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Every once in a while readers write and ask for my help in answering a question.  When I don’t know or figure more opinions are needed, I ask you the blog readers.  Today is one of those days.

Carol recently wrote and asked:
Hi, Jo.  Thanks for all you do for charity quilts!  I do quite a few charity quilts — mostly for church related things.  Every time I do one, I debate whether I should put a label on it.  For quilts made for friends and family, I always put a label on the quilt with my name, year and city.  However, I am never sure if I should put a label on charity quilts.  Many times, I don’t know who will end up with the quilt and am unsure about a label with my name on it.  What do you do?  Do you label charity quilts?  If you do, what info do you include on the label?”

Well when I answered Carol I said that honestly, I rarely label quilts whether I give them away or keep them.   I’ve even been know to do this…

…attach a label onto a quilt and never write on it. intentions are good.

If we submit a quilt…I do put a label on.  They require it otherwise I probably wouldn’t.  See?

In light of that, you can pretty much guess that I NEVER label a charity quilt.

After thinking about this label/not label a quilt, I decided that I am likely the RARE person when it comes to non-labeling so I thought I’d let all of you give your opinions.  Remember, Carol is especially concerned about charity quilts.

The next comment comes from Jayne:
Jo, I would be happy to sew up any donation quilts for you. I have had to slow down on my piecing because I can’t cut my pieces but if you ever have tops that are cut out I would be excited to put them together for you. I was hoping to have a cutting service for others when I retired but then the big C came along and I lost my right arm so I can no longer cut. I tried and nearly removed a finger so my daughter took my rotary cutters away! But, as I said, I would gladly help in any way I can. Thank you.”

I love volunteers but right now, I don’t have anything that is already cut out.  I’m hoping that there might be a blog reader that has a cut out project that they are not longer interested in is willing to pass a project on to Jayne.  She’ll finish it and them pass it to a charitable organization.  Is there anyone??   Please email me and I’ll get you in touch with Jayne if you do.  THANKS!!

Next I’ve had lots of people ask so I’ll pop a little note in here.  Everyone wants to know how my Neighbor Girl is.

The answer is I don’t see her much anymore at all.  This summer Kalissa and I had something going on and Kalissa asked her to watch Carver for 25 minutes at my house until Craig could get home.  It was her first time babysitting but I felt okay with it.  We went through the other people here.  Pay attention to Carver.  What was appropriate food.  It was okay to watch TV but it should be something Carver likes….just general rules you all would suggest to a babysitter.

Craig arrived to find three boys in our house (boys that didn’t come to my house).  Caver was screaming (Craig could hear him from outside) and covered in chocolate from the chocolate chips she was feeding him.  Craig sent the boys home-Cleaned up Carver and went home.  I also have reason to believe one of the boys took some money while he was here.  She didn’t come to my house for weeks after that.  No one yelled at her.  I think she herself knew that she had done wrong.  She didn’t come back for a long time and we never addressed it with her.

Then after about a month she started coming back again.  Her phone died and she wanted my wi-fi info and password when she got a different phone and I didn’t give my password to her.  About the same time Neighbor Girl was here and a girl from her class came to pick up Carver to babysit him.  She asked why Kalissa didn’t ask her to babysit.  I addressed the issues we had before when she watched Carver in a calm straight forward manner and told her that Kalissa wouldn’t be asking her until at least her next birthday.

After that, she hasn’t been back.

It’s sad for me but I’ve always wanted our relationship to be on her terms.  I’m not mad at her.  She’s doing things kids her age do.  I’m disappointed yes but not mad.  I see her outside from time to time.  I wave and yell hello.  I tell her I miss her but she doesn’t come.  I really do miss her popping in. She has the prettiest of smiles and she always brightened my day.  It’s sad for me but all okay.  I know I can’t let her put Carver in danger.  I can’t allow her to not follow rules in my house.  I can’t hand out my passwords.  Tough love is hard.  She still has a spot in my heart and as long as she’s alive my door is always open to her.

One last thing…I request was in that I make a page so readers have easy access to the Double Wedding Ring instructions.  You can find that on the tabs at the top of the page.

That’s it for this round of Ask Jo.

15 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Labels and More”

  1. I never label my quilts but do enclosed a card with any symbolism of the pattern for the recipient and care instructions. I wouldn’t label a charity quilt.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about what happened with your neighbor girl. You handled it so much better than I would have. I hope your relationship heals.

    I purchased iron on labels from Etsy to put on the charity quilts I make for our local hospital. They say “Made with Love by Robin”.

    At this time I have no quilt kits cut out but if I get busy I will contact you for an address to ship to.

  3. For Jayne: try to find a “Quilt for Kids” group in your area.
    Our local group provides kits that are precut along with fabric for the borders, backing and binding. The last kit I received also had the batting.

  4. I never label my quilts either. I feel it isn’t necessary to know everything about a quilt, adds a little mystery, leaves room for imagination. Really, we don’t have to have a name attached to everything we do.

  5. I don’t think your name is necessary on a charity quilt, but it is nice to include the name of the quilt and the date and town when and where is was made. Most of these quilts may not last for future generations, but if they do it would be nice for the new owner to know when and where it was made.

  6. I make quilts for QOV and a label is required. I also make doll quilts for the Salvation Army’s Christmas store and they request no labels. It is so sad to hear about Neighbor Girl! She needs your positive influence on her life! She is probably ashamed of herself and will eventually come around.

  7. I don’t label quilts either. As for your neighbor girl, sorry to hear about that. Hopefully she realizes that it was her actions that caused the problem. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Labels for charity may depend on the group. Some put the church name on them, some just with an unsigned message. I would never put my full name on one. Personal quilts, on the other hand, should be documented. You never know what the future holds.

  9. My quilt-“labeling” habit is pretty simple … As part of the quilting, I FMQ my initials and the year in one corner of the quilt. Sort of like I’m signing a piece of art. It’s a bit of an identifying feature, but not much. It’s pretty unobtrusive, and I don’t mind putting it on, whether I’m giving the quilt to a friend, to a stranger, to a client, whatever.

  10. I usually put a label on. If it’s for a charity, sometimes I do feel uncomfortable putting my name on it, but I’ll still label it with the year and the washing instructions.

  11. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I always label the quilts I give to family and friends with all the necessary information. For charity quilts I’ll use my initials, city, state and year. Sorry things have gone sideways with neighbor girl…always difficult to do the tough love thing, but oh so necessary!

  12. On charity quilts in our area we put our first names and the year and City it was made in. Who knows where the quilt will end up and at least that much information will help solve part of the mystery behind the origins of the quilt.

  13. Thank you for the update on neighborhood girl, she will mature and hopefully become more responsible, happy that Carver was okay. I do label my charity quilts with the pattern name, my state and year it was made. I also add washing directions. I don’t have any projects cut out at this time that I wont finish. Thank you for the great blog, I know many of us enjoy the connection to others who quilt.

  14. The charity Quilts I have made include my initials, town, state and date. I have a unique first name and don’t want someone tracking me down.
    Neighbor girl: Jo, I am so sorry for the heartache the situation and money has caused you. She is young and silly. If she knows you continue to be hold boundaries but still are there for her in need, I pray she will understand.

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