Ask Jo: Computer Programs to Quilts to Youtube

Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days.

First up a question from Donna. She asked:
I’m glad you finally were able to get the book you wanted. Yes, it did seem expensive but since you’re going to be doing several of the patterns – so worth it!
I do have a question about your Come to the Garden – you said one of your daughters redid the bottom for you – did she have a special computer program or did she find a website for that purpose? I have a pattern I’d like to reword also.
Love and prayers

There is a cross-stitch program that you can use to redo wording or even design your own charts.  It is called WinStitch or MacStitch depending on what type of computer you are using.  You can find them HERE.  They allow downloading a free test program.  I believe this will allow you to work in the program, and test it out, but will not allow you to save anything you design.  You can purchase the whole complete program for $47.  Kayla has MacStitch.

This company also has a program to use with Ipads.  These aren’t as extensive as the computer programs but I thought I would share that option as well.  If you only plan on changing the wording, this program might be enough.

They have a nice “How to” section as well.  I check Youtube and there is a nice channel called Little Stab Studio.  You can find it HERE.  She has several videos that show how to use the program.  I’m sure there are other videos as well.

If I was buying one, I think I would get the program above.

On the old computer I had before my grandson Eli dumped it over and it crashed, I had a program called PC Stitch.  I played with that program a little bit.  Like the other programs I previously mentioned, this had a download that allowed users to test the program but not save anything.  You can find that program HERE.

It’s nice that you can download them and see if the program is something you can navigate and use before you buy.

There was a lot of talk in the comment section after one of the more recent blog posts that featured quilts that… Cathy finished.  Blog reader McGill sent the top to Cathy and Cathy finished it.  You can read about it HERE.  Cathy was told that the quilt was called Circle of Stars.

Everyone loved the quilt and was curious if there was a pattern for it.  I didn’t know as I didn’t make it and I don’t believe that information was given when it was donated.

Happily, a blog reader had good sleuthing skills and found the pattern and better yet, it’s FREE.  You can find the pattern HERE.  In the blog in the link, they called the pattern Star Rings.

Lillian asked:
Does anyone know if the Block used in “True Blue” is an older block pattern that goes by another name?
If anyone knows the block name please let us know.
I refuse to pay over $50-$70 for a pattern book on Amazon.

Lillian is talking about this quilt.

I finished it a bit ago.  If you missed it or want a recap, you can read about it HERE.

I checked Amazon as of the writing of this.  I see that Spice of Life Quilts by Carrie Nelson, where the pattern is located is at $44 and up.  I also see that you can get an ebook and it is only $7.49.  The ebook version might be the way to go.  That’s good news for international readers.  I know it’s often hard for you with shipping and all.  You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

Linda asked:
I somehow found your Video No 11, where you are making the 2 unicorn patches and 9 patch quilts for your little granddaughters. I paused it whilst I was cooking and now have lost it! How do I find it again please?

You can always find my Youtube Channel, Jo’s Country Junction, by going to Youtube and then typing into the search bar, Jo’s Country Junction.  There will be a circle with my picture, hit that and you are on my channel.  Hit videos and you can scroll through all of my videos.

If you want it easier than that, go to my blog,, and look in the right-hand column.  There you will see buttons that will take you everywhere I am.  Just click on the appropriate button and you’ll find me wherever that is you want.  EASY-PEASY!

For you, you would hit the Youtube button and it would take you there.  Just scroll through the videos to find one that looks interesting to you.

I think that covers all of the questions for this time around.  If you have questions, the best place to ask is in the comment section.  I work hard to read all of the comments.  I don’t comment on every single comment but I do read them and often comment on a few of them.  I appreciate that interaction with all of you.  It helps me feel like this isn’t a one-sided conversation with me doing all of the talking!  HA!

If I missed your question, please ask again.

11 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Computer Programs to Quilts to Youtube”

  1. Marilyn Halvorsen

    Most public libraries offer a service called Interlibrary L.oan. Lillian could try an ILL for the Carrie Nation book. Her library would search other libraries in the United States for a copy of that book and borrow it for her .

    1. To Linda with the YouTube question: you can always find the video in your History, just go to the Library and look for History.

  2. Marilyn Halvorsen

    Most public libraries offer a service called Interlibrary Loan. Lillian could ask her library to place an ILL for the Carrie Nation book — Spice of Life Quilts — and they will try to borrow the book from another library in the United States.

    1. Thanks for that suggestion – I just put in a request for it at my library and it should be here in a a few days! I order books regularly – but didn’t think of it for this one!

  3. Cheryl in Dallas


    I found a good place for ordering not-new books is I checked the website just now, and they have the Carrie Nelson book “Spice of Life Quilts” starting at $20.20. I have always had good experiences ordering from the website. Recently I bought a cookbook (list price $35) for $7 AND IT WAS A BRAND NEW BOOK. Most books on the site are used, but I’ve found they are always in good condition.

  4. Katherine Gourley

    Jo, I got the book in which True Blue is featured for just couple dollars as a Kindle book. I have the Kindle app on my computer, phone and tablet. The app is free to download on Apple or android devices.

  5. Next time you start working in EQ8 again, I would love to take a video trip with you on that one. I just can’t seem to get myself going in it. I can mess around but just can’t seem to get to the finish. I think I would learn a lot just watching you walk us through it designing a scrap quilt (of course).
    Thank you,

  6. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    Belated Happy Birthday Greetings, sorry this is late. I am happy to read things are improving for Gannon. Who would have ever thought he would have complications. This was a tough go-around. Sounds like things are improving. I was wondering if you could talk about the board game Ticket to aridity. Trying to decide if this would work for any of my kids. There are a lot of versions too, which ones do you play?
    Thanks for your help!

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