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Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days. Today’s questions are about dough bowls.

Recently blog reader Bernie asked:
Where do you find all your neat dough bowls and wooden trays? Are they all old or have you ordered them from somewhere? Love your decorating.”

Mine are a combo of old and new. Any that are new, I do try to get them so that they look aged. This is my most basic one. It was just a Hobby Lobby special. This isn’t one I use to decorate. They only hold stuff while I’m stitching. Once I am done stitching for the night, all of this gets put away. It is on a low table and isn’t “Izzy-friendly”. My dog Izzy is known to occasionally get into mischief while I am at work. She would eat those flosses.

I had my Goodness and Plenty pieces in this wooden bowl on the coffee table and I came home. It was all over the floor. I was sure Izzy had chewed my cross-stitch piece. I was ready to be mad. No worries. She chewed up the berries but not the cross-stitch pieces.

The wooden bowl came from a garage sale. It was cheap…maybe $1. It looked like this when I bought it…

I used Restor-a-finish on it and it cleaned up wonderfully.

I looked for a long time before I found the big wonderful dough bowl that is in my living room. After MUCH looking, I saw THIS ONE on Etsy. It was expensive… with shipping it was $125. I don’t spend money like that but I’m so glad I did.

It houses my seasonal cross-stitch pieces which are small. Here is how it looks now…

Here is how it looked this Fall…

I am so glad I spent the money and bought it. It really is the focal piece of my living room decorations. I also like that many of my cross-stitch pieces are here together.

This is the spot my grandkids decorated. It has a table mat under it now. This is a tiered tray but acts much like a dough bowl. I am looking to replace this if I ever find something vintage to go here instead. This is just from Hobby Lobby.

Another favorite of mine is this piece…

This is on my dining room table. This is some type of old drawer. It’s antique. I bought this at the vintage shop I love in Sumner. When I saw this, I knew IMMEDIATELY that I wanted it and didn’t care about the price. I think it was $28. It was well worth it. I’m totally happy with this. So happy in fact that I keep this out year round. I previously switched this out seasonally as well but not anymore. This looks so good here.

I have a few pieces I plan to eventually find a spot for. I bought this at the same vintage shop. This is an antique. I think it was $28 too. I knew immediately that I wanted it as well. There is just a certain look to a piece and I know it’s mine.

I bought this piece…also old. Can you see it under the goodies it’s filled with? This I bought at the vintage sale I go to in the Spring and Fall. I think it was $24.

I pick up pieces at sales whenever I find them. There is a little square bowl holding pinecones that is resin but looks like wood. It was $1 at the thrift store. That piece moves around all the time in my decorating.

I use some bowls like dough bowls…I love this old piece holding my wool pillow. I was a gross dirty thrift store find for 50 that I scrubbed up. The design on it looks like cross stitch. I wish I could find more pieces like that but I refuse to pay very much money for them.

This is a metal tray. I use this for floss. I keep some DMC at the bottom. I bought all of them at the thrift store. On top is floss that I am doing with and needs to be put away or be used for a project. When I have free time, I clean it all up except for the DMC at the bottom. This tray was a thrift store find for a couple of dollars.

I have a HUGE love of cabinets but my dough bowl obsession is pretty high ranking of things I love and seek out as well.

So the long answer to your question is…as far as dough bowls, I prefer old and vintage but do have some that are from Etsy or Hobby Lobby. I’m game to use most anything including old vintage wood boxes and drawers as dough bowls type pieces to hold my crafts and decor.

Thanks for asking the question! I wrote a different post about dough bowls and their original purpose HERE.

2 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Dough Bowls and Such”

  1. All of you bowl stagings are beautiful! You have such good decorating skills and I really like your decor. Again you are an inspiration!

  2. Jo, I really enjoy seeing how you re-purpose things and how you decorate with them. Your needlework is so pretty and I love seeing all of your finishes.

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