Ask Jo: Grand Quilter-Griddles and more

Every so often I pick questions or comments from readers and answer them here on the blog…Today is one of those days.
Teresa saw this post and asked the following question:  “I have the same quilting table. But the ratchet need replacing. Where can I order those? I just got the machine and set up. I can’t wait to get started.”

Answer:  I don’t have my machine anymore.  I would suggest contacting the place that you bought it from and ask.  If they aren’t available I would contact Grace Company.  Here’s a link.

After reading this post, Marcy was trying to find the pattern for the Jelly Roll Rail Fence quilt and asked:  “Jo, I clicked on the link to open the file for the JellyRoll Railfence quilt, and nothing comes up. Can you please send it to me? Thanks!”  

Here is the link to the instructions.

This question came from Karen after reading this post:  “What is the name of the snowman quilt pattern….all the heads….beautifully quilted? Is the pattern available for purchase or how might I get a copy? Thank you in advance for your response.”

Answer:  This was part of a post I did last year after visiting the Cotton Cabin quilt shop in Dubuque, Iowa.  I have no idea or any information about this pattern.  Feel free to contact the Cotton Cabin by following this link.  I am sure they can help you.  Feel free to mention my blog post to reference the picture if that will help.

This question came from Kim after reading this post:  “Saw your post about your giddle… yours the Teflon surface model or the stainless model? how has the surface held up – – I can tell my coloring it’s well used. Thanks in advance.”

Answer:  Mine is the stainless version.  That is the version I would recommend.  I clean it really good about once a month.  I am not a fan of Teflon at all.  For me-the kids and I are all not very careful to use the right utensils to keep if nice so we go with stainless whenever possible.  We ended up buying one for our daughter Kalissa for Christmas this year.  She was so happy she cried as it’s her favorite appliance ever and she couldn’t afford one for herself.

From Linda I got this question:  “Being in the UK we don’t always understand, but can you tell me what are “shut ins”?”  This question was in reference to some oh the quilts we were giving away to local shut ins.  In our area, “shut ins” are people who can not move freely from their homes.  They likely have a disability that doesn’t allow them to leave their homes.  The quilts were going to some of these people.

That wraps up this session of Ask Jo.  If I missed your question feel free to email me at

5 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Grand Quilter-Griddles and more”

  1. Love the quilt on the frame at the top of the post, looks like it would make a great quilt for a guy. Do you know the name of the pattern and where I could find it? Thanks, for any info you can provide.

  2. I love my Lefse griddle. I only use it for Norweigian Lefse. We got it 23 years ago when we married. Still looks new.

  3. That pattern is by Farmhouse Threads. I think it is ‘Let It Snow’, but a trip to their website will verify the name.

  4. I would love to know if there is a pattern available for the nine patch and stars that Kelli is quilting in that first picture.

  5. Looks like you could easily replicate the snowman quilt using part of a layer cake and just snowballing the corners.

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