Ask Jo: Edition #1

I will readily admit that I am not the best at responding to comments…if fact, I’m just plain bad at it.  I went through a debate with myself some time ago weighing and measuring the options.  Do I write a note back when someone comments and says, “Cute quilt!”?  I decided not to reply to that type of comment…I probably should, but if I spent all my time doing that, I’d never have the time to post new stuff.

Know that I truly read each and every comment.  I share them with my family all the time….and some I do answer.  For some comments I end up writing a whole blog post to answer the question.    I recently decided that I am just going to take a day every so often and answer some of the question here….so here we go with the questions….

#1-Jackie asked, “So how and what do I need to do to be elegable for your free giveaways???”  I have giveaways on some Tuesday’s in conjunction with my “Try it on Tuesday” posts.  Those you typically just need to answer the question and if you are chosen you win.  I also do giveaways in conjunction with the Quilt Square Quilt Along.  You can find information on how that works here.

#2- Ott commented, “Your bread recipe sounds delicious but please explain more exactly “serving spoon” when measuring the yeast. Not sure if you mean teaspoon size or more like a tablespoon and it could make a whooping difference in the outcome of the recipe. Thanks for sharing your mouthwatering creations !!!”  This question was about my Sticky Buns…First off I fixed the broken link to the original ratio recipe…now onto the question.

Here’s the answer…I used the BIG spoon in the picture.  I played with the measurements with real cooking utensils and have determined that it’s 3 Tablespoons.

Another question about Sticky Buns…”Looks and sounds great..just wondering why ice cream instead of milk? I will make this as I love pecan buns! Thanks!”
I don’t know why ice cream instead of milk.  I think maybe the vanilla and added sugar ice cream has.

#3 Kristie asked, “Great idea! What is the name of that pattern? I love it but can’t make out the name of it, I would like to make it before the holidays.”

This pattern is “A Midnight Clear”.  You can get it from Country Threads by following this link.  The pattern is small and super cute.  I wish they would have it available back when all my kiddos were in Sunday School and I was making presents for the Sunday School teachers.  This little project is PERFECT for that!!  It’s small, cheap and can get made in a quick hurry.

#4 From Lisa “Things here in central NY state are pretty dry, too. We live on a dairy farm and the corn is starting to turn grey. The grass is turning brown and no rain in sight for the next week of the forecast. Our garden is OK for now, but that’s because we keep it watered. The weeds, however, are thriving, wouldn’t you know.”

It’s not a question but note…I’m sorry you are struggling too Lisa.  We finally got a quarter inch of rain last night.  We need a whole lot more!  There have been rain to the south of us, mostly spotty rain all around us actually, but no real rain here.  I have started watering our trees now too.  Sunday after church we stopped at the farm store and purchased a soaker hose.  That has been relieving some of the stress on me in regards to watering, but still it’s a lot.  We can drive by fields daily and see the deterioration.

I think that makes me caught up on important questions…..Like I said earlier….I truly do love all the comments and I like that many of you have gotten to be my friends.

4 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Edition #1”

  1. Thanks so much for the pattern info! You read my mind, I was wanting to make this for my son’s Sunday school teacher, which is also one of my best friends. I’m hoping on over to order it!!!!

  2. Just wanted to say, I admire you for all you do, and for taking the time to address people’s questions and comments! God bless!

  3. I’m surprised at the yeast quantity; I always use two teaspoons no matter how large/small the recipe. You need enough to start a colony, really, not a ratio amount. I think if I had it in the single serving packets, I’d use the whole packet. (The King Arthur Flour book supports this approach, so I don’t think I’m being totally wacky here.)

  4. Whoo Hoo! It’s finally raining here in Central New York State. The Doppler says it’s to be a short storm, but we’ll take it. Just a side note…We were down near Binghamton to take DD to camp and we were noticing that it is more green down that way. Glad someone is getting rain. :o)

    Enjoying getting to know you!

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