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Every so often readers send us questions either via email or here in the comment section.  We think other readers might be interested in the answers as well so we answer them here on the blog:

After seeing this post about our free pattern Meet in the Middle
From Mary Jo:  “Just wondering if you have every made the quilt using black instead of the white. I have a hard time keeping white clean, so I just wondered how it might look with black. I think I will save my scraps from my log cabin quilts to use for the colors in the middle. Thanks for the pattern. (All these pictures of dogs makes me want to get one.)”

You know Mary Jo-Kelli and I were just talking about making another of these and trying out a different color along the edge than white.  I have to be held back not to just run and start it once the idea popped into my head.  I have so many quilts started.  I am sure it would look wonderful.  Go for and give it a try but when you do, send us a picture.  We’d love to feature it here so other blog so that we and readers can see it too….

Seeing dog pictures makes me want to get another but then I remember-Betsy (Kalissa’s dog) and Puppycat (Kelli’s dog) are here often enough for me to “have two dogs”….besides Hubby would KILL me.  He loves Ruby but both of us prefer one dog only.

This question is also about our Meet in the Middle quilt.
From Marge:  “Thanks for the pattern! I have jelly rolls! LOL Will make one soon. Did I miss it? What is the size?”

The quilt is 68″ 80 1/2″.  We actually have a set of printable directions written for the pattern that you can find here in the blog post about the quilt.

After reading this post about our book publishing woes and our contemplation of writing a new book-
From Nann:  “You and Bonnie Hunter have both mentioned the KC Star change. There’s nothing (that I could find) on either the KC Star/Pickledish website or the C&T website. (I don’t doubt either of you, but it’s interesting that there’s no statement or anything.)”

The reason you haven’t seen an official report on this is likely that although the deal is in place, the legal mumbo jumbo likely isn’t finalized…much like purchasing a house…you know you have the money in place, the deal has been accepted but have to wait for the abstract to go through.  The house is yours…just not quite yet.  As with anything that involves legal dealings it takes time for the final paperwork to be in place.  Then the company has to figure out how to incorporate all their new authors.  We’ve been in contact with C&T and have been thrilled with how we have been treated to date.  We are eager to learn more about them.  I’m guessing in a month you’ll here something more official…but then again, maybe not.  Some companies like things to be seamless.

Keep reading the blog and we’ll let you know if any official announcement is given.

That’s it for today’s questions…keep them coming.  You can email a question to me anytime at

4 thoughts on “Ask Jo: More Odds and Ends”

  1. I did start the Meet in the Middle with gorgeous black, gold and cream fabs. It was called Holiday Flourish. Then I found a black with gold swirls in my stash for the background but have to finish something else first….sigh
    Thanks for the pattern!

  2. I have a friend who was a Kansas City Star author who is now a Quiltmania author. I also looked and looked for what the deal was and no notice on the web. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  3. I just came across your website tonight. I love it. I am originally from KS City, but live in VA Bch w my USN hubby. I want to order your book, but will wait until I get back from a trip to KC for a wedding. I will follow you on email. Can’t wait to find the time to go through your website. I am in a group that makes quilts for wounded military (Norfolk and VA Bch are big USN towns.). I see your note about the quilting. How do you go about this?

  4. Meed in the Middle!!! Perfect for the FQ bundle I’ve already cut 2.5″ strips from. Was wondering what to do with them. I’d like to use them in a baby blanket, and if I subcut them into 2 8″ pieces, add some occasional flannel pieces (plus use flannel for the background), I think that would make an adorable and tactile baby blanket, coming in around 40-50″. And I’ll probably put the pattern on my 2016 quilt list for making the Christmas themed quilt I want for my bed.

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