I’m still deep in grandkids and helping Kelli.  I don’t have time tonight for a regular blog post so I am just going to quickly pop this here.

Sandie wrote and asked for help.  I don’t have any of these fabric so thought I would put this here on the blog and maybe one of you can help Sandie.  She writes:

Jo- I am hoping you may be able to help me. I was in the process of making a Dear Jane Quilt using only Kansas Troubles fabrics and had put it away for a while. When I went back to work on it, it seems that something got in the box, and decided to chew on some of my completed blocks. Of course, they were the blocks that I have no more fabrics to replace them with, and they were the medium blue color that has been discontinued from KTQ fabric lines for a number of years. (I call it soldier/country blue) If you would happen to have any scraps or donations of any KTQ prints with that background color, I would gladly pay you for them! I will attach a picture of two fabrics with the background color I need. Thank you for any help you can give me!”

This is the fabric Sandie is looking for.

Do you have any??

If you can help Sandie feel free to contact her at

Silvia is looking for fabric too.  She writes:

“Hi everyone, need help. Does anybody out there have a PotLuck Moda Charm Pack? I would like to buy one. I am short a few squares. It has primary colors and images of measuring tapes, flowers, little bunnies. It is oldish so I am not finding it.  If you have one, please let me know , you’d be saving a quilt that would look unfinished without it.

No photo description available.
You can leave a comment here for Silvia.

If you don’t know, Silvia is a helper with the Cresco ladies group who make charity quilt tops.

The next fabric inquiry comes from McGill Ullrey. McGill writes:
Hello, I have been a long-time follower of your blog.  I have debated long and hard on sending you this email  (for years!), but I decided to just go ahead and do it. 

Many years ago you made the Moda Bake Shop Quilt, “Chain of Faith“.  I knew that I wanted to make it, so I found the jelly rolls and even a little bit of the pink and cream floral from the Moda Line Faith.   I had good intentions, but years have gone by.  I got excited about the Chain of Faith Quilt again when you did a Looking Back post on it.   But the reality for me is that I am not going to make the quilt.  I am sad, but I know that others really want to make your quilt too.

So I am reaching out to ask if you have any friends that want the Faith Jelly Rolls?  If you do know of anyone interested could you possibly pass on my email address to them?  I feel bad asking you to be a “go-between”.  And I feel bad for not completing the quilt, but sometimes we just have to let things go.  I would rather the jelly rolls go to someone who really wants them.   I will put a picture of the jelly rolls in my email.   Also, I want to assure you, I just want to sell them for what I paid for them, $31.50 a piece..  I am not out to gouge anyone.”

The quilt Chain of Faith is our Moda Bake Shop pattern.  I don’t want to become a jockey for fabric and have no intention of letting the blog become that but…I have had several people contact me in the past looking for this fabric.  That’s the only reason I’ll allow this.  This is the quilt…

It has been one of our most popular Moda Bake Shop patterns.  The free pattern is HERE.  This is the contact email for McGill.

I am not responsible for any transactions that do or don’t happen because of this posting.  For example, please do not get back to me and say you bought the jelly rolls thinking you could make the quilt only to discover you don’t have the border fabric and now want a refund.  NOPE-don’t contact me about that.  If you choose to make an arrangement with anyone in this post, I am not responsible.

…and with that, I’m off to rock a baby…and look, this did turn into an actual post.  I can’t take time off even when I try.

26 thoughts on “Ask Jo: HELP PLEASE.”

  1. When looking for specific fabrics does anyone ever ck.with fabric vendors su h as Quilt in a dayEleanor Burns,Over the Rainbow,,Lara???? It would keep Jo Kramer out of cchallenges.

    1. Sandie Mackintosh

      I only reached out to Jo after scouring the internet (online shops, eBay, Etsy, Facebook groups, etc.) for weeks, and never expected her kindness in sharing my situation with her other readers. I actually was hoping she might have some scraps in her personal stash she would be willing to sell me.

      1. Brenda Hulsey

        I wondered if you could send me pictures before I go digging through my stash so I can get a better idea of what you need and the shade of them. I tried the link above but it took me to yahoo and I didn’t know where to go after that.
        hulseybg at gmail dot com

      2. Trying to contact with sandi about needing fabric. Link doesn’t work. Can you get her text or email or link?

          1. Sorry to be a pest about sandi’s contact but the email address does not work. If she has a different one would be appreciated
            Thanks for your help

  2. Enjoy your time rocking a baby or babies. I certainly wouldn’t blame you a bit if you just went and rocked away and forgot about a blog post!!

  3. Joy Beireis-Molnar

    Hi Jo,
    I tried to email Mcgill Ullrey and the email appears to be incorrect regarding the Chain of Faith Fabric. If possible, can you reach out to see if the fabric is still available for the project? I have some of that fabric and wouldn’t mind doing the project.

    1. McGill Ullrey

      Joy, don’t know why my email address didn’t work, Jo has it correct. But the jelly rolls were purchased earlier.
      Thank you so much Jo.

      McGill Ullrey

  4. I am making Chain of Faith with Moda’s “Sanctuary” line by 3 Sisters. They are similar colors. It is turning out very well. Some of your readers may want to try this. Good luck with your new grandchildren. Don’t worry about us. Blog when you can. We all understand.

  5. Rocking and snuggling babies sounds like a very special thing for you to be doing especially since it seems babies grow up so quickly. Before you know it these little babies will be grown up in young men and it will seem like only a blink of an eye. Enjoy your rocking and snuggle time. This is important for you and your family.

  6. Sandie Mackintosh

    Enjoy every minute you can get with all of your grandchildren Jo! And thanks again for trying to help me out! ♥️

    1. Trying to get hold of Sandi. May be able to help with a little fabric. Will send pictures of what I have if had link

  7. There is an online group called Sewitsforsale. You can buy/sell sewing related items, post requests for fabric you need, etc. no fees.

  8. Last weekend, my daughter brought me a couple bags of scraps from one of her coworkers, and I looked through it and found a small piece of one of the blue fabrics Sandie needed! I will contact her to see if she’s gotten what she needs already, but how serendipitous is that?! That’s not a fabric I would normally have in my own stash.

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