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Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days

Sara O asked:
“I loved this quilt from the minute I saw it years ago as it is now 2021. However, I saved only part of the pattern from APQ magazine. Help- where can I get the full pattern. Do not tell me to contact the magazine. They have difficulty working with humans.”

The quilt she was referring to is “All Are Welcome”.  This was a bonus triangle quilt I made.

It was in the December 2019 issue 161 of American Patchwork and Quilting.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been recently asked about finding back issues of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.

Here is my advice:
Type the name of the magazine, issue, and back issue into the search bar.  So I typed:
“American Patchwork and Quilting December 2019 back issue”

One of the options that comes up is the APQS shop.  Select that one and you’ll find a link to the back issue.

Next question:
I had a blog reader ask about finding books I have reviewed on the site.  They had been looking for books I had liked and wanted an easier way to find them.

I have an Amazon shop.  I have many of the books I have read and enjoyed listed there.  You are welcome to visit the listing anytime.  You can find it HERE.  The books you see are available for purchase but you do can browse and not purchase as well.

Next I got an email from Carolyn.  You might remember that she is the sweet blog reader that makes baby gowns for the baby care kits.  She has been cranking out baby gowns by the dozens and ends up with odd leftover pieces.  Being the fabric is donated she wanted to ask if we all who donated would mind if she used the odd leftover pieces to make these baby pants (not needed for the baby kits) and donated the pants to the local Alpha Women’s Center.  Oh my goodness…I know we’d all love it if she would make the best use of the fabric. 
WOW…you all know I love using up every little piece.  I told her I thought it was a brilliant idea and I know that everyone would be supportive of her project to make the pants.

If you have any t-shirt weight knit fabric that you would like to donate, Carolyn’s contact information is on the Donation Page.  Find that HERE.

I got an email from Roxanne.  She wrote:
You made me so happy today. I have had a braided rug of my Great Grandma’s for a very long time but it needed mending. Today I googled how to do this and had to laugh. Your blog post from November 2011 was top of the list! I’m a faithful reader for quite a few years, but not that long. If only I’d found you earlier I could have been using this rug!”

She included this picture…

If any of you are waiting to use a braided rug that needs to be mended, you can find my blog post about mending HERE.

Many were curious about Green Tomato Bread.  Blog reader Sherry referred to in a comment here on the blog.  I asked her to share the recipe and she did.  I know others of you were curious.  So I’m sharing it here.

Sherry writes:
Thanks for all the great recipes and ideas! Sure you can have the green tomato bread recipe. It is much like a zucchini type quick bread, I think spicier though, with more cloves and nutmeg, no tomato taste at all. It is funny when someone eats it, loves it and then they ask what it is. Even my adult son who won’t eat a red tomato requests this.

And of course, I can’t leave a recipe alone, it calls for 1 cup of oil…but I use apple sauce for at least half of the oil, I use only 1.5 cups of sugar. I sometimes add nuts or raisins, depending on who is going to eat it….picky kids sometimes.

It is a great way to use up some of the green tomatoes I had to pick a few days ago, especially the tiny ones that you know will NEVER make it to red lol. I chopped 2 cups in the food processor plus I chopped 2 more ziploc bags full for future bread making.

I hope you like it!”

The last thing I’ll talk about today is the Donation Page.  I’ve been getting TONS of email and suggestion on how I should handle the mail…how I should handle the page.  How I need to take care of my health and only blog once a day…how I should have never let the mail get out of hand…how I should make sure people include their zip code on the donation page…how I should take this person off…add this group, etc.

I have gotten a TON of comments from many-many people about how I should handle it all.  I appreciate input but for now, I have gathered the input and have a plan.  Karl has offered to help me with that.  We are hoping that by mid November we’ll have a form together and sent out to everyone who is currently on the list.  Watch for a blog post to come out inviting others who are currently not on the list to be included if they would like.  Our goal is to have things all together and newly updated by December 1st.

Please be patient with us until then.  Use what is already in place or save your donation for when the new list is out.

That concludes today’s questions…if you have one that didn’t get answered, please ask again.  Goodness knows my email needs attention and I likely lost your question.  THANKS…






8 thoughts on “Ask Jo: From Back Issues to Donation Page”

  1. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry people are plugging up your email with messages on how YOU should handle your blog, your life, your mail. Why can’t people just butt out?! Why can’t they see this creates even more crap for you to deal with?

    Hugs to you Jo. You handle all of this so graciously. Thanks for all you do.

  2. You had a biscuit recipe using only 2 ingredients. Would you please share the recipe again.
    Blessings to you and your family.

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