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We’ve gotten a few question from blog readers wanting to know more about ordering out new book, Country Girl Modern.  I figured these readers weren’t alone so I’d do a blog post and answer the questions here.

One question…I don’t want to use Paypal.  How can I purchase a book??

We knew there would be people who would prefer not using Paypal.  That’s why we made up an order form.  You can jump right to that order form here.  Simply print it and send it along with a check to me and we’ll get a book sent out to you once we have them.

We have also had  people wanting to pay with credit card but not wanting to open a Paypal account.  Paypal will allow you to do that.  You would have to read their site to see how that works.


Question Two… I went to the site to buy the book but can’t figure out how to check out.  Can you help?

I had trouble figuring that out too.  Luckily some of you haven’t and we’ve had a orders come in.  For those of you who are like me and were stuck I made this graphic.

Step one:  Click on the “Add to Cart” button.
Step two:  Click on the button on the left that says cart.  You’ll be able to see your order and check out there.

Question Three:  I live in a local town and would like your book but don’t want to pay shipping.  Can I get a book directly from you?

YES!!  Once we get moved into the new house and the books are in, I’ll always have some on hand.  You can stop by and purchase one from me.

Thanks to all of you who have already purchased books and to those of you who are thinking about purchasing one.  We really appreciate your support.

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  1. So excited about your book! Can hardly wait to receive it! Enjoy that you are telling us the back ground & your pics of ea beautifully designed quilt but it’s still going to be difficult for me to decide which quilt to make first!

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