Ask Jo: Of Ads and Retirement

Every so often a blog reader asks a question or leaves a comment and I think others would like the answer to the question too-then I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

Today’s comment came from Kat, “I really like your blog but I visit it so rarely because of the pop-up ads. they are in the way of what you are trying to share. I’m sorry but I just think it is just too much of a hassle and I hate to say not worth. I hope someday you’ll change it. Until then wish you the best.

This comes up from time to time.  So what’s a girl to do but explain it all again.  This time I think I’ll dig in and give the WHOLE explanation.  It might be over due.

For me, ads are a necessary way of life.  I need the ads.  Let me explain.

My family isn’t independently wealthy.  I came from a farm family.  My husband came from a farm family.  Neither of our parents were rich.  Both sets of our parents got by.  We both had to work while in high school and pay for much of our own things.  Neither of us minded.  We both enjoyed working and still do.

I rolled up some college debt.  My parents had never sent a kid to college so knew little about how financial aid worked.  My dad sold two years of crop in 1983 so when it came for me to apply for college in 1984 and get some financial aid, I got none.  So I had to work and borrow money.  The next year, when Dad sold only that years crop, I got a full tuition grant.

While I did that Hubby was two hours away.  We hadn’t met yet.  He was trying to start farming in the 80’s.  Anyone who knows anything about farming, knows that the 80’s were terrible for farmers.  Worse for those just trying to start.

So in 1985 Hubby and I met.  By 1986 he lost everything he had farming.  I had raked up $6000 in college debt.  I was pregnant and we were broke.  We got married.  Somewhere in this box of my cheap jewelry is my wedding ring.

I hate my wedding ring.  For me in represents the hard part of “all that” time.  Hubby tells the story something like this, “I went into Zales Jewelry in Rochester.  I walked up to the counter and asked the for the cheapest set of rings.  The lady started in on him saying- Don’t you love her more that that?  Hubby says he told her- Look lady, my girlfriend is pregnant.  I went broke farming.  We’re lucky I can buy the cheapest you have.”  So Hubby at 24 years old, left the store with a wedding ring, engagement ring and his band for $125.

From there, our family grew.  I was working part time.  Hubby was working two full time jobs.  We were trying to get by.  Kelli got terribly sick.  She was in the hospital at Mayo.  They didn’t know if she’d make it.  She was in pediatric ICU for a week.  None of our jobs had insurance.  We ended up trying to pay for it….we couldn’t.  We applied for hospital assistance and were granted it.  I remember bawling and bawling that day we found out it would be forgiven.  It was such a huge relief.  It was thousands of dollars and there was just no way we could have paid it.

After that Hubby had an opportunity to have a new job.  He took it as a hired man for a neighbor guy.  He loved it.  I loved it.  Our housing was part of his wages.  It was great.  I got a job and finally had insurance.  Hubby’s boss decided to sell the cows he was milking and we had an opportunity to buy them and have our own farm.  He was willing to finance it for us under one condition.  We had to file bankruptcy.  We had no choice.  We were still trying to work with the bank on Hubby’s lost farming efforts back before we met.  Well if you know anything about bankruptcy, you have to list EVERYTHING you owe money on.  That included doctor bills, Hubby’s parents….ALL OF IT!  The bankruptcy went through but we felt HORRIBLE about it.  We went back and paid everything back to everywhere we had to list except the bank on the farming debt.

Slowly we started doing a little better….but we always would have been classified as poor.  Our kids could have always qualified for reduce lunches at school…but we never did that.

From there we moved to Iowa.  Hubby worked for a farmer still.  He made enough for us to get by.  For a long time we had no health insurance again.  It was all hard but we wanted to the best for our kids and our decision was to live as cheaply as we could and I would stay home with the kids.  Me being home with them was the priority for us.  We decided we’d deal with the consequences of that decision later….and now we are.

We don’t regret the decision that I stayed home with the kids for one second.  But…there are consequences.  Here are some….We’re behind on the financial side of life.  I didn’t work full time until Kalissa went to Kindergarten and when I did, I was an in home childcare provider.  If you were to take a second and look up the people who work and get paid the worst….on the list would be childcare provider and farm worker.  My occupation/Hubby’s occupation.  We don’t mind.  We both love our jobs and know that’s WAY more important.  We both like our bosses (my childcare parents).  But the reality of life is this….no one is putting money away in my 401K for me-no one is matching my social security.   I don’t have PTO, sick days, vacation…just paid holidays.

Recently a blog friend invited me to a quilt retreat.  I thought about going.  I seriously did.  It was $200ish meals included.  That’s not bad.  It sounded fun.  It was close enough but not too far.  I said something to Connie about it and she was all gung-ho encouraging me to go.  Then I thought about it and I’d have to take time off of work.  Time off of work for me means no pay.  That means the price of the retreat just doubled.  If I really-really wanted to afford that, I could….but I have this house payment lingering.

We bought a house 3 years ago.  We didn’t have equity in a previous house to put on a big down payment. We are scrambling and every extra penny is going on the house payment to try to play “catch up” with many people our age who already have a house paid for.

About 10 years ago Hubby’s boss started putting some money away in retirement for him….but we don’t have a big retirement account waiting for us.  We have been trying to play “catch up” there too.

So the reality is this.  I work one of the lowest paying jobs.  Hubby works one of the lowest paying jobs.  We have a house to pay for.  I work 10 hours a day.  Hubby works more.  We like working….it’s a good thing because we are playing catch up.  We don’t regret the choices we made at all.  Our kids were and are our first priority.  They were the right choices for us at the time and still are.

We’re okay and very comfortable living but…we know where we are financially when looking at the long term.

So…with that back ground knowledge, I’ll now write a little something about Kat’s comment.

I love the blog.  I write it for myself most of the time…. I started it kind of as a dare from Kayla. It turned into WAY more than I ever thought it would.  I thought I’d write a little happy post and that was the end of it.  It was that way but it’s not anymore.  It’s not at all.  After the garage sale one of the nights last week I came in and sat down at the computer.  45 minutes later I was still sitting here.  I had email that had to answered.  Someone wanted to know where this recipe or that was on the blog.  Someone found an old post about my Pfaff Grand Quilter and had a question.  Another blogger had contacted me about something we were working on.  Someone wanted to know where some quilt pattern was because a link was broken so I had to fix it.  Another wanted to know if I was going to post all the Double Wedding Tutorial stuff on one page somewhere.  All of this had to be taken care of.  Hubby of course didn’t understand all of that and was trying to get me to get to bed…and why I hadn’t even written a blog post.  I don’t mind it.  I actually enjoy getting the emails.  BUT, there becomes a place where this is all beyond hobby.  So, there will be ads.

Another reason there will be ads.  When you all sit down and surf the internet, thinking everything is free.  It actually isn’t.  The owners of blogs and websites are paying for your ticket to view.  I pay a fee for the “parking space” on the world wide web for you to “park” in.  People who are doing hobby blogging, don’t get very deep into that.  Typically they buy a package for $25 a year…(or something like that)  When your viewership goes up, then expenses expand.  I can’t afford to pay those fees (remember I have no one putting coins into my 401K)…so the ads pay for that.  It’s awesome.  I don’t have to worry about paying.  You don’t have to worry about paying.  The ads pay it for us.

This is slightly off topic but kind of on topic…I was in the thrift store the other day.  There was some lady in the store that had just retired.  She was going on and on to this other guy that “he needed to retire too”.  Well the guy looked slightly above homeless.  If I had money to bet, he wouldn’t be retiring anytime soon.

As I’m heading towards retirement I hear this kind of stuff more and more.  I’d like to say a couple things….
-not everyone had a job that puts coins in the 401K
-not everyone wants to retire-can you imagine how crazy I’d be???
-some people love their job
-not everyone has had health insurance or currently has health insurance that pay decently so they are behind
-some people chose being a full time parent over work and are behind
-some people had unexpected circumstance that might not allow them too
-some people don’t have a spouse’s income that “carries” them

I had a chat with one of the gals at retreat.  Her husband was fired after a strike walk out and has never, and will never, recoup the retirement, wages and benefits that he once had.  We don’t know where people are in life.  We don’t know another’s circumstances.

The long and short of all of this is this….

I’m sorry if anyone doesn’t like the ads.  I gotta keep them there.  I need the money.  I need to pay the fees associated with the blog and if there’s money left at the end of the month from the blog, it’s goes in my retirement account.  I’m behind the eight ball and need to be putting as much as I can into the account.  Whether I want to or not, someday I’ll have to slow down and I’ll need some money to allow that.  (Part of the money goes to Kelli too.  She’s been packing her extra bit on her student loans…she’s married to dairy farmer and if you’ve watched any news broadcast, you know things stink for them)

As much as I know there are some people who get cranky with the ads, I know some of you take it with a grain of salt, ignore the ads and want to be helpful.  I’ll just say this…. Bloggers make more money if occasionally readers click on an ad  *wink*wink*...I did whole post on that here.

So Kat, If the ads bother, click the “x”.  Choose to quit reading.  I’m okay with that.  As much as I need to do what’s right for me, you need to do what’s right for you.
P.S.  If you’re looking for an ad-free blog, check out Kat’s.  It’s HERE.

62 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Of Ads and Retirement”

  1. I know the ads are necessary to pay for your blog that I love reading. Some of the ads I really don’t like yet I with them I continue enjoying your blog! Even the programs I enjoy so much on Homes & Gardens & Food Network on Directv a service I pay to view programs on my TV have commercials but I watch anyway. I’m just glad the programs & blogs I enjoy get the financial support needed to continue their posts & programs so I may continue to enjoy daily ~ really a good trade-off!

  2. Jo, you’re the only blog I read daily…cuz you post daily! Ok, I read Bonnie’s, too! I love that! You’re so down to earth and I always love your topics, especially the thrift store finds lol! I am not nearly so important that I can’t click through some ads! Plus, when I go through the READ MORE, it always adjusts to where I left off from the previous page! That’s a big bonus! (I’m a school bus driver/cafeteria worker and we’re in negotiations, doesn’t look good, strike may be imminent.). HANG IN THERE, JO! You. Are. Doing. A. Fine. Job. All the way around lol!

  3. I think you and your hubby took your lemons and made lemonade. Your family is your priority and your hard work is evident in your kids and the love that you all have for each other. ps: I bet I would have enjoyed your parents too. They taught a lot of good lessons.

  4. I’m a daily visitor to this blog (well almost, sometimes I have to catch up after a busy weekend). I find the content here worth coming back for and don’t find the ads obtrusive. It’s as simple as clicking on the X, but after reading your post, I’ll be clicking on the ads instead.

    My husband and I are self-employed and nearly all our income comes from flea market sales. Many people assume that it’s an easy job, yet they don’t consider the time it takes to buy the items, clean them and price them. Also when you are self employed you pay your own payroll taxes.

    We live comfortably but within our means. Our three-year old daughter is never hungry or without clothes or toys. I also get to stay home during the week and be a full-time mom and on weekends she stays with my mother and mother-in-law during the day. It’s not a glamorous life but we are happy and next year our house will be paid for.

  5. Elisabeth Pelzel

    Hello Jo, I’m Elisabeth from Germany. I like your blog and I read daily. I didn’t understand every word, but the main thing I understood: Life wasn’t so easy to you and your familiy. Please keep the ads and go on writing your blog, I enjoy it!

  6. Well done Jo and Hubby. Thanks for going into all that — I know it wasn’t easy. Will be clicking on ads from now on. Love your spirit! — and your blog.

  7. People should work jobs that they love. It’s obvious you and your husband love your occupations. I don’t see any ads when I read your blog. I have an ad blocker on my computer which is very nice. I also don’t pay anything for my blog. I know some people do pay for their blogs so maybe their blogs are better than mine?

  8. Janelle Merillat

    Love following you!!! I have a hint for you. When I read your blog and Bonnie’s, I learned that clicking the ads on the pics gives you (money?) or fees back (that’s not the hint ;) ). The hint is, Since I click them all, always, they taper off, and go away. After the first week in the month, I Can’t click ads, as there are none left for me. When the next month rolls around, they come back. Remember Jo, complainers complain. They are NEVER happy with their lot in life. This poor little church mouse, right here, will be happily sitting here clicking yours and Bonnie’s ads until Eternity comes! Bless you Jo, and Thank you for letting us enjoy!

  9. I read your blog pretty much every day, I don’t mind most of the ads and I understand the need for them but the ones that pop up in the middle while i am reading are bothersome. Sometimes after a couple of annoying popups in one blog post, i’ll admit, i close it down, but i always come back. Keep doing what you doing if you like doing it, not everyone gets to do what they love. :-)

  10. Jo, I read your blog morning and evening–THANKS for sharing your heart! Kudos to you and your husband for the choices you have made. My husband and I are in the same situation, planning to work until we can’t work any longer. Bring on the ads!

  11. Wow! The things some people want for free are amazing. The ads are NO problem, I don’t even “see” them as I’m reading your blog. Your blog is my favorite blog. Even though most of us probably do not blog ourselves it is easy to understand why ads are necessary. Maybe some bloggers have the luxury of blogging as a hobby, regardless of cost, but those people are probably a minority. Television and radio have ads and those ads are not so easy to skip over. The stations without ads get charitable contributions. Think complainers, think. Should people be expected to work for us EVERY SINGLE DAY with no financial reward. Why would a blogger not have ads unless there is a big ego needing followers involved.

  12. Thank you for this post. I read several blogs and will certainly be clicking on the ads in the future. They’ve never really bothered me as I’ve chosen to ignore them but I won’t ignore them anymore. Thanks for “keepin it real”!!!

  13. I too was having trouble with IE and the adds. My computer would not always load your blog. I now read your blog on Chrome with no problems.

  14. Love your blog, it’s my favorite in fact! You and hubby have your priorities straight! I understand the ads because people have complained on other blogs I read and the bloggers set them straight just as you have done! I do click on the ads too!

  15. Thank you Jo for this post. I too am one of those people everyone ask “when are you going to retire?”. First, I love my job and my co-workers. I love the freedom it gives me to do the things I want to do. Financially it’s a big help to me. I am healthy enough to do my job. Like you I’d be crazy if I retired. I’ll keep working until I no longer enjoy it. I read and enjoy your blog everyday and I simply click on the x to remove the ads. Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading.

  16. I’m sorry but the adds on your page are over the top – I ignore them but they are popping up and changing constantly while a person tries to read the blog, they often times cause the page to shift and jump. Sometimes I stick with it and continue to read other times I stop reading your blog for months on end because of the adds. I do not click on an ad unless I am really interesting in the product, I have never clicked on an ad on your page or other blogs that have the same set up as yours because of how annoying I find them to be. In fact most times I stop reading the blog entirely. I have a couple ads on my blog too but keep them on the side and out of the way of the blog content like most others do.

  17. My husband and I married in the early 1980’s and started farming. I totally understand the struggle and anguish.
    I have learned a great deal from your blog and I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

  18. So well said, Jo! You give so much to us readers in your blog – and I thoroughly enjoy it (and consider you a friend I’ve never met in person – yet!). I will keep clicking on those ads! o:)

  19. Keep writing, blogging and sharing Jo!! You have a special talent and I LOVE reading all your posts!! Farming and childcare are hard working jobs….but everyone NEEDS them!! Your riches can’t be counted out in coins!

  20. Thanks for sharing your love of family, children and quilting. Farmers keeps us all fed and healthy so we owe your family thanks for ALL the hard work that you do. You are inspirational. The ads are not a problem! I will enjoy reading your blog ads and all.

  21. Jo, thank you for all your thoughts about your life! I very much enjoy your blog. Keep them coming along with the ads! I love your thrift store/ auction finds and your successful garage sale. My best to you and your husband AND family! God bless you

  22. Jo, please keep doing what you’re doing, the way you’re doing it! I read your blog every morning with my coffee and it’s a great way to start my day. A few ads don’t bother me at all so if it helps you that’s a bonus for me! Congratulations to you and Hubby for what you have accomplished. You have five children who are all educated and employed. That’s quite an accomplishment! Anyone who is unhappy should go find their reading elsewhere!

  23. Sharon Traughber

    I love reading your blog everyday. The ads are never a bother, but I have never been spoiled either. I enjoy your willingness to share your life with the world.

  24. Jo…I still remember the day you came to our house in Otisco saying Kelli was on the way. Do you? Life is such a blur but that is one thing that I remember. You were upset with the circumstances and now I see where a lot of your emotion was coming from! you and Roger are definitely not alone. We like to work. We are also self-employed no 401(k) no retirement funds just what we can do for ourselves. You guys have always had your priorities straight. We absolutely love your family to pieces! I understand the ads, nothing in life is free. Just keep doing what you’re doing! And thanks for sharing the story of the Kramer’s I think some people forget the struggles and it was a nice reminder. I think I’ll go click on a few ads

  25. Jo, you and hubby have achieved so much!! I am grateful that you enjoy blogging! I tried it and found I just couldn’t think of enough things to say to keep it going. I have trolled the interwebs looking for another blog like yours, talking about quilting, family, small kids, problems, side jobs, etc. and I haven’t found one yet that suits me the way yours does.
    So thank you again for all the time and effort you spend on this blog!!

  26. Keep up the great job, Jo. You can’t make everyone happy, just keep doing what makes YOU happy! I will be sure to click on ads more frequently than I do currently. Thanks for all this effort you put into life for all of us! I for one appreciate it and am grateful.

  27. An excellent and very informative article. A real teaching moment . Thank you for this and I really enjoy your blog.

  28. While I agree with everyone having a say in a dispute, I see no reason why some people have to criticize or bad mouth anyone else’ s opinion. I also don’t like the ads and while I appreciate the story of your life, lots of other people have lived through the same hardships. It’s not an unusual fact. I’m sorry that you had to endure and happy that you keep an upbeat attitude, Jo. However, it’s most annoying when a person tries to read a blog and it’s continually disturbed by so many advertisements. I read many blogs daily and only have this problem with yours. Respectfully submitted.

  29. I didn’t realize about clicking the ‘x’ on the ads until you mentioned it in an earlier post. Since then, I’ve been clicking them. I love your blog. I come several times a day, since I know that you have post several times a day. And you’re so right about we don’t really know what other
    people’s situations are. Thank you Jo, for being part of my day.

  30. WOW! What a testimony! Wish everyone could read this and understand that happiness is a choice and happiness is not tied to wealth. Money isn’t everything.

    I read your blog first thing every day, and I check back in the evening ’cause I don’t want to miss anything. Ads don’t bother me; I just click on the X.

    Keep up the GREAT work, Jo! You are much appreciated!

  31. Wow, I know I ignore a lot of ads on multiple sites, but I just checked and the ads that come up on your site don’t block my view of your blog. Not a computer expert, but perhaps it’s the user’s platform and not your blogs. I use Chrome also.
    Teresa in Tennessee
    P.S. I love your blog and read it almost every day.

  32. There are “ads” on everything. I just ignore them and keep reading. As you so eloquently said, not everyone has a pension, 401K, etc. to live on. I find your blog interesting and enjoy it. Keep on blogging!

  33. There are “ads” on everything. I just ignore them and keep reading. As you so eloquently said, not everyone has a pension, 401K, etc. to live on. I find your blog interesting and enjoy it. Keep on blogging!

  34. Love you Jo! I’m in a similar situation and I understand why you feel that you need to explain – You handled this way more diplomatically than I would have – Lol!

  35. Jo, does having your own website allow you more flexibility in blogging than having a WordPress or Blogger setup? I just wondered due to the cost. Like you, we’re in agriculture (manage a big ranch) and I’ve always stayed home with the kids and helped hubby. I blog using Blogger because it’s free. Trying to save for retirement too! :)

  36. Well said! I am like you I work for myself and many people don’t understand what that means. You have to know how to make money stretch. I love reading your blog and have learn so much from you. You have a wonderful family and do so much as a family and good times together. It’s to bad there aren’t more people like you that just enjoy life and are not trying to keep up with the Jones. That care Jo and thank you for all that you give ti everyone!

  37. You said it all very well, Jo. The world needs people who do the low paid jobs, but those who make more money don’t understand that. And raising kids on those low paying jobs is a challenge. Sometimes I think that Social Security should pay more to people who worked the low paying jobs. They’re usually working at something that allowed the higher paid people to do their jobs. Child care, for instance. Or growing food (farming). But the way the system works is that those who always had little get little in the end and those who always had more get more in the end.

  38. I love reading about your exploits and all of the wonderful things you do for others. I am from the west coast and Iowa seems very far away. But (you knew this was coming, right) I find it very hard to read your blog anymore. I was interested to see that others have noticed it as well. I imagine that it can be difficult to find a balance between so many ads that you drive people away and enough ads so that you get something for your time. This isn’t meant as a criticism, just the opinion of one of your fans!

  39. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I started reading blogs about 7 years ago (I even started one but quit when life started taking some turns) and had a whole list of them I would read daily. Now there are only three I still follow, you, Judy of Patchwork Times, and Bonnie Hunter. I use Safari and never had a problem with the ads. If you just click on the x it goes away so I don’t understand the problems others are having. With your blog usually it’s just one click and all the ads go away. One question I have is, does that help you? Just clicking on the x? Or do I have to click on the whole ad and go to the site in order for you to get money? I want to make sure I’m helping you and not just myself. :)

  40. Jo, I love reading your blog daily. I have learned so much from you and am so envious that you got something that I always dreamed of. That was to be a stay at home Mom. I never wanted a career, but when I became a single parent I had no choice. At least both of my children were in school full time and I had a wonderful neighbor that would watch my children until I got home. Later, I had to work 2 jobs because their father had a “new family”. But we made it. Now, I keep getting asked when I am going to retire. I am almost 72, have built up a good retirement but I love my job. Over the years I have struggled with cancer several times and have lost my right arm, but I survive because I was taught that you take care of yourself, don’t expect anyone else to do it. Jo you are such a heart warming example of goodness. You and your husband should be so proud of all your accomplishments. Please keep on keeping us informed because you have so much wise information to pass on. Thanks for letting me enjoy your blog!

  41. I enjoy your blog very much and read it every day and come back later to see what else you wrote. You seem like a person I would love for a friend. I am a country person and my grandparents farmed. I know that farmers work very hard from sun up to sun down and make very little money for the hard work and have to pay a lot for farm equipment. We would all starve if it weren’t for farmers. I enjoy your stories about your family too. Just keep doing what you are doing…some people just like to complain.

  42. I admire your choices on home and family life. I love your blog and read it every day. Logging was our life when our kids were young. We live on, and operate a 125 year old Century Farm. Its not for everyone, but we love it. Keep doing what you do, Jo. It works for you, and that is what matters. It is after all, YOUR blog. That quilt you posted today was pretty cool!

  43. On my cell the ads in your blog can be annoying but I know they make money for you so I persevere. Your blog is worth it to me. On my desktop the ads are less of a problem. Not all the ads have an X to close them…or the X is so small on my cell that I end up going to the ads’ page. Do you make money for the ad appearing or when we X out? I ask because I’ve heard a variety of answers. Regarding childcare, you don’t charge enough! In the state I live in (when my kids were daycare age) my licensed daycare provider was allowed 2 babies under 2 and 4 children over 2 for a total of 6 children in her care. She made double what I was making each month! We joked about me doing daycare but I told her my sanity was worth the 50% less income!

  44. Thanks for explaining about the ads on blogs. I never knew how it worked or that there were fees. Guess it was time to get my head out of the sand….

    I made some choices like yours too. I was a stay at home mom too. I had a very good paying job in the medical field and was exposed to some nasty comments about “ throwing away “ my career when I chose to stay home. That was in the late 80s, early 90s where the news showed nannies abusing babies which was just terrifying! I do not have a great pension or retirement either but I have a wonderful family and a great life. As you know, money does not buy happiness though I admit, it buys security. Follow your heart, I truly believe that you will be fine!

  45. OK…good answer to the no ad thing.
    I am retired…forced to by my husband’s catastrophic illness costing $5000 a month the last few months as he needed so much care withering away in paralysis from ALS. My mother had Parkinson’s disease. She was in assisted living for $5000 a month…She fell out of her wheelchair and broke her neck three months before her money ran out and just before my husband died.. I had to retire my home business immediately as the hospital bed came with my husband home from the hospital one day. While he was paralyzed in the bed, my son called for me to come get his three children because both he and his wife were being arrested for Heroin. Now I have had three young children to raise for the past 5 years. Evidently that was not enough as in one year..last year, I had to have 3 operations…painful joint replacements. I had to hire a part-time nanny to help.I am not blessed with a large family. I am last man standing at age 70. Everything is paid off…but even so, I am in dire straights financially. So…self care is vital. I do not like the ads. But I do like survival. I do not like asking the schools for help with school supplies and waiving school fees. I got my grands when they were 3, 4 and 8..they are now, 8.9 and 13. I get no money from help…Just in the past three months, my son has come out of his homeless fog of 4 years living in the woods with the help of Methadone is able to help..physically, that is. The mother of my grands decided to marry another addict and have another baby instead of helping me out.
    I have a fierce amount of education as my husband did too. We were financially frugal…I never ever would have imagined I would be in this situation at this time in my pain everyday..on a cane…So when it comes to money…do what you need to do. In spite of all my woes…I am happy…I sew, I have friends…I choose to be happy and enjoy what I have left…hating the ads is certainly the least of it all….and way down on the list of what I hate in life…xoxoxoxo keep up the good work.

  46. Love your blog and yours doesn’t have near as many ads as some! Learn so much about so many things. Enjoy Melissa’s Sea Breeze Snippits that you mentioned in your blog. Did Sarah use used denim in her quilt? Have never made a wedge quilt before but would like to try. Seems you liked many in the book, which one needs to be appliqued down?
    Am so happy for you and hubster that you are doing what you love and the relationship you have with him. Heart warming.

  47. I look forward to reading your blog and am not bothered by the ads. Wishin you success in your retirement planning!

  48. Your blog is inspiring. It is full of straightforward and happy news shared by a woman who is living and enjoying life. We all have struggles of one type or another, but attitude makes a difference. Keep blogging and allowing all the ads you want if that’s what will keep you online.
    Thank you for allowing us to share your life experiences.

  49. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I hate the ads too, but the X works well…however, now that I know extra $$$ can come back to you, I’ll be clicking on every single one of them AND know that after a week, I won’t have any ads to click on for the rest of the month!!! Totally understandable why you have ads – readers don’t really understand just how much time it takes to edit pictures and write a blog every day. Heck, I’m lucky if I post once every few months!!

  50. Judith Fairchild

    Dear Jo, thank you for the explanation. You do make things clear. Keep on doing what you know is right for you. Good child care is hard to do and some times harder to find. I look for your blogs. From the response you have lots of us rooting for you. GoGirl Go

  51. Thank you for writing your blog every day. Not a day goes by that I don’t read it. I greatly admire you for what you have accomplished and the joy you have found. All of us have roadblocks in life – its how we deal with them. I love that even though things in life are hard for your family, you always think of others with your charity work.

    I do not mind the ads at all, please keep up the blog. Thank you so much for what you do.

  52. Jo, you have been very gracious in sharing such intimate detail of your life with everyone. I’m sorry any blogger gets complaints about their blog but criticizing your choices is ridiculous. As previously stated, complainers will complain. Sadly, I see a few more here after your explanation of everything :-(

    I’m grateful for all you share, all you teach and most of all, you teach US to be GRATEFUL and GRACIOUS.

    Thank you!

  53. Thanks for taking the time to write this and to share such intimate details of your life. There are a lot of people like you and your hubby just doing what they need to do to have a good life. I agree with the posters who noted that the ads don’t intrude much for me and wonder if it is related to the platform or device the reader is using.

    Good luck and keep living your life as you see fit. You don’t owe any of us an explanation and it is after all, YOUR blog.

  54. I love your blog. For those using Safari, on top where it shows your website in a grey box. To the left of that are short lines. Click on those and all ads and other things not wanting to view will disappear. However, I will now be clicking on ads. I have used a wedge ruler to make Dresdens and a curvy table runner.

  55. Bloggers like Jo need ads to help them keep blogging just like other businesses need to use advertising. If the ads bother you or you don’t want to click on them to support the blogger, then download a free ad blocker and use it. Easy, peasy!
    Keep up the great blog Jo!

  56. From one farm girl to another, thank you for sharing your life on this blog. I happily click on the ads! You are grace, sincerity and kindness.

  57. Your blog hits me and not in a good way. My husband married me for my insurance. No lie. As a young single woman I knew I needed to have a job with health insurance and a 401 or retirement plan, there was no other person who was going to look out for me. (I thank my dad for teaching me to be self-sufficient instead of waiting for a prince charming, who may never come. LOL). I am lucky I have a job I love and the coverage. When I met my husband he was paying a small fortune for his minimal health insurance coverage. What I don’t get is why this country is not willing to TRY to sort out another system where people didn’t have to go broke or file bankruptcy to have access to health care!!!! Instead people talk like it is all some sort of permanent change instead of something we can TRY to see if it works! As it is, in my field I see people who have beautiful homes and large lake side cottages who cry poor when they have to pay for a nursing home…and pay an attorney to sort out their (millions) so they can have the nursing home covered by Medicaid, yes the taxpayer funded program meant for the poor. I have had adult children tell me it would be better for mom (or dad) to die quickly so they didn’t have to pay the bill…it has made me extremely cynical of my fellow Americans. I get exactly where you are coming from. I am thankful for my insurance believe me!! and so is my husband. and yes I click on the ads :)

  58. Hi Jo—I am a farm gal and I love your blog. You’ve even got me to check you out more than once a day! Love ya! I’m 85 and sew and draw patterns that I never use! It’s fun. Keep up all the good thoughts and love for everyone.

  59. Believe it or not, I’m just now reading this post on 4/3/19…..I’m obviously way behind…..LOL Thanks for the info about ads and how they work. I buy so many things from Amazon and now I’m happy to know that by starting at your blog I can get there, make my purchase and that I’m helping out a wonderful person and family! Hope you get lots more traffic.

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