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After I told you about how I saved money and ended up buying the new snowblower, I have Marybeth ask:
Good for you for making the decision to get a power snow remover. I showed it to my DH and we looked it up….what model number did you get? Thanks for the hint and info.”

I bought exactly what Buck recommended and if you follow THIS LINK you will see all I know about it including model number, etc.

Our son, Buck, has a similar version only without electric start.  He runs a snow removal business.  The guys lift this and put them in the back of the pickup all of the time.  They are light weight and Buck loves them.

I love that it’s lightweight but I also love that there is a “snowblowers for dummies” instructions right on it that tells how to use it.  I need that!!

The next question came from Joyce:
How can I order this pattern sampler?

Sadly, I’m not sure which sampler you are referring to.  Right now I am working on two different ones.  This is Heaven and Nature by Teresa Kogut.  I would order that directly from her.

She has an Etsy Shop HERE.

sampler  cross stitch  needlework  Teresa Kogut  Heaven & image 1
The other piece I am working on is the Floral Motif Sampler by The Scarlett House.  You can find it HERE.

Every flower I stitch, I love this more and more!!

The other question that has come in a lot from multiple people is…how am I doing?

The answers is:  So far, so good.  For those of you just jumping in, I am taking oral chemo right now as part of the treatment for my thyroid cancer that has moved to my lungs.

The real test will be next week when I start the diet along with all of this.  They say it’s often worse when the diet is introduced.  Dealing with the dehydration of oral chemo plus many people end up dehydrated from less salt in their diet can make things worse.

At this point I am not worried.  I have been on the oral chemo now since December 8th and so far, I’m okay.

I keep telling myself that every day that passes is another day closer to seeing if this all works.

I’d say I’m a little more tired.  My skin is a little more itchy.  I am definitely more thirsty.  All of these are minor and manageable.  I think if I was on a full work schedule it would be worse…any time the stress of work gets thrown into the mix most everything is a little worse…not that my job is very stressful.

I appreciate everyone who has taken time to check up on me.  I’ll give you a full report next week once I start the diet.  For now, I’m living it up as far as eating good food goes!!

I hope I covered most of the questions that have come in lately.  I’m off.  I have pictures of a finished quilt to take so I can share the finish with you all.  Be watching for that…

9 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Odds and Ends”

  1. Glad to hear you’re tolerating the meds ok and feeling ok if not the best. Being tired is pretty normal I guess . Sure hope things go well when you start the diet. I love all your samplers and the beautiful work you do. I looking forward to seeing the new quilt finish!

  2. For itchy skin try a humidifier & Cetaphil cream. Cetaphil has lotion & cream. Cream is in a tub & Dr friend recommended it.

  3. Glad to hear you are still doing okay, even good. I will keep praying that this will continue and you only have minor issues with the diet and chemo.

  4. Your attitude is so amazing. Wish you the very best as you take the next step. Life throws us curves and prayers and our attitude will carry us through. My husband just got diagnosed with Covid so going from anticipating 18 people and 5 dogs to just us two and one dog for Christmas is something new to adapt to but the main focus and prayer is for my husband to get better. Have a merry Christmas!!

    1. Many good thoughts and prayers heading your way LaNan. I’m heading out today to get the last things for my diet but then I’m planning on being home for the duration with the hope of not catching Covid. UGH. It’s so hard.

  5. So thankful, you are doing okay so far!!! Positive attitudes and feeling that way, I think are a huge help in how a person tolerates treatments. Second that suggestion for the Cetaphil -I have the lotion that has been a tremendous help. I tried the “body wash/soap” of that brand, and just don’t like the way that feels so the lotion has been a lifesaver for me. In the winter, my back “itches” like crazy. I think it is like hives. Some type of lotion seemed to help–but my trouble is getting somebody to put it on my back! Daughter Susan found solution that has helped so much. It has a long handle, and a quite firm sponge that I can put the lotion on and reach everyplace. Actually I think there were 3 of the sponges in package-so it can be replaced. I’ve never asked where she got it. Prayers that all things continue to roll along WELL!!

  6. Carole H Higgins

    I just had to write! My father was from Cresco. I still remember walking to the Post Office and the Red Owl to visit his friends. I truly loved visiting Cresco and my grandmother Huntting. I saw the quilts recently donated by the Cresco ladies. They are so beautiful!! As I am now a sewist and quilter I found them eye-catching and then realized they were from Cresco. Hello to the ladies and thank you for the memory reminders.

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