okay with that and understand.  We know the kind of emergent calls he gets as we have made some of those calls from time to time.  When we needed the basement dug for the house here, we called and said the cement guys can come next week we HAVE TO HAVE the basement dug this week.  He came…we had our basement on time.

I am guessing that we’ll be on the end of July/early August calendar.  It could be frustrating if I let it be but why?  This is part of my world in my part of the country….it’s rural life.

So for now, we keep the fence up and check on it periodically.  I promise I’ll do an update on it when something happens.

Next up…a question to me from me.  I’m sure several of you have been dying to ask…..”Are you ever going to host that Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along?”

Remember I promised one for this quilt…It’s going to happen.  More details coming soon.  I promise.  We just needed to get past the big Market at White Barns.  That was this weekend…More on that tomorrow.  In the meantime if you want to join along get yourself a copy of the June 2018 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.

They are probably not on the news stand anymore so you can order a copy here.

That’s what I have today for the Ask Jo segment if you have a question that I missed drop me a note at

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  1. Jo, I really enjoy reading your blog. But when I get to the bottom of the post, and want to read the comments posted to it, I have to scroll all the way back up to the title of the blog post to click on the comments link. All.The.Way.Back Up.The.Blog.Post. Sometimes the blog post is quite long!
    The comments link used to be at the end of the blog post, which is a very convenient place to have it. Then if someone still wants to read the comments after reading the blog post, the link is right there.

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