Ask Jo: From the Comment Section and Email Plus other jibber jabber

I have had a few questions from the comment section. I thought I might answer them here as I know some of you might be curious as well.

The first one comes from Liz:
Your upbeat, positive attitude through all of this is just amazing. I honestly don’t know how you manage to stay so positive. You are a true inspiration. Sending prayers, cheers and happy thoughts for a speedy recovery. Where are the dogs for all of this?

The dogs are with my daughter Kelli. I’m going to get them this weekend.

I could have boarded them at the vet clinic but I thought they might be happier with Kelli and she kindly offered.

Sylvia asked:
Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Was it mandatory that you drive yourself home? Could you have been in a vehicle with anyone else for any period of time?

This is a two-fold answer…
First up. My cancer is and will be ongoing. I can do these things like drive, for myself right now…and want to. In a few years down the road, my cancer will no longer be treatable. At that point, my kids will have to be the ones that do the driving and give the care. Now is my turn…their turn will come…and if you didn’t know it about me, I’m a pretty independent person. Also if they had driven me, they would have had to drive two hours to drop me off and drive back home for two hours. To pick me up would have been the same. Why waste eight hours of their lives?

The other side of the question is yes they could but I would have had to sit in the back of my van and they would have had to drive. I was still at the “six feet away” protocol. That would have made for an awkward drive…and remember, I feel normal. I do not feel sickly one single bit.

From Amy:
I will be praying for you. I understand your journey – I too have thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed in 2017. Now they think it’s in my lungs…. so scan… wait… scan again… blood tests…. and maybe in April they will decide on treatment. My best wishes to you. Laughter is the best the medicine.”

Oh Amy. My heart goes out to you anyone dealing with cancer…especially thyroid cancer. When I was diagnosed, they said how lucky I was because I got the “easy” cancer. For some, thyroid cancer is a one treatment and done thing but for others of us, it is not so. I do have to say I am thankful for not having to go through regular chemo and losing my hair or daily radiation treatments but there is nothing about this that is easy.

For you Amy and anyone else dealing with thyroid cancer, I am an open book about everything regarding it. Please feel free to contact me personally. I will always answer questions and do my best to help.

I got about 10 Get Well cards already this week. That is so sweet. I thank you for taking the time to think of me. It really brightens my day. I appreciate knowing so many of you are thinking of me. Then I sat down to write this blog post but thought I better look in the email to see if there were any questions I needed to include in this blog post. Imagine my surprise when I saw this!!

A blog reader sent me a gift card to The Stitchery Nook. Aw…It about made me cry. Thank you so much!!

I keep telling myself if I get enough things checked off my to-do list this week, I can go to the Stitchery Nook on Friday to see the Needlework Market goodies. I’m so excited. I will be free to interact normally with people then…just not babies or pregnant people in a close space for an extended period of time.

I plan to go on Friday to the Stitchery Nook and will use the gift card then. THANKS SO MUCH!! It’s just the reward I need to keep myself on task. Speaking of task. I got my sewing room cleaned on Tuesday so I can have some fun in the sewing room now. Well not really. I have to do my taxes. BUT THEN I CAN!!! I’m still trying to accomplish one big task each day so when it’s time to go back to work next Monday, I feel like my time away was well spent and I won’t feel so far behind once I’m back working.

Left on my to-do list is…
Garage Tidy
Finish My Red Pears
Organize Cross Stitch
Clean the Refrigerator

I’m still feeling well and I’m so thankful for that…I’m honestly not overdoing it. I know many of you are concerned about it. I’m not.

So far I’ve done a great job being disciplined and doing what I’m supposed to. I hope that keeps up…and I continue hoping the side effects don’t kick in.

That’s the latest with me.

16 thoughts on “Ask Jo: From the Comment Section and Email Plus other jibber jabber”

  1. Thank you for letting us know – You’ve been in my prayers daily.
    I’m glad you’re taking it easy with one thing at a time instead of going gangbusters!
    Hoping you have a lovely trip to your LNS.
    Love and prayers

  2. It’s so good to hear from you and how well you’re doing! It’s an answer to prayers and I’m praying it continues. I can’t wait to see what comes home from the Stitchery Nook!

  3. I’m hoping there aren’t side effects like before. You are such in inspiration to all of us. I think if I get cancer (and I definitely have the cancer genes), I will be a big baby. From what I see it’s just one day at a time with you.

    1. Helen Reimers

      Thanks Jo for keeping us updated. It really does mean a lot. I have been going through health problems myself. It is hard, but could be worse. Your positive attitude has been an inspiration. Wishing you the best.

  4. So glad you are home and feeling well! Fingers crossed for no side effects.
    Ongoing health issues are super annoying, have plenty myself. Thankfully cancer needing ongoing treatment is not one of them.
    Best wishes for an enjoyable and productive week, your productivity amazes me.
    Dianne in oregon

  5. Rebecca Burch

    Whether or not you get one single thing crossed off your to-do list, GO TO THE STITCHERY NOOK ON FRIDAY! Yes, that’s an order! You deserve it & I insist you go (please? For me?)!!! And tell us about the goodies you see!

  6. Jo I’m so glad that you are able to do what you want right now and are getting things checked off your list. Your body tells you when it is enough. I second that you need to make your outing on Friday your priority. Then you can continue on your list. Your deserve a day off. Take care. Love and hugs.

  7. So happy that you are still feeling good. Your dogs look like they are pretty much at home at Kelli’s – might not come home! So cute – I like seeing the twins (Kelli too!). Keep up the good work, you seem to be on a very good course. Prayers.

  8. Would someone please tell me what gas stations are in Jo’s area- probably different than us New Yorkers have. You and your blog are very inspirational and I’d like to help. Love all you do for doggies too!

  9. Jan from NE IA

    Hi, Jo. Thanks for keeping us so well informed about everything. I am inspired by you and learn much from your posts about so many things. Glad you are taking great care of you! May many good blessings continue to be poured upon you and your family, Jo.

  10. Hi, Jo, I have finally gotten around to watching some of your videos. In the one I am watching now (making stars for the tribute to Judie quilt) you asked for ideas for video topics. You had the tiny flying geese star points already made, but I would love to see a tutorial on making flying geese. I have tried many methods and failed at all. What’s your secret? Maybe you have already done this and I missed it thanks.

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