Ask Jo–Kelli Takes Over!!!

A takeover post from Kelli–

As you know it’s been topsy turvy the last few days for our family. Here are the updates from yesterday.
1-Dad got radiation on the new spot and on his lung mass. No chemo though.
2-Dad’s cancer is now considered treatable but not curable.
3-He’ll be in a neck brace for some time. We don’t know exactly how it will all play out until we can get the pain more controlled.
4-Mom successfully stayed on her diet and took her first shot.

Mom and I were talking about something that required me to look up something on the computer.  And saw a few blog comments that weren’t approved.  If you are someone who reads the blog often, but don’t comment and decide to comment one day, it goes into a bank that requires it to be approved to make sure that you aren’t some kind of marketing person trying to spam us, aren’t a Nigerian prince looking to have someone wire you money, or some other crazy thing.  I got to reading them and realized that quite a few dealt with wanting to help out with expenses due to Dad having cancer and mom’s own issues.

Let me tell you this–Mom and Dad aren’t ones to ask for help.  After reading those comments, I know that there are some people out there that are wanting to help.  I’m hoping Mom doesn’t kill me for this, however I know that she probably won’t respond to those comments so I will–If you would like to send any cards or well wishes this is their address below–

Roger and Jo Kramer
111 2nd Ave NE
Waucoma Iowa 52171

A few people had asked about a Go Fund Me account.  While that works for some, they do collect a pretty hefty fee for using it.  If you want to send something, it would probably be best to use the address above or this Paypal button below.

If you’re a gift card person, mom loves Amazon…Wal-Mart and gas cards.

Your thoughts, comments, and encouragement is so amazing!  It feels great to have so many people in our family’s corner cheering us on through the highs…and the lows too!

We had visitors at the hospital today. Thanks to Uncle Jay and Steph also to family friends Carl and Mandy. Dad appreciated the visits. We did too.

We have a long road ahead. No fears though. Mom says we have to pull up our boot straps and go on. She’s right. There is no way around this but to go right through. Thanks in advance for your support. I’ll ask for forgiveness from Mom for doing this later.

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  1. Kelli, Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been praying for your family all day! I’m taking this as good news…your family is strong and you have so much support. Thanks for posting the address. If your mother says anything, you can remind her that it has been on her blog as long as I’ve followed her since she has had people sending her quilts and fabric for charity quilts…so, you’re off the hook! I’m still praying for wisdom for the doctors who are treating both of your parents and for strength and peace for your family. You are truly all being such great examples of not giving up and being there for each other!

  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    Thank you for updating the blog tonight Kelli. I have been praying today for your Dad and Mom and yes all the rest of the family. Prayers are also being said for the doctors and nursing treating your Dad and Mom.

    P. S. A friends always says that it is better to ask for forgiveness even after the fact – Mom being upset.

  3. I know ya’ll have SO much on your plate, but thank you for keeping us updated and for giving us an avenue to help in some way, Kelli. Jo – you can fuss if you want, but folks want to help and you have more important things to do than fuss at your girl. :) You have helped so many with your charity quilting, being a support for neighbor girl and many others. It’s time to let us help you. In the meantime, our prayers are with ya’ll.

  4. Lori Sparks Douglas

    I just want to go riding in your small red?car with the windows open, singing at the top of our lungs 1985 hits. Remember the summer of 85 trip. Karla said we were both SO in Love!!! You had met Roger and I a cowboy from TX. We were young and wildly in love. Remember Waterloo and getting lost. Ooh how you hated driving over those bridges. Just wanted you to remember some carefree days and hopefully bring a smile to your face. Good thing you are in Lacrosse or you might get a hug from me.
    Remember the poster I had in our dorm…footprints in the sand…well I think this is were God’s footprints are visible because he is carrying you and Roger. Drive safe my friend

  5. A lot of us have walked down this cancer road either for ourselves, our family or with a friend. One thing you have to learn….it’s OK to ask for help and many are willing to help. Prayers for all of you!

  6. Thank you, Kelli! If your Mama fusses about this post just remind her that accepting help from others, gives them a blessing—pleasure of giving and sharing!

  7. I had only read two or three paragraphs and in my mind I was already saying thank you, thank you, thank you Kelly! Thank you Kelly for the update and the ideas on ways to donate to your family. The PayPal way was easy peasy. And I agree with your comments about the GoFundMe accounts. It is hard to ask for help but a little easier to accept when someone else has asked for you as you have done. There are a lot of us out here willing to help. I suspect it wasn’t an easy blog for you to write, but once again thank you.

  8. Thank you for the update & address info, Kelli. I’ve been going back through the posts trying to find an address.

    Many prayers are continuing for your family. I know from experience that cancer & other major medical issues affect the entire family. I also understand the added “non medical” expenses that occur—gas, lodging, extra food or eating out, loss of income, etc.


  9. Carolyn in Texas

    Kelli, thanks for the update and additional information. Your family is a good example of pulling together to support each other. Thanks for providing information so others can help too. Hugs and prayers to each of you.

  10. Thank you, Kelli. In your Mom’s last post it was good to read that you and Georgia were with her in the hotel. I’m sure that gave her some peace. You have all been an amazing support for your Dad and Mom in everything and especially now. Thanks for letting us do something too.

  11. Prayers for all of you.
    I once worked with a nun and one of the saying she was known for was “it is easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission.”

  12. Thanks for the update, Kelli! I know you will all come through this in Kramer style. It’s a crazy time. I have a very good friend going through a partial mastectomy today and my brother has his cancer surgery next week. I should be “home” by the weekend. Prayers for all of you for continued strength and courage and faith. Hugs to all!

  13. Kelli i read on your FB page yesterday that Kalissa supposedly posted that you were selling t- shirts for $20.00. And working on something like a go fund me account. So that is all false! I hope no one ordered any shirts! So sorry these people took advantage of such a good family. People are sl cruel!

  14. Marianne Barta

    Thank You Kelli for your update and info. Prayers are continued for your whole family. Your parents are so Blessed to have their children there to help in any way. Hugs

  15. Your family is strong and will make it through this one day at a time.
    Does your local Wal-Mart do groceries and gas?

  16. Thanks for the post Kelli and no need to ask for forgiveness! Readers want to help and want guidance about how! Prayers for you all .

  17. Kelli,
    Thanks for taking the time to update us. I’m sorry the news just can’t seem to get better for you all. I understand your parents’ feelings about accepting help. And yet your whole family helps other people all the time. I’ll be sending something via PayPal, thanks for covering all the bases for those of us who would like to repay kindnesses we’ve received, whether a free pattern or just a warm hearted glimpse at family life for the Kramers.

  18. Thank you for the update and the Paypal link! I’ll be sending something soon that way. We’ve all been praying and encouraging your family but I have to say your family is very encouraging too. I love your positive outlooks…what a great example to us all! Continued prayers for your family during this hard season.

  19. Thank you, Kelli for the update and Paypal connection. Continued hugs and prayer! God is walking right alongside of you through this unknown time.

  20. Thank you, Kelli You are all an inspiration. The PayPal worked easy and it is a comfort to help even in small ways. Our God is Faithful to hold you all and guide you through this tough course. I’m praying today for your dad’s relief from pain and for your mom’s hurting though very strong heart.

  21. Thanks Kelli for explaing why my posts weren’t posted. The PayPal link worked great. At least I was able to help out in a constructive way. I will also follow up with a sweet card for your sweet mother. And thank you for keeping us up to date with your parents conditions. I have been reading the blog for a while so I kinda sorta feel like you all are my friends. All the best to you and your family in these troubling times.
    Nancy Fratz
    P.S. I am so proud of your mom for staying with her diet. That’s quite a feat with everything else that is going on.

  22. Dear Kelli, thank you for this update. This bumpy road is part of the journey but as the blogger friends have said, we’re all behind the Kramer’s along with faith, prayers, & support. Support of thoughts, prayers, and yes, sharing gifts, perhaps. Out of their hearts and caring natures! Prayers & good thoughts continue. Gloria

  23. Please write another post about the scammers. I usually don’t read comments. I would not have known about the t-shirt scam. Shame on people.

  24. Cheryl in Dallas


    You are doing such a great service for us blog readers who have been concerned about your mom and dad. I had insomnia last night and spent several hours praying for your folks.

    Thanks, too, for the PayPal button thingie — it was so easy to use.

    If your mom reams you out for this post, we will cover for you. None of us readers saw a post that mentioned sending cards or helping with expenses, did we gals? I certainly didn’t!

  25. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Kellli,

    Thanks for doing this. I just sent a PayPal donation. Thank you for doing this. I am so sad for your family and what you are going through. Like you, I am a retired nurse and was Oncology Certified. I know what your Dad is going through and it is difficult for him as the pain is so intense and I know the emotional pain involved for the entire family. My prayers are with you.

  26. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I hope it is not a scam about the t-shirts…Country Threads, Chicken Scratch posted something about ordering a Kramer Strong shirt on her blog. Thanks for the address, Kelli…saved me from having to hunt through prior posts!! Praying for you all.

  27. Thank you Kelli, my daily prayer is for your mom, dad and all of you. GOD is still in control and he will see all of you through this.
    Thank you for the update, I look for it every afternoon.
    GOD Bless all of you and I pray he give you spiritual strength and he will.

  28. Melissa Garcia

    Your mother has let us get a glimpse of her life and made us all feel like family through the blog. Your family has been in my heart and prayers -especially today. Thank you for taking the time in the midst of all you are going through to update us. Thank you also for providing a way for us to return the blessing that your mother has been to so many of us.

  29. Thanks for the update and for letting us know how we can help in a tangible way. It is so hard to accept help when we are usually the ones doing the helping. My prayers are with your family .

  30. I have followed your blog. from over here in the UK, for many years and have picked up many stitchin’ tips along the way. Jo, you have shared freely with us for a long time; in fact, you’ve been a catalyst for many people who are down on their luck to receive the gift of a charity quilt made with love by others. Kelli, thanks so much for the paypal button. You opened the door to give back a little something from the UK.
    Continuing to hold you all in my thoughts and prayers. And, as the Kramers say, drive safe. x

  31. your family is so lucky to be close and be able to share the burden that cancer is causing. Keep on keeping on! Prayers. If I was your mom I would forgive you! ;)

  32. Anne Simonot

    Thanks for posting the Paypal link! I think the FB post about tshirts was legitimate, correct? But as a reader, Paypal is so easy. I wish I could have sent a bit more, but I’m undergoing some big changes in my own life right now so money’s tighter. But it’s good to feel we can do something for your family, even from a distance; if it won’t solve the real issue it might help with the little ones.

    As someone who lost my own father to lung cancer seventeen years ago, I was truly hoping for a better outcome for your dad. I’m truly sorry to hear your news.

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