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Readers often send questions via the comment section or via my email.  I think others might like the answer to the question as well so I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

Of all the questions I get asked, I think this is the most common one “How do I have all all the energy?”  In fact I recently got a comment from Debbie, “…So I guess I wonder how you squeak in time to sew and blog, etc. You have so much fun with your little ones, and then keeping up with home and family. ( For me, I am physically done about 8:00 after working a full day, then picking up my 19 month grandson at day care, then dinner and such.) Do you have any tricks or tips to share?”

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My life is so different from most people.  I am a in home childcare provider.-I don’t commute to or from work.  That gives me so much extra time.
-Seven hours of sleep is good week days.  Weekends 8 hours is better.
-I don’t nap EVER.
-I don’t watch television except for about an hour two nights a week and then I stitch.
-I wake an hour earlier than needed on weekdays and sew.
-I get some of my cleaning, laundry and cooking done during over nap time.
-I am busy even if I’m tired.

I am just a person who has no problem fighting the “call of a couch”.  I never saw my parents sit on the couch…EVER!  I never saw my mom nap….EVER!  I can likely count the times on my hand that I even saw my Dad in the living room…mom too for that matter.

I can say the same for Hubby’s mom.

I have never thought that napping or “relaxing” is normal.  I have never seen that as my “norm”.  My siblings are much the same way.  We are all always puttering away at something.  It is so fun to get together with all of them.  They are all kindred spirits.  It’s a huge show and tell of things we’re working on or doing.  All of my brothers have more than one income source.  We aren’t content with a single job.  We are just not idle people.  We’re on the move and when you’re constantly on the move things constantly get done.  For all of us, this is normal.

I think busyness is somewhat of a trait that goes with farm raised kids.  On the farm there was always something to do.

For some people, this would all be tiring..not sitting down…not “relaxing” as people do now days.  I relax..I relax a lot.  It’s just that most of my relaxing is done on a chair next to a sewing machine.  I love-love-love mindless sewing.  It is WAY more relaxing that any television, couch or chair.

Until Hubby and I watched Longmire on Netflix this year we have NEVER watch a series of a television show.  I do admit to watching Downton Abbey too…but that’s it.

I don’t know that the word that describes me is “energized”.  I think the words that better describe me is “in constant motion”.

That’s the best I can tell you….

5 thoughts on “Ask Jo: How I Have the Energy”

  1. That is my New Year’s Resolution…is to sew more…in the morning before work, after supper…..those moments that I could iron a set of blocks, after ironing my blouse for work,etc…..We will see how that works for me!

  2. Jo, that’s a great answer to a question I get all the time too! I do watch TV at night, but during the day I am always working on something – and seldom is it any type of housework! If you use your time wisely and don’t fritter it away, it’s easy to accomplish a lot (especially if you don’t have a day job!)

  3. I can remember having the energy that you have. I just never thought I would be slowing down, but I guess age does do that to you. Still like to get some things done, just takes me a little longer. My Mother was up at 5:30 everyday and went to bed at 10:30. She never napped until her last years, actually she never napped she just dosed when she stopped going at her pace. There was always something to be done. And you never had dirty dishes in the sink when you went to bed. That was a no- no. Five kids, and still amazes me what she got done. And she was generous to a fault. She would do without to make sure others did with. I miss her.

  4. I, too, rarely ever saw my Mama sit down. With five children and a low energy husband, she had to be high energy! She only napped when sick enough to have been in hospital with pluresy. I never saw her sitting down to read a book until I was in high school, which meant my youngest sibling was in school full time. And then she provided in home childcare so she could get her baby fix! Unfortunately, I am more low energy like my father especially as I age. I had 3 kids under age 5 for a time, so I put in some long days when I couldn’t pick up a needle until after 10p when everyone was in bed. Now I enjoy a brief nap a few times a week under dr`s orders for a chronic health issues.

  5. I was never a snapper either until several (6) back surgeries, I have a lot of trouble sleeping through the night now so after some (putzing) around doing things around the house and a bit of sewing I need to lay down on my beloved heating pad for a bit hoping to catch a cat nap. I don’t usually nap but get a bit regenerated. I’ve been saving some scraps for you although they aren’t as big as the ones you usually get but I’m hoping you can use them. I plan on ironing them down a bit & then finding your address to ship them off to you. I am in awe at your energy and your never-ending gifts to charities, and wonderful relationships with your entire family from you children right up to your in-laws, as well as your children’s in-laws. I look forward to your emails every day! Keep up the wonderful work Jo and the wonderful way you touch the lives around you
    Jeri in not so warm South Texas.
    Also healing up from a cyst and ligament surgery on my Left wrist (thankfully it wasn’t my right wrist). God Bless you and yours!

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