Ask Jo: Edition #8 or so…

Every so often I pick questions that come up from readers either through email or through the comment section.  Today is one of those days.

After seeing this post about apple picking Sandi asked, “Jo, Do you put anything on the apples when you freeze them? We picked apples last week and I made 2 pies, apple coffee cake, and today I made 2 containers of applesauce and apple bread. I have more to do something with and was thinking about making pies and freezing them. Maybe I can just peel and slice the apples and freeze for another time.”


I don’t put anything on my apples before I freeze them.  Lots of people put lemon juice on theirs before freezing.  All that does is keep the apple slices looking whiter.  I don’t really care about how white they are..I care more about just getting the job done so I skip that step.  Besides, most of the recipes I end up using them for requires cinnamon and that masks the color of my “not so white apples anyway”.  I just freeze them and use the apples how I wish when they are thawed…at our house, it’s typically pie or apple crisp.

Next question from Susan, “I love baptist fan for a quilting design. Is yours freehand or do you use a pattern?”  This is in reference to my Lazy Sunday quilt.


You can see the baptist fan design on the back?

I learned to do that after reading Mary’s blog, Mary Quilts.  If you have been there go!  She has lots of great free quilting patterns too. You can find her by following this link.  Mary spoke specifically about the baptist fans here and offered a pdf file showing them here.  I LOVE baptist fans.  I just never seem to go wrong with that design and thank Mary for sharing it!!

From Ellen, “I love this quilt! I was just curious how big its finished dimensions are.  Thanks!”  Ellen is asking about Kelli’s Pinwheel Pizzazz quilt.  It’s baby sized.  You can find the pattern to make it here


The quilt finishes at 36.5″ x 41.5″.

If you have any other questions to pass our way, just leave them in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Edition #8 or so…”

  1. Jo–I love your website and you and Kellie do many interesting subjects. The lastest one with the Pinwheel Pizzazz is going to be a baby quilt . I can see fannel and pinks. Hope the house remodeling is going well but, with field work maybe not. I was wondering do you use the same thread in the top and bottom of the sewing machine? Thanks for the ansewer.

  2. I’m making it for a project as a donation quilt out of scraps thanks for showing it again, I had forgotten about the corner blocks, and how many there were. Mine was not coming out large enough! LOL no wonder. I’m using up scraps anyway.

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