Ask Jo: Cinder Block

You might remember our Cinder Block quilt that was featured in a recent issue of Quiltmaker.

Well I recently got a question about the quilt from Eileen…”Hi, I saw this pattern in “Quiltmaker” and I must make it!!  But, I need to make it a queen sized quilt.  I do not know how to convert – please can you help me?  Can you email me what I will need and how many blocks to make?  I would be so appreciative.  Thank you.”

First off I think the quilt will look beautiful in a queen sized version.  In the queen sized version you’ll end up with a quilt that is 105″ x 105″.

I can easily see this being an awesome wedding quilt.  The quilt is great for anyone.

We of course can’t give you the complete instructions for the quilt as we sold them to Quiltmaker.  We can however give you a modification to the instructions telling how much more fabric you’d need and how many more blocks to make.

You can find those instructions here.

Good luck on your quilt making Eileen. We’d love to see you finished quilt!

2 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Cinder Block”

  1. I love this quilt, Jo! I bought Quiltmaker just for this pattern. I’m not sure yet what colorway I’m going to make it in, but whatever I choose I know will look terrific! Good luck with the big move!

  2. I too am looking forward to making this. I looked for the magazine and didn’t find it on sale till after I pais for a yrs subscription. Unfortunatley 7 weeks later, I’m still waiting on my subscription to start. They have reasured me that it will be here 6-8 weeks …. any day now. I did buy the material and have been debating on making one queesn sized for my neice. Not sure as it is for her room, so she would need it queen sized at home, but for her dorm, twin would be good.

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