Ask Jo: Of Patterns and the House

Every so often I get question from blog readers and I think other might want to know the answer as well so I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

I got this question from Kaye, “I really love this quilt. Is there a pattern?”.  Kaye had seen this blog post with this picture…


It took a little investigation on my part to find the answer.  I contact Mary from Country Threads and asked as this was a Country Threads pattern.  As I blogged about earlier, Country Threads closed their business.

Mary said that her and Connie will have a new quilt book in April of 2015, Civil War Remembered: 19 Quilts Using Reproduction Fabrics.  The pattern for this quilt will be in it along with 18 other quilts that were from their Civil War club.

I checked and it isn’t available for pre-order yet.  I really think I’ll be wanting this book!!  So Kaye the answer is to wait to April…I know the book will be worth the wait though.

This quilt was part of the Civil War Club that Country Threads sponsored.  Since the closing of the shop, one of the gals who worked there has opened an on line shop where some of the Country Threads’ items are still available.  You can find her here at Farm Chick Quilts.  Connie who was the designer for the Civil War Club has decided to continue on designing using Mandy’s site as a way of distribution.  You can join the Civil War Club and get all the latest details about it by following this link.

I got this note from a blog reader, Myra, “I wish, when you have time, maybe after you get moved to your new home, that you would do a bargello quilt, I want to do one so bad, but I am bad at reading instructions, except yours, you spell it out so simple and clear that I can understand what you are saying. When you get time.”

I am sorry to say Myra, a bargello quilt is not on my bucket list of quilts to make.  I think they are beautiful and am always amazed by them…but as of today, wanting to tackle one.  Scrap quilts are my favorite-even if it’s a pre-cut that gives them the scrappy look.

I posted the comment here hoping one of you readers might be able to direct Myra to blog, tutorial or book that might explain the bargello process a clearly for Myra to understand.  You all are always such a good resource and may be you’d be able to help with this as well.

I also got a note from a blog reader wanting me to explain when and why I blog about the house.  She was hoping for more regular updates.

Well I guess I update and write a new posts about the house when something has changed.  Last week for two days the carpenters were gone so there was nothing to say.  Towards the end of the week we were on hold until the electrical inspector could come so there was again nothing to say.

Trust me, when something new or interesting happens, I’ll keep you posted.  If anyone is more anxious to hear about the house than you…it definitely me!!

8 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Of Patterns and the House”

  1. You can preorder the book for less than $20 on Amazon. Just click the book name on your blog and it will take you right there. Looks like a good one.

  2. Regarding Bargello quilts:

    I found it helpful to make a placemat first. The small size was not intimidating and I was able to use scraps. If it was awful I could toss it in the trash with no regrets. It was not awful, it was awesome! My daughter claimed it and uses it everyday when she eats.

    That success encouraged me to try something larger.

  3. Jo,
    On your blog yesterday with the Moda a Bake Shop, was the Ring Around the Rosie on? I could not find it on the site. Thanks and a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. I have to admit I’m a beginner at quilting but a few months back I came across your blog about your new house, I love watching things grow into something wonderful especially houses. I have been watching yours closely and I’m so happy for you, but I also like your chatting about how close you & your daughter are this hits home with me as my daughter is slowly growing away from me, I’m not sure what is happening but I know her family life isn’t good right now & my grandchildren are not happy. So I look to you for both the construction of your new home & to your closeness.

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