Ask Jo: Cross Stitch, Transfer Eze and Purple Hobbies

Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days.

Kathy asked:
The box fits in perfectly. I agree you repurpose wonderfully. I am curious about the size of the cross stitch piece. It was looking much smaller till your finish and display area?

Kathy was talking about this little piece that I finished.  The size of the stitched area on this piece is 2 1/2″ x 4 1/4″.

You can read about it in THIS POST if you missed it.

Another reader, Sandi, asked:
What do you lace with? Is it crochet thread? It looked thicker than sewing thread. Please and thank you.”

Sandi is referring to the photo below.  When I laced my piece I did use crochet thread and that’s what I typically use.  I also have rug loom thread and I use that regularly as well.

Polly asked:
Have you ever given any thought to designing your own pieces? Then you could “fit” pieces as you need them to fill the wall. You have such a talent for design and color. You also have plenty of experience doing cross-stitch, you know what to emphasize and what to avoid.”

I was saying that I was curious as to how I would finish this wall off.  I need to come up with some pieces to be a specific size to “fit” into the space I have left on the wall.

Polly, that was a very sweet comment, and say she thought I could design something.  To date, I have not thought seriously about designing anything.  Yes, the thought ran through my mind but then I dropped it.

I have a terrible habit of taking ideas about things I could do as a hobby and then they morph into something more…take, for instance, designing quilts, and then suddenly I’m going it for magazines…or blogging as a journal and suddenly I’m writing blog posts twice a day.  Trust me, it is a real possibility that I would design a cross piece for my wall and then suddenly be trying to find a way to market them.  Nope…I have enough hobbies that turned into more.  I need to let something just be hobbies.  Cross stitch is one of them.

Shelley asked:
“Tell us more about Transfer Eze that you mentioned in your post the other day. What is it and how do you use it? Love reading your blog!”

In my most recent Blast from the Past I talked that at the time, I was working with Transfer Eze to make a project.

I did a blog post on how to use it to transfer letters HERE.

The paper works great and is so helpful in transferring letters to fabric.  HERE is a link for the Transfer Eze paper I used.  I had a lot of success using it.

I started that project back in 2012 and finished it as part of my UFO challenge a couple of years ago.  You can see it at the top of the shelf in the photo below.

It was so fun to make.  I’ve made several wool projects in my time.  I’d love to make one again.

Meghan asked:
Is the discount code from Purple Hobbies still available?

If you all remember, Purple Hobbies is an American-made company that has lots of awesome sewing notions.

Here are some of the products from them that I have reviewed…

The Pin Keep.  Find the post HERE.

I reviewed the blade saver cutter.  I love this.  You can read the review HERE.

If you want to see it in action, I filmed a fast one-minute or so video.  Just push the arrow and it will play.

I also reviewed The Third Hand Binding Tool.  You can read the review HERE.

I did a little video to show how to use it.  I’ve shared it before but am adding it here again in case anyone missed it.

All this to say, “Yes Meghan the coupon code is still working.”

Heather extended her 20% discount coupon for you.  If you go to her site, Purple Hobbies (HERE is the link) you can get 20% off anything you buy if you use the code JoSentMe.  (type it in as all one word)

Heather expanded and is featuring a few cross-stitch-related goodies.  I plan on checking them out!!

I think that’s everything for this edition of “Ask Jo”…if I missed your question feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.  That’s the quickest way to find me!

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  1. I enjoy reading the ask Jo segments you write. Your hanging baskets are amazing. Do you use a special dirt and do you fertilize through out the season. Next year I might try some hanging baskets. Any hints would be helpful.

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