Ask Jo: Edition #11 or so.

Every so often I pick questions that come up from readers either through email or through the comment section.  Today is one of those days.

After my recipe post for doughnut holes (find the recipe here)  Kristy writes, “Jo- so the ingredients listed all get mixed together? The 11/2 cups of oil with the flour, applesauce,sugar and cinnamon? Just want to make sure. These look and sound yummy. Thanks for all of your non quilting things you do besides all of the patterns and ideas that you share as well as your quilting tips too. K-“


Yep mix all those ingredients together.  Drop them in the frying oil a spoon’s worth at a time into the fryer.

Elaine M then asked about substituting pumpkin for the applesauce in the doughnut recipe…I’ve done that Elaine and it’s good too.

From Terry Johnson, “Hi Jo, love that Smith Mountain Morning. I worked in the tornado area yesterday and you can’t believe the devastation until you see it in person. If quilters want to help here is the information on my blog Thank you. I know quilter’s have big hearts.’

Good news Terry, I am firing up the quilting machine and hope to get a few quilts sent your way.  Here’s a wonderful top that came from Jackie in Fort Edward NY.


Jackie writes that she was gifted the blocks in ’91 and put them together in this setting.  From there the quilt has just sat in the closet…and sat in the closet and sat in the closet.  She decided to gift it for a charity quilt.  I am hoping that I can get to this soon and send it the to tornado victims.    THANKS Jackie.  This is sure to make someone very happy.

If anyone has a quilt languishing in the back of your closet, you can always send it my way.  I’ll quilt it and pass it along for charity.

In my email from Susan Samuel I got a picture showing a smaller version our Peanut Butter and Kelli quilt.  You can find the free pattern for our version of the quilt here.


Great job Susan.  I love seeing the projects in other colors…I also like seeing the stars stand out.  Great work!!

From Shelia:  “My fabric is not lining up like yours…Are you sure it’s 6 1/2 and not just 6?” This comment is in reference to our tutorial to make this quilt. Tutorial HERE.


The directions say, “Sew three jelly roll strips together.  Cut into 6 1/2″ segments.”  Shelia…YES, I am sure they need to be cut at 6 1/2″.  I am guessing that you are having a problem with your seam allowance.  It happens to all of us now and then.  If your seam allowance is a little too large, when you sew each of the seams it will not match up if the blocks are cut at 6 1/2″.

If you already have the strips sewn together, have no fear.  This can still work out.


I do want to advise you to take the time in the find where your EXACT 1/4″ seam marking on your machine is.  In this quilt, the problem is easy to fudge but in the future with more difficult quilts this will become unable to fix.

Thanks for sharing and writing everyone…I love getting happy mail whether it’s via the mailbox, email or comment section.  Write on!!


7 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Edition #11 or so.”

  1. Like so many beginning quilters, I thought that as long as my seam allowance was consistent, it wouldn’t matter. How wrong I was! I am so glad I finally (after about 5 years) took the time to set a true 1/4″ — I don’t even believe in “scant” — and every time I change my bobbin, which requires moving my guide, I check a new seam before continuing.

  2. Hi Jo, glad to see you received the quilt top I sent. I would really appreciate if you would email me a picture of the quilted top if you have time once it’s finished. Have a wonderful a Thanksgiving with your family.

  3. Hi Jo, glad to see you received the quilt top I sent. I would really appreciate if you would email me a picture of the quilted top if you have time once it’s finished. Have a wonderful a Thanksgiving with your family.

  4. Thank you, Jo, for sharing the Washington information. I have received several inquiries and will be quilting a few quilts for others to be sent onto Tornado victims.
    Four days to Celtic Solstice with Bonnie!

  5. Jo-
    Thanks for answering my comment. I was really trying to ask about the amount of oil. Is it 1 1/2 cups? It seemed like a lot of oil. I must try these soon. K-

  6. Even if I am far and living in a country where we don’t wish Thanksgiving, Even if my English is not good, I have to be thanksful for the chance I had a few months ago to meet your blog and you Jo, as well as your wonderful family ! Yes it is possible to feel so much through out a blog. Yours makes my days smily with the positive words I read everyday in your posts. Thank you so much for who you are and what you give !

  7. Kristi & Jo,
    The measurement on the oil is 1-1/2 TABLESPOONS – NOT CUPS! You probably use at least 1-1/2 cups to fry them in. I just LOVE your blog too! The recipes you share look just YUMMY!!!


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