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Every so often I get questions from readers that I think more people might want to know the answers to so I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

From Pat: I love your blog…I have read some of the books you have spoke of.  
I am looking for a MP3 player so I can listen to books on tape. What player do you have?
The only one I can find is the Apple for $249.00, which is a little out there for me.

I have a cheap SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player.  I love it.  It was $29.  I also have a Kingston 8 GB microSDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card SDC4/8GBET to go with it.  That allows me to hold more books on it if I want.  I don’t listen to music much and don’t have any on this player although you sure can.

The player supports all of these types of files  MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Audible, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, plus audio books.  For me, I typically just put WMA files on there from my on line library.

If you read reviews on Amazon, some people don’t like these because if you accidentally hit the button the book will advance and then manually you have to go back and find your place.  This is true but it doesn’t happen very often at all and for me, the $200 price difference doesn’t make the upgrade worth it.

This also has a clip on it which I love.  Often times I wear lounge or yoga pants and they don’t have pockets.  With the clip, it’s no big deal.

The next question accidentally got deleted but the question was also related to the audio books that I listen to.

There are several ways to have access to audio books.  My favorite way is through out on line lending library.  It is for eastern Iowa residents.  The website is called NEIBORS.  From the convenience of my home, I can download books.  Ebooks, books for my Kindle or audio books that I listen to either on my computer or can transfer them to my MP3 player.  When I get audio books I often transfer them to my MP3 player and listen to them at my convenience.

The problem with this is that it’s a popular place and I often have to put books on waiting lists while I wait for them to become available.  As you all know, I listen to MANY books.  So here’s my confession.  I actually have three different library accounts so I can have easier access to the audio books.  I have one account that I only put books that are hold on it.   It works for me.  I also get my Kindle books there.  I love it!!

Unless you’re from eastern Iowa and have a library card, that doesn’t help you though.  Go to your local library and check to see if a program is available in your area.  There likely is.  Also, I know our small local library doesn’t have this but the libraries in the neighboring bigger towns do.  I got library cards from their libraries.  Another thing to note is that you will never pay an over due fee.  You audio book and/or Kindle book just disappears after the lending period is over unless you have downloaded the audio book to your MP3 player.  Then you have it until you delete it BUT you can’t give it to someone else.

The problem with the online library is that not all the books I want to read or listen to are available.  They do take requests, but can’t always fill them.  That’s why I also have have an Audible subscription.  For $14.95 I get one book a month.

A bit ago I recommended the book The Plum Tree.  If you follow the links that I have on the site, they will take you right to Amazon.  If you look across the screen image you can see that from there you’ll find lots of options to get the book-a Kindle version-Library Binding-Paperback-Audio CD’s or from Audible.


Most of the books I get from Audible I listen to either via my Kindle or on my smart phone.  I don’t listen to the radio in the car anymore.  I listen to the audio book on my smart phone instead.

I hope that answers some of your questions about the books I listen to.  I typically have three books going at once…one on the Kindle, one on the MP3 player and one on my smart phone.  I just LOVE books…almost as much as quilting…

4 thoughts on “Ask Jo: MP3’s and Audio Books”

  1. I purchased a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player based upon your prior recommendations. I love it! It is so easy to use compared to the largely popular similar item I borrowed for several months from my son. (Dare I say the brand name?) The only problem I’ve found is I can transfer audio books from my laptop to the SanDisk but not from my Windows Surface app software. That can be slightly annoying when I’m traveling with the WS and a book becomes available. It would be nice if people would return books when they are finished reading or listening to them rather than wait for the software to automatically return it. Then next person on the list can get the book sooner.

  2. Thanks for the info I guess I never knew that you could get audio books from Amazon. I will give that a try. I was one who asked about your audio books. Thanks for the post it will help me. While I am sewing or cutting or sorting fabric I could also be reading :)

  3. Dorothy Countryman

    I love reading almost as much as quilting as well. Thanks for the information regarding where you get your audiobooks from. I have been thinking of the book a month for $14.95 as well. I will have to look into it. LOVE your blog.

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