Ask Jo: Edition #6 or so…

Every so often I pick questions that come up from readers either through email or through the comment section.  Today is one of those days.

I have gotten lots of email and questions about Ruby.  She is doing good.  The staples come out in a couple days but she is acting as normal as can be- even jumping up into her favorite window seat.  She has thrown up twice in the last 36 hours so that does make me a little nervous…but she’s good I think.


A question came in from Vic: “Jo, how do you label your charity quilts? just a year and the state? Or full credit? My guild requires us to be anonymous and that rankles my ego-driven need for credit as the maker. Those charity quilts might end up in some futuristic “Tower Of Love” museum someday!”

I confess.  I am not a label-er.  I rarely label my own quilts…so I definitely don’t take the time to label charity quilts.  I would rather get moving on to the next project.  My opinion though-if you are making the quilt and you are giving the gift, do whatever you want.  You are the giver so do what pleases you.  If the person hates the label, they can take it off.

From Carolyn:  “Can you tell me what version of Word you have? bc those tool bars are not on my version. i spoke to my sister who is a computer wiz, mos tof the time she can explain things too me. I forwarded your email on that 1st tutorial and she said it wasn’t on her version.”

The question from Carolyn comes in reference to the tutorials I have been giving on how to use Microsoft Word in designing quilts.
I have 2003 edition of Word.  I know it’s old but I will keep and  hold onto that program as long as I possibly can.  I love it and HATE change.  For those of you working with a newer program, you will still be able to do this.  You are just going to have to hunt a little for the options.  Our other computer has that version and I can still work from there as well.  It takes me longer as the layout is a little different but it is do-able.  Here is a link that will show you what the updated Word version of the Drawing Tools would be.  You can also use Publisher…some people say they use Powerpoint.  Check out a few of these and see what works best for you.  The ideas will be the same regardless of what program you use.  The layout of the program will be the only thing that is slightly different.

Another comment about designing with Word from Emily: “Good Morning, Jo;
As you can see, I am a little behind on reading my emails. I am amazed! I have used Word for years in my work and did not realize I could use it for my quilting. Please give us some more information in how you use it and I would like to see it somewhere on your blog so I can learn more.
BTW, I love reading what your posts. And I love scrappy!
Take care.”

When we did the new update to the blog, adding the new header with Kelli on it, we added a Tutorial section in the right hand column.  You can find all of our free patterns and tutorials there including the ones on how to use Word to design quilts.  We are really hoping to have one or two new tutorials each month.

From Judy F:  “Jo, I don’t know if you have time to read your comments. I have 2 pieced tops that I would be happy to donate to any cause that you would feel appropriate. Please let me know if you are interested.”  

I do read all of the comments.  I don’t always get them read every day but I do read them.  If you ever want to contact me in a hurry and get an answer quickly, email me at  I wade through the email twice a day even on weekends.  The comments I typically read ever other day or so…and as far as quilt tops.  I love them and I take them all the time.  I just can’t guarantee how fast I’ll get to them.  If a disaster or need would arise, I will drop everything and quilt them up.  If not, I will just gradually do a couple a month as time or need allows.

Feel free to ask any questions…I’ll always try to answer them.

5 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Edition #6 or so…”

  1. I don’t sign my quilts either!! Of course, they don’t follow the ‘buy fabric to cut up and sew back together again’ pattern either. I do mainly whole cloth quits or scrappy. And I do them as I please. Tablecloths now and then too. I miss the big fat battings. Those quilts kept us warm. The thin quilts with lots of motif stitching don’t. Have you noticed?

  2. After reading many articles in quilting magazines of people trying to document quilts, I’ve learned it IS important to label your quilts. Some future generations might like to know who made the quilt. They might even show up in a museum sometime. Name, including maiden name, date, and your location is what they recommend. Everything I’ve read says to label your quilt. Bonnie hunter has an example on her web site. Fons and Porter and others have made this suggestion.

  3. Thanks so much for the additional info on the drawing tools. I don’t know how I missed that you added Kelli and the dogs to your header. Looks great! And well deserved too since Kelli also does such a great job on the quilts.

  4. Thanks So much for that info on the drawing tools! I will have to study it. for REAL!
    I’m also working, as a leader ender project on my version of your quilt: Odds and Ends from Am Patchwork& quilting June 2010. I hope I finish it before July of 2014! LOL. It’s at the end of my blog post from today.

  5. Hello Jo, Kellie and All:

    To find the tools creating patchwork blocks and even foundations piecing, review the YouTube video below. In it, it shows exactly where to find it. I have been using it for drawing my own foundation projects. MS Word 2007 and above.

    Word 2007 Tutorial 14 – Working With Shapes and Drawing Tools

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