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Every once in a while I get questions from blog readers that I think other readers might be interested in as well so I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.  Today I am answering two questions and both of them are about sizes….

After seeing this post about my Lozenges quilt, Joyce B asks, “What size do you intend to make your ‘lozenges’ quilt?”

Well we are all big people around here at my house.  I have two sons that are 6′ 4″ and a daughter that’s real close to 6’…  Also most of the beds here are queen sized.  That made me decided that I wanted to make this big.  So it’s 90″ x  102″.

Another part of my want for that size is so that I could make all the rows the same.  They can all have a dark at one end and a light at the other.  I am directionally challenged and it just makes the whole process easier for me when I can do that.

Being my blocks finish at 3″ x 6″ that means I have 30 in each row and I have 17 rows.  I made extra blocks and will be using them in the backing.

Next up I got a question about the house from Sheri after reading the blog post about the porch, “It’s looking awesome, Jo.  How many livable square feet will you have once you’re done?”

To be honest, I didn’t know so I got out the house plans and started measuring.  Of course these aren’t exact as I can’t measure inches from the drawings-just feet.

The living room is 15 x 14
Entry 7 x 6
Dining Room 14 x 19
Office 10 x 15
New addition on the main floor 20 x 28
Our bedroom 15 x 14
Additional two bedrooms 24 x 15
Upstairs addition 24 x 20

This totals up to be around 2318 square feet not including any basement area.

Then the basement addition is 20 x 24…and then there’s the old part of the basement.  I don’t know how that qualifies when calculating square footage.  At this point I am sure we won’t be finishing the new part of the basement right away.  We’ll do that gradually as we can afford it (and once we’re not so tired of home improvement projects).

That’s not real big, in the world of big houses,  I know but to us, it is going to seam like a mansion.  Right now the house at the farm where we live is about 1392 not including any basement and the basement here can’t be used for anything really.

It’s hard to believe that five kids grew up here with one bathroom…I even did childcare in this house!  Now the new house will have three bathrooms-one on each floor.  I am just thankful that we are able to use all the two toilets that were already in the house and only had to buy one more.

Anyway…that’s the size of things around here….

4 thoughts on “Ask Jo: All about Sizes”

  1. If you are only buying one toilet, make it the one in your bathroom and a hirise toilet. You will appreciate it as knees and hips get to be problematic.
    It is amazing how people survived and raised families on so much less than what everyone “needs” today. How even quilts were made with so much less than we have in our sewing rooms today. But those creature comforts are nice.

  2. 2318 is about the size of my current and last house, and really, who needs more? I think many bigger houses nowadays are serious overkill!

  3. Love the size of the rooms in your new house. I seem to need “space” around me and tend to put too much furniture in a room, so having rooms the size of yours would be luxury to me!

  4. I grew up in a small house in a family with 5 kids and one bathroom and we all managed. Like I always say you do what you have to do and none of us suffered because of it even if it would have been nice to have a bigger house with more bathrooms.

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