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Every so often I get a question from a blog reader that I think others might want to know about so I answer it here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

After reading a book review I got a question From Lisa S, “What do you use to listen to books? I use Overdrive through my library but the selection is slim.”

I listen through Overdrive and now with my new phone, a Galaxy S6, I have now converted so that most of my listening is done via my phone.  Previously I was a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player  user.

I’ve noticed that my hearing doesn’t seem to be what it used to so I am making an effort not to use head phones anymore unless I am walking…with my MP3 player I used them all the time.  I also made the switch to my phone because with this phone my volume is louder.  So I can easily hear it.  The main reason though…Overdrive (the app I use to listen with) now lets me return an audio book when I am finished with it.  Previously I couldn’t do that.

One more thing that make listening much better is actually something I learned from Bonnie Hunter when she was at our retreat in July.  She used this….JAM Rewind Wireless Speaker (Grey) HX-P540GY.

I had been looking for a rechargable speaker.  I’d tried a few in the past and wasn’t happy.  I had given up on buying anything else unless I knew it would work.  Her’s did so as soon as I got home from the retreat, I bought one.  I love it.

I carry it with when I listen and keep my phone plugged into it.  As I am working in the kitchen I can go anywhere…even to the bathroom and still am able to hear the book.

Now to address the slim selection.  I can tell you I have an amazing collection of books through my library.  Is it everything I ever wanted…no…but it’s good.  Luckily I listen through Bridges.  Iowa libraries have gotten together and formed an online library so there are lots or libraries contributing money towards the audio books and ebooks that are available.  I ALWAYS have the maximum number of books on hold.  The wait is typically quite long…but with 10 books on hold, one book is typically coming up and available.  It’s not a perfect situation but it’s one I can happily live with because it’s free.  I will also admit to having two different library cards.  So I can actually have 20 books on hold at any time.

I often send in requests for books to be added and quite often they add what I request.

I do also maintain and Audible membership so I have one credit each month from there.  I used that when there’s a book I really want and don’t think the library will likely get if I do request it.  Recently a blog reader suggested I read, Someone Named Eva.  The book looked like one I would love.  My online library didn’t have it.  I didn’t think it would be wildly popular with everyone so didn’t request it.  I used an Audible credit to get one.

I know my listening habit is quite excessive….but this is a real hobby of mine and for the most part, I don’t spend much money on it so I’m okay with it.

I’ve also been asked how I can listen to so many books.  The answer…I listen all the time when I can.  I wake early and sew.  When I sew I listen.  Some people keep a television or a radio on all the time….for me, it’s a book.

That’s the latest with my listening….

5 thoughts on “Ask Jo: My Reading/Listening Habit”

  1. I love audio books too. Always have a couple going, a different one on each device I have. I check my library every time you review one hoping they will have it. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Thanks for posting about the speaker, I’ve been looking for something like it as I really don’t like to wear earbuds all the time.

  2. Our family pays for cards at a library that’s father from home so we have access to a MUCH larger collection of books. Costs more, but it’s absolutely worth it!

  3. My daughter brought Someone Named Eva home from school last year and we all read it before she returned it. Great book. Tough subject for kids but well written and super interesting. You gave me the idea to listen while I sew or craft. I am so old-fashioned i still use a CD player. I have found that it keeps me on track longer. I no longer think of something else that needs to be done and stop in the middle of a project. I go in spurts of not being able to sew/craft because of time and work, but when I do the listening makes it more productive.

  4. LOVE listening to audiobooks. And I always have a few different ones going at a time. Maybe I’ll try that speaker. I have a hard time hearing over the sewing machine, but I’m listening all the time that I’m not at work. Guilty pleasure.

  5. Thank you for sharing the information about your library. I have asked a few times and if you responded, I missed it. I just wrote an email to my library to share the information about combining resources to create your amazing elibrary. I asked them to look into doing something similar here in PA. I am not holding my breath, but at least now I can understand how your library can afford all the audiobooks that are available to you. I found one of the books that you recommended at my elibrary.
    I also bought a Sansa Clip due to your recommendation. I have always used the Fuze, which I love and think is superior, but they no longer make it. The clip is the next best thing. I listen to my book instead of watching TV and actually sleep with the ear buds in my ears. I don’t think my phone would last overnight. So far, I don’t mind the ear buds. I can listen to my book and my husband can watch TV. Works for us! I got ergo ear buds though. The ones that come with the mp3’s weren’t very comfortable.
    Anyway-thanks again for sharing. I always look forward to your book reviews with hopes of finding another book to enjoy.

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