Ask Jo: Of Cakes, Copyrights and Amish

Every so often I get questions from blog readers that I believe others would like the answers to as well so I answer them here.

After seeing our recipe for Zucchini Cake Phyllis asked, “What size pan for the zucchini cake?? Looks really yummy.”

That’s an easy question…9″ x 13″.  Sorry I omitted that detail.  I made one for a family picnic on Sunday and came home with two pieces!!

After reading my post about visiting the Amish Jeanine asked, “What town is the Bent and Dent Store in? We might have to check it out sometime since we live in Iowa.”

There are several “bent and dent” stores that I know of.  None of them are located in town.  All are in the country in the heart of Amish settlements.  There are three located between Hazelton and Fairbank.  There is one located between Lime Springs and Cresco.  I go to them whenever I can.  I don’t mind having a dented can and paying half the price.  I purposely plan recipes that use the groceries that I get there…it’s one way I can cut the budget a little.

Dotti asked, “Dear Jo, I am new to blog land, don’t do Facebook, etc. would love to comment but who knows what an URL is to set up an account, so I appreciate your comments with out the confusion. I know you are in bogland and I recently saw a whirling blades quilt at The Modern Diary, but didn’t know how to ask where the pattern was created. Any chance you would know?”

I’ll be honest, I don’t get a lot of other blogs read.  We’re too busy doing our own things and keeping all of our projects moving along.  I hadn’t seen the pattern you are referring to but took a second to go over and look at it.  After seeing it..I still have no idea who is the designer.  I did think I would offer this advice though.  If you have a question you’d like to ask a blogger but don’t know how to contact them here’s a couple things you can do.

Look for and About Me page.  For me it’s located here just under the banner where it says About Jo.  There you will find my address-snail mail and email.


Other bloggers often have an About Me section along one of the columns.  I you click the bottom where it says view my complete profile you’ll come to a page that included the bloggers email address.  For me, email is the quickest way to get to me.Picture2
This is how you can find the email address for Modern Diary.  I hope that helps.

After seeing our Chocolate cover Cherries quilt we have a question from Maggie, “I am looking for a mystery quilt for my guild. would you let me use this one. Maybe 20 will work on it. We are in Indiana -thanks I love it”


We are honored and flattered that you like the design and pattern enough to want to work on it with your guild.  You are more than welcome to use, print, or link anything from our blog.  We only ask that you credit us as the designers, link to us, or mention us as the originators of the pattern.  If you do ever use anything we’d love to see pictures of your finished projects and feature them here on the blog.  We, as well as our readers, love to see the quilts with your own colors or twists on the patterns.

If I missed your question or if you have a new question, ask away.

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  1. There’s also a Dent and Bent outside Kalona, south of Iowa City. I get there when I can – it’s recently been expanded and is pretty good sized.

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