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Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days….

I had an email from Michelle.  She is on the hunt for a Civil War Tribute quilt pattern or even a kit…possibly even a UFO of that quilt.  This is the quilt.

Jo's BOM Challenge 2018 | Jo's Country JunctionI would have happily parted with my pattern but I already donated it to Goodwill.  Maybe one of you has one?

You can contact Michelle with this email address if you have a pattern, kit, or UFO you might be willing to part with.  Of course, Michelle is willing to pay for it along with postage.  Please contact her if you can help.

I had an awesome mail call not long ago and many questions surrounded some of the donated quilt tops.  Several people wanted to know the pattern for this quilt.  Sadly, that wasn’t answered in the comment section.  Maybe one of you recognizes it.  If you do, please let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section.

For some reason, it looks like a Kim Brackett pattern.  She makes the scrap basket books that use jelly rolls and other precuts.  You can find her HERE on Amazon.  I didn’t page through the many books to see if this pattern is actually in one of them.  Do any of you know??  It’s such a pretty quilt, one of you is bound to have made it!!

This quilt also had many of you curious as to the pattern…. I think it’s a Sandy Gervais Moda line for the fabric and readers seamed to believe this to be Bonnie Hunter’s Garlic Knots pattern.

Garlic Knots is in my UFO pile.  It does look VERY much like the block but Bonnie does sashing between the blocks on her version.  I’m sure if you bought her pattern, you could simply leave out the sashing.

All of that lead me on a rabbit trail looking for her pattern to see if it’s for sale or free or what.

The block started with Addicted to Scraps, Bonnie Hunter’s column in Quiltmaker.  If you’ve kept the issues, it’s the Jan/Feb 2014 issue.

quiltmaker 040
Here is Bonnie’s finished quilt.


Hmm.  I looked for it on her blog in the patterns for sale section and in the free pattern section and couldn’t find it.  I’m sure I have the pattern as it is a UFO in my Dirty Dozen UFO collection.  I’m sure I printed the pattern and was going to link it here for you.

Bonnie Hunter's Garlic Knots with sashing (laid out before stitching blocks together) | Bonnie hunter, Bonnie hunter scrap quilts, Quilts
Apparently, the pattern is gone.  I’m guessing it was pulled and in the next book she publishes. (Pattern link has been found.  Link in comment section)

Either way…the layout she provided isn’t the one in the original quilt top that was sent to me…I actually really love a different layout I found.  Check out the picture below.

Scrappy Garlic Knots in Quiltmaker Jan/Feb 2014 - also called arrowhead puzzle | Scrappy quilt patterns, Bonnie hunter scrap quilts, Scrap quilt patterns

Follow this LINK to find a “hack” someone did on making the block.  She also tells how to change the block to make it a larger size.

I found this baby-sized version…

Dig Into Your Scraps for This Beautiful Quilt - Quilting Digest

Here is a fun version- the same block with a very different look.

Garlic Knot quilt - Quiltingboard Forums

Here’s one with more controlled colors.

I like this one too….

March | 2018 | myquiltprojects

Here’s another version with flip corners.

Here’s one with a gray background…

Garlic Knots
How fun is this one with a rainbow effect?

My musings on art and life....
Even one made with shirts.

Garlic Knots - Bonnie Hunter Pattern
Oh, my word…look at the rabbit trail you all took me down!!  The possibilities are endless.  That was a crazy search- But, oh so, fun.  I adore the many, many version of the garlic knot block and all the beautiful layouts.

That whole trail is a wonderful example of why somedays I feel like I get nothing done!!  Try it for yourself…type in Garlic Knots quilt and see where it takes you.

If you have any ideas on the name of the first quilt, or if you can help Michelle locate a pattern or kit to make the Civil War Tribute quilt, please leave a comment in the comment section.  Your help is appreciated.

19 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Mail Follow Up and More”

  1. Christine Jernigan

    Wow! This is my first view of the garlic knot block, and now my brain is just swimming with creative ideas. Thank you for the inspiration Jo…you never disappoint. These quilts are stunning….my fave is the grey background.

  2. The first quilt is Flowers for Nana Girl from the Scrap Basket Sensations book by Kim Brackett. If anyone needs a pattern for the second quilt, look up Arrowhead Puzzle on Quilters Cache. She shows the layout you like on the second page of the pattern.

  3. I have the Civil War Tribute Quilt and all the blocks and instructions–one block done. Would be happy to pass it on at a really good deal, Feel free to share my information with Michelle.

    Look forward to reading your blog – twice most days.

  4. The unknown pattern for the 2nd quilt shown appears to be one of the block options from Marsha McClosky’s Block Party book (circa 1998) .. The block is “Star Puzzle”..

  5. I agree with Carolyn. The first quilt is Flowers for Nana. It was a small (3×5) folded cardstock pattern from Sweet & Simple by Martingale. I received it as a free gift when I bought fabric last year. It was actually published in 2015. It’s also in Kim Brackett’s book, Scrap Quilting Strip by Strip.

  6. Shelley M Freeman

    The floral strip pattern that quilters have asked about is called “Flowers for Nana” by Kim Brackett. It is in Scrap-Basket Sensations – published by That Patchwork Place (Martingale Publishing) in 2011. It was later released as a “Sweet and Simple” stand-alone card. Martingale Pub in 2015. It may be available on the Martingale website.

  7. Judith Fairchild

    The flower style quilt you showed has a similar pattern from the book I got from Kansas City Star. I for get the name but it is a basket so it’s in the B’s

  8. Those garlic knot quilts are amazing. I think I’ll take one of those rabbit holes today since it’s 39 degrees outside! Brrrr!
    I’m sorry to say I don’t have either of those patterns.
    Love and prayers

  9. Linda H in Red Wing

    Kim Brackett’s “Flowers for Nana Girl” can also be found in That Patchwork Place (Martingale) : The Big Book of Strip Quilts. It’s a fun quilt to piece!!

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