Ask Jo: Half Square Triangles

Often times blog readers ask questions that I think others might be interested in as well.  I answer them on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

Today’s question comes from Becky:
Did you use the Easy Angle Bonnie uses to cut out your Scrap Crystals?”

The simple answer…YES!  I use and LOVE the Easy Angle ruler.  You can tell as the tips of the triangles are all cut off.  The ruler accounts for that.

That MOUNTAIN of triangles all came from the Easy Angle Ruler.

I HIGHLY recommend it!

I NEVER EVER EVER draw a line on the back of a piece of fabric and sew on the diagonal.  People ask how I make so many quilts.  This is one of the many reasons why….no time wasted drawing lines!!!

I’m making some test blocks for a quilt I want to make that I saw on-line.  It’s a quilt made with upcycled shirts…so I grabbed two fabric strips from a 2 1/2″ bucket.  One strip is light…one dark.

I put right sides together…straightened the edge….
….lined everything up…..

Made cut #1…then flipped the ruler and made cut #2.  Easy Peasy…no pencil required.I ran the pieces through the machine which is SO SO EASY and the fabric doesn’t catch in the feed dogs of my machine.

Just like that triangles…no pencil required…no time wasted.
These little triangle came together and made these CUTE little blocks. ..and these cute little blocks are going to make this quilt…..

I so want to make it.  (photo courtesy of the blog Floating on a Cloud)  Here is the link to the blog post about the quilt.Quilt Made of Men's Shirts

I have NO IDEA on what I’ll be doing for borders. I looked at the blog and didn’t find the finished quilt, only this -but that was enough for me to catch the fever and want to make it.

I think it’s going to be so fun.  I’m making the blocks at 5 1/2″ unfinished.  They are so stinking cute.  I have a few other things to tackle around here but this quilt is on the list!!

Watch for a tutorial on how to make the blocks coming up next week!  I’ve had lots of requests for it after showing the blocks on Monday.

…and back to topic….As far as both Kelli and I go, Easy Angle is the only way to tackle half square triangles.

10 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Half Square Triangles”

  1. I love this quilt and saved the picture from Monday! If you look at the bottom of the quilt in the picture it doesn’t look as if there is any border, at least not one you can see. I think just binding it would be fine and in keeping with the rustic look of the quilt.

  2. Jo You are such an enabler!!! LOL When you showed this quilt I too thought, “Oh I want to make it. It is so cute.” And I love churndash blocks. But I don’t need to start another quilt right now. But you never know.! I just found a mystery quilt along over at Alycia’s Quilts. I am a sucker for mystery quilts. So guess what I started cutting last night? The blocks for the mystery quilt. Oh well. I love to have several quilts in the works. Hopefully not too many turn into UFO’s.

  3. I too think those little blocks are so cute! I always read your blog & this wk it has been so timely for me Jo! When I read your post on Mon I thought that would be the perfect quilt to make from my late husband’s shirts! Today you give a lesson on how to so easily & quickly cut some of the components. Thank you so much!

  4. I have had my easy angle ruler for many years and love to make HST with it in many sizes. My problem when I find a pattern in a quilt magazine, many times they don’t give the finished size of the HST, but give the size to cut and put two blocks together and draw the line. I wish they would include the finished size and then it would not be so confusing to figure out how many are needed. I agree with you Jo, The easy angle ruler saves time, and fabric over time because of the no waste. It is worth every cent.

  5. I love that ruler and the quilt you showed us on Monday is darling, I look forward to you sharing more of your pattern with us all. I don’t do much with plaids but this pattern talks to me.

  6. 2 comments. Agree w Bernadette. I just purchased a pattern w draw,sew n cut instructions for HST being made w 4 7/8 squares. Still trying t figure out how its going t b a 4.5 inch block when finished if I start out w 4 7/8 square because it appears t need t line up w 4.5 inch squares when done. I wud think I need t start w 5 inch square for HST. Have never used easy angle so 4give my stupidity here. Jo said her strip was 2.5 inches but ruler edge is over the side. so what size HST block will it be. when sewn n opened 5 inches? I wud prefer easy angle but not sure what size t cut triangles and squares like Bernadette said. Havent sewn n 35 yrs so a little rusty

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