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Every so often I get questions from readers that I think other readers would also like to know the answers to.  I often answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

After seeing this post of some nurse fabric I purchased Jan O asked, “Love the nurse fabrics – What is the name/manufacturer of that fabric line?”

Here is the link to the quilt shop where I purchased the fabric.  I am sure they could send you some.  Here’s what the salvage edges said if you want to try to hunt it down on your own… the blue is Windham Fabrics Calling all Nurses by Whistler Studios Style No 37302.  The white with colored words was a fat quarter and I got the piece with no information on the salvage.  The one with the saying has the informtion Block Prints-  I hope that helps.  I can tell you that the shop carried several other nursing related prints, some with band aides some with other nursing motifs.

After seeing this post on making bread pudding, Sarah Craig asked, “I’m guessing you mean 7 CUPS of bread ends? Is that right?”


Actually not seven cups-seven slices of bread is what you need.

After reading our tutorial with the strip calculator Vicki Walker writes, “I can’t get the calculator to work. I see I am not the only one. Am I doing something wrong or what? Can you please help me?”


I was just over and checked it.  The calculator worked for me!

After seeing this charity quilt Doti asked, “The quilt top you just sent, what size squares did you use? Thanks.”

The quilt was already boxed and gone by the time this question came in and I don’t remember for sure.  If the blocks were cut at 6 1/2″ the quilt would be 66″ x 78″ and I think that’s about the size this quilt was.  If they were cut at 8 1/2″ then the quilt would be 88″ x 104″ and that seems bigger than the quilt was.  I am relatively sure the blocks were cut at 6 1/2″ making them finish at 6″.  I don’t know what pattern this was made from as it was a charity top that was sent to me to quilt.

After Kayla’s post about her potatoes growing in containers Velma asked, “Kayla’s potato growing method is interesting. How do you get the potatoes out of the barrel?”

Easy..dump the barrel over.

After Kelli’s chalk painted entertainment center post Suzanne asked, “I am interested in learning if you have attempted to paint fabric with the chalk paint. At Pinterest, there was a lady who painted the wicker and wood of a chair w/chalk paint and then painted in another color the fabric seat and back. Would like to hear your comments on same.”

We have not tried chalk paint on fabric.  We have seen a few things on line about it but haven’t had the need to try it yet.  I am a little intrigued though.  I think the next time I am at the local thrift store, I buy a pillow and try it out…of course I’ll report back to you then.

For this round…that’s all the questions.  Feel free to ask anything…I’ll try to answer it.

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