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Every so often blog readers ask question that I think other blog readers might be interested it too.  I answer them on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

Laurie asked: “What is the name of the white and turquoise gridded template on your sewing machine? Where did you get it? I would like to get one like it for my sewing machine.”  Christine asked about it too.

It’s called a “Seams so Easy” by Lori Holt for Riley Blake.  I blogged about it here.

Image result for seams so easy

I’ve been using it since April and love it.  I’m happy to have it on the machine and do feel that my seams are more accurate with it.  I recommend it for sure.  My favorite time to use it with half square triangles.

I got a book recommendation from a blog reader, Sue, “If you ever run a cross it, read “Etched in Sand” by Regina Calcaterra. Fabulous book on the resilience of kids surviving a life that many of us can not imagine.

I was able to find the book on Hoopla.. Yahoo!!  This comment came just as I was finishing another books so I immediately grabbed this one.  Oh my, so far it’s really good!  Anyone want to read along with me??  Right now our daughter Kayla is listening to it too.

There is a sequel to the book…  Girl Unbroken“.  I already know I’ll be reading it as this book is good in a sad way so far.  Happily Hoopla has that book too!!

Girl Unbroken: A Sister's Harrowing Story of Survival from The Streets of Long Island to the Farms of Idaho by [Calcaterra, Regina, Maloney, Rosie]
I always feel a little uncomfortable when people ask questions about what I’m sewing on when it it someone else’s pattern.  This question came in after I showed my lazy girl’s way to make braids….Read post here if you missed it.  “What are the measurements of the squares and rectangle pieces?

The braid technique I used is from a Bonnie Hunter pattern….The border in Bricks in the Barnyard….

and the whole quilt for Texas Braid.

I don’t think there was anything wrong with me sharing what I was working on.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with me going into more detail about how I put the braids together to make the process a little more quick and easy…BUT, I feel uncomfortable sharing the sizes of the pieces….and cutting and trimming instructions.  That is essentially the pattern.  I don’t believe it’s fair to the designer of the pattern for me to share that…so I won’t.  I don’t want to be rude to my readers but I won’t do that to the designers.

If anyone wants detailed instructions, Bricks in the Barnyard is found in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails II and Texas Braid is found in her book Leaders and Enders.  I hope everyone understands.

In regards to the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along: Liz and Carol commented about the Sew Kind of Wonderful ruler.  Both were wondering about quilting along with us but using the instead.  I didn’t know about the ruler so had to go and check it out.  Interesting….

1.  Quick Curve Ruler ©
It does look like a double wedding ring and looks MUCH easier.  Find out more about it on their website here.  Pictures courtesy of site.

That sure looks fun….tempting too.  For now, I have to stick with what I’m doing but if anyone wants to use this method, go for it!!

That’s it for ask Jo…if I missed anything feel free to email me at

13 thoughts on “Ask Jo: From the Comment Section”

  1. I recently purchased the Metro Rings pattern, need to get the ruler. The reason I bought the pattern was because I thought it looked like DWR but a whole lot easier. I don’t start quilts in the summer, just not enough time but I can gather the fabrics and supplies so when I have the time, I’m ready to go!

  2. After you blogged about the Seams So Easy, I bought one and really love it! I’m going to get another for my other machine . Thanks for the tips

  3. Mary Etherington

    I’m with you, Jo, regarding another designer’s quilt, measurements, etc. It’s only fair to ask the reader to purchase the book/pattern because it’s not mine to give away. I know the designers appreciate it.

  4. Next blog reader question: are you ready for retreat? I AM NOT! But I will be in by the time I leave next Wednesday!!! :)

  5. I know I have the quick curve ruler but where oh where is it? It is not in my usual ruler locations so now I have to clean out some little used areas to see if it is there. While I was looking I did find some other interesting things. A box of fabric, another box of fabric and a box of blocks that I got from a deceased quilters family. It is a BOM and nearly finished so I need to get that out and finish it up. Not enough minutes in the day. I think its time to pull out the accuquilt cutter and get busy. Carol

  6. You’re telling people the patterns you used and the books they are in. I consider that good enough.

    The Double Wedding Ring using the specialty ruler looks interesting. When I made a DWR top I used Mary Ellen Hopkins pattern and it came out good. Looks like a real mess as you’re working on it but turns out good.

  7. Bonnie Hunter has a free pattern on her blog under the “Free Patterns” tab called Pioneer Braid Borders. It does not use the red squares, but just the rectangles. Very good directions with pictures. Maybe some might be interested in that.

  8. I was going to mention that I thought that Bonnie Hunter had instructions for the braid pattern under her free patterns tab, but Sue beat me to it. JO, thanks for sharing all that you do with your readers.

  9. If I do the DWR sew-along, I will be using Inklingo instead of plastic templates… makes it so easy to print out the cut and sew lines directly on the fabric! I don’t think I would do a “curved” quilt pattern without it. If you are unfamiliar with Inklingo, you might want to check it out. Linda Franz is a lovely and generous lady; she even has a free collection to experiment with.

  10. As others have mentioned, I also have the Quick Curve Ruler and the Metro Rings pattern but have never used them. I’m not sure if this method would work out for a DWR quilt along though. To me, it almost sounds like cheating because it seems too easy. But if it’s okay, then I will use it. If not, I also have the magazine.

  11. I made Metro Rings using the Quick Curve ruler. It turned out nice but there was a lot of wasted fabric… you basically cut all the parts using the ruler, sew into units, then trim using the ruler again. I missed the pretty scalloped edge that the authentic Double Wedding Rings have, love those rounded corners too!

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