Ask Jo: Odd and Ends

Often time either email and via the comment section I get questions from blog readers.  Often times I think the questions will interest other reads too so I answer the questions here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

After telling about my hunt for “grunge” fabric ( the white fabric in the photo) Janinne writes, “Hey Jo! What is grunge fabric?”

Grunge fabric is a Moda fabric line.  You can look at them here on their website.  They all look “a little grungy”.  We used a black version of it when we made this table runner.

The black is a grunge. (If you are interested the free pattern for the table runner is here)  We love the grunge fabrics and love working with them.  They are a little more fun than just a plain solid.

In the last installment of “Ask Jo” I explained to blog readers how ads work on blogs and why some bloggers (especially those that offer free patterns) choose to have ads on their blogs.  We got many nice comments and thank yous from our readers saying they were willing to work around the ads in order to get free patterns.  We just want to thank you for understanding and working with us.  If you missed that post, you can find it here.

Connie recently asked, “Thanks for the info Jo! Do you use the multi order shipping to do this or do you create a invoice first?”  after reading my post about sending packages on line rather than going to the post office.

So far we’ve only done three packages.  We did not create an invoice first.  We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about avoiding the post office and shipping online.

After reading this blog post and sewing our Jimmy John quilt, Ana writes, “The picture on the last page of the pattern is incorrect. There should be no sets of 5 color strips on the middle rows. I made the pattern and there are only 14 of them and 7 belong on each side.  It is a great pattern by the way and went together like a dream. I used a Jingle Bells Bali Pop and a gold tone on tone.”


Thanks for bringing this to my attention Ana.  When writing the pattern I colored two of the rectangles wrong.  The cutting directions and instructions were all correct.  If you were sewing along, you likely didn’t notice it.  I have since went back and corrected the pattern illustration.  Reprint your pattern if you’d like.  You can find it here.  Kelli and I are both so excited that so many of you loved this pattern.  Ana is the second person we know who has a completed top and we just offered this free pattern two weeks ago!!

From Sandy we got this question after reading the post about our daughter’s engagement and the quilt she’d want me to make for a wedding present,Would you please tell me what pattern you used for the double wedding ring quilts. They are beautiful.”

This quilt that I made for our son Buck and his wife Jen was made using this Double Wedding Ring Template.  I highly recommend this!  I would buy one in a heart beat if I didn’t already have one.  The templates make the quilt so much more “do-able”.


When the time came for Kelli to pick her wedding quilt, she also wanted a double wedding ring.  She of course wanted smaller rings so there are MANY more rings and MANY more pieces.

She found a template in this book, 
Classic Country Quilts: Step-By-Step Directions for 25 All-Time Favorites, that she liked.



We did trace the template, take it to the auto glass shop and had them cut template for me.  Then we put the book away.  We made ours our own.  It is a different size.  It’s a different design…It’s different coloring.  It just gave us a spring board to jump from.  Being I had made the an other double wedding ring quilt, I felt confident doing that.

If you are planning on making one, I suggest giving it a try.  I did write up some tips on making a Double Wedding Ring quilt.  You can find them here.  If someone were to tell me they wanted me to make a double wedding ring, I wouldn’t fret a bit about it.  It’s not hard to make..just slow because of all the pinning I had to do.

That’s all of the ask Jo questions for this round.  If I didn’t get to your question or if you have a new question, feel free to drop me an email at

3 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Odd and Ends”

  1. I have some white grunge fabric I’ve been hoarding for just the right project. Love your posts. Your patterns are great.

  2. I would love to find the pattern for your string purse. I saw it I think on facebook. Now can’t find it or the directions. Thanks so much! Lynda

  3. Just discovered grunge fabric last week. Went to fabric store to find a piece of green that would match a project I was working on. While it was being cut, a friend came in and said, “Oh you are buying my new favorite kind of fabric, Grunge.” That was the first I had heard of it. But I like my green piece. (Ended up not using it in my project!) Might have to collect some more of it! Your house is looking good. As I have commented before, I love your blog.

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