Ask Jo: Odds and Ends

I have a whole bunch of unrelated questions this time around…

From Pam C:  “Do you have a case and arm band for your clip? I was searching amazon for one-thought I should just buy buy a clip to have as a backup. If you do, which one do you have and are you happy with it?”

I have this one  SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player .  I don’t have any other accessories for it.  I use it as is.  I love it and when I thought mine was dead.  I immediately was very fearful that this one would no longer be available.  I love mine.

I had said that I listen to audio books on my MP3 player then Carolyn said:  ” I’m surprised you don’t listen to it on your smart phone.”  

Well Carolyn, sometimes I do listen to audio books on my phone but most of the time I don’t.  If you use an on line library you likely know that unless you’re on the site the day a new book comes out, you might be on the waiting list for a LONG time.  I often keep a hold list with 8 books on it.  Sometimes there are 3 copies of the book and I’m the 12th person on the list.  Sometimes I am the 3rd person on the list with one book available.  Sometimes I am the 8th person on the list with 2 copies.

In light of that sometimes I have three books that are all available at once.  I don’t have time to listen to three books all at once so I put the books on my MP3 player.  I listen to them and delete them as I listen.  I can’t keep any books past their return due date with my phone but can with my MP3 player.  I often have a few books on my MP3 player simply because of the way the library has their holding system.

From Bette:  “Hi Jo, I’ve been enjoying following your blog. So interesting watching the house go up and your move..One time you showed how to make half triangle squares , you started with strips, then cut and sewed. I’m trying to find a method so I don’t have to trim. Is there such a method?”

I am guessing that Bette is referring to using the easy angle ruler.  I am attaching a youtube video here that shows you how to make the easy angle half square triangles.

From Mary Ann:  “Love the farm animal quilts. I am new to this craft. Where did you find the farm animal inserts and what does WOF stand for? P.S. Love your work.”

I am guessing that Mary Ann is referring to these quilts that we made.

The animal print panel was from a Moda fabric line called Oink a Doodle Moo.  I thing it’s a couple years old so I don’t know if the fabric will be around.

When we write patterns we use the abbreviation WOF to mean the width of the fabric.  Now days fabric is anywhere for 42″ to 45″.  We just say width of fabric (WOF) as the width of the fabrics that we are using likely aren’t the same width as the fabrics you are using.  By the way we are asked to write pattern directions by using a 40″ width.  Most designers are.  That way we know that you for sure have enough fabric to make the quilt.

That’s this round of “Ask Jo”…Keep the questions coming.  I do want to apologize to a few readers.  Questions have been asked and I’ve tried to answer them only to find that the email bounced back to me undelivered.  If that happens, there is really little I can do to get the answer out to you.

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  1. Jo, have you learned how to return a book early if you’re finished with it before the due date? Just deleting it from your device doesn’t do the trick. There should be instructions somewhere on the OverDrive site. A lot of people don’t know they can do this, but it whittles done the number of people waiting on the reserve list a little faster.

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