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A week or so ago I posted pictures and told you about our game night with the Waucoma First Responders.  I showed pictures and talked about three of the games but mentioned that we played other games.  Well several people have written asking if I would tell about the other games we played.


In all of the games we worked in teams and our times were kept.  In the game shown above, one partner had a box of ping pong balls.  The other person stood about six feet away.  They held a clip board and there was a bucket on the floor next to them.  The purpose of the game was for one partner to throw the ball.  The ball had to hit the clipboard and then bounce into the bucket.  We had to get four balls in the bucket in the quickest time-each had to touch the clipboard.  It’s harder than it sounds as the ping pong balls bounce so easily.

The next game needed marshmallows, chop sticks and paper plates.  25 marshmallows were put on one plate.  Participants had to use chop sticks to transfer the marshmallows from one plate to the other.  Only chop sticks could be used-no hands could touch a marshmallow or the plates.  The couples each had their own set but could help the other once their marshmallows were all transferred.  That one was pretty easy.

The last game is a little harder to explain.  To play you need a dowel, two rolls of toilet paper, two pop cans and rubber bands.  Slide the toilet paper onto the dowel.  Pull about four squares down.  Thread the end of the toilet paper into the pull tab of the can.  Do this with both rolls-the rolls hang side by side.   Using a giant rubber band, secure the rolls so that they won’t unravel more.  Two people who aren’t playing hold the ends of the dowel or you can get the dowel to stay steady on two chairs.  The toilet paper is on the dowel and the toilet paper is hanging down with cans on the end. The cans can’t touch the ground.  The two players stand about six feet away.  They shoot rubber bands at the toilet paper to try to break it.  Once one can falls, they are done.

Kelli said she knows of some more games.  Once the wedding is over, I’ll try to get her write a blog post explaining some of them.

These really were LOTS of fun and as I said in the first post, I’d love to play these at Christmas or sometime when the kids are all home.  It’s fun as most of them cost very little and people of all abilities can join in the fun.

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