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Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days.

Christina asked:
just a quick question, where did you get your very comfy looking chair for sewing? I need to find one soon, back too bad to sit for any length of time now. Thank you”

This is the chair in my sewing room that is at my main sewing machine.  I bought it after talking with my chiropractor.  She talked me through what I might want in a chair.  She questioned whether I would arm on the chair and after thinking it through, I decided I didn’t.  I found this chair HERE on Amazon.

The chair is about $75 but I figured if I would not have to go to the chiropractor twice that would pay for the chair and would let me skip the pain of having my lower back out of whack.  I am very happy with my chair.  It is a snug fit.  I am a size 14 jeans and if you wear over a size 20. I don’t know that the chair would be super comfortable.  I am totally okay with it and actually like it snug and supportive of my bum and hips.  I appreciate not having any arms on the chair.  It makes it easier to pivot and use the iron or turn the other way and grab pieces to sew.

All in all, I really like it.

Linda asked:
“I somehow found your Video No 11, where you are making the 2 unicorn patches and 9 patch quilts for your little granddaughters. I paused it whilst I was cooking and now have lost it! How do I find it again, please?”

I have a channel on Youtube.  All of my videos are there.  You can go to Youtube anytime.  Simply type “Jo’s Country Junction” into the search bar on Youtube.  This will come up.  Click on the words “Jo’s Country Junction” near the circle picture of me and Rosie.

That will bring you to this page.  Just under that picture of me and Rosie you will see the word “Videos”.  Click that.

That will bring you to all of the videos that I have available.  I have over 80 videos there and I have recently been working to add at least one video per week and some weeks I excel and get two made.  I hope to continue to make at least one video a week.  It might be a floss tube meaning I’ll be talking about cross stitch.  It might be a Sew with Jo when I just chat and sew along with you.  It might be a tutorial.  Whatever comes to mind for me to video is what I’ll be presenting.  If you have suggestions for videos, please feel free to suggest what you’d like to see.

The videos are listed in order of when they were filmed.  Some of the videos are older from back when I was doing Accuquilt videos.  I no longer have an Accuquilt so no more videos about that will happen.

Bev asked:
“Will you go back to putting the videos on your blog? I prefer watching them there.”

The videos always list on Youtube first.  I am working on each format on its own.  When Monday comes around and I write a blog post about what I’ve been working on, if I’ve posted a new Youtube video over the past week, my plan is to embed them into the blog post.  Youtube will always be posting them first…if you want to see them ASAP, you will need to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell.

Subscribing means the video will likely show up when you tune into Youtube.  The bell means you will get a notification whenever I post a new video.  The fastest way to get the newest content is to subscribe and hit the bell.

You are always welcome to wait for me to embed them into a blog post and watch them that way.

I think that covers all of the recent questions.  If I missed yours please ask again.  The best way to reach me is through the comment section.

16 thoughts on “Ask Jo: From Chairs to Youtube”

  1. Talking about chairs I bought a Bungee chair fron The Container Store in 2020 and absolutely love it. Just something else to check out and see if that would work too. I too have back problems.

  2. Jo, I asked how you label charity quilts. My group has been using a label designed by a member who moved. It doesn’t quite fit anymore so I’d appreciate another suggestion.

    1. Hi Chris…I don’t label the quilts. It’s totally okay with me if I stay behind the scenes and no one ever knows it was me that donated the quilt.

  3. Susanne Scheurwater

    I don’t mind asking again! I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but when stitching on 40ct linen, are you using only one strand??

  4. Ok Jo, now I have to ask, why did you get rid of your accuquilt? I have RA and a lot of hand, elbow and joint pain and have been contemplating a cutting system for quite some time. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the AccuQuilt system and what compelled you to buy it, and then why you then decided not to keep it? I find other’s experience, start to finish, can be incredibly enlightening! And in this case it could also save me loads of money too. Haha The price point for the cutter and each set of mats is a deterrent alone already.

    Many thanks in advance. And comments/input to this question from other readers would be appreciated too!

    Kind regards,
    Laurie in Idaho

    1. If you will go to the SEARCH window on Jo’s blog – it’s on the right, just below her circle picture – you can type in “Accuquilt” then hit “enter” and up pops the very blogpost you want!!

    2. I know you didn’t ask me, but here’s my experience with Accuquilt. I bought one a few years ago because of all the hype from other quilters (I’m easily influenced, I guess..haha). I thought it was expensive but figured if it saved some cutting with “old” shoulders and I’ve get a more accurate cut, I decided to buy a GO! cutter. It did a beautiful job, I must admit. However, the dies were very expensive and I could only afford a couple. The machine stayed in the closet more than it was used so I decided to sell it.

      I didn’t get my money’s worth out of it. If you will be using it a LOT and can afford the dies, then go for it :)

      1. Thanks Colleen, and for the blog reference Jo and RuthW. I should have known there had already been a post about this! Lol

  5. Linda G Jarnecke

    Whenever you post a “find it here” my computer never allows me to open these. I’ve looked at Amazon for your chair, under sewing room chairs and office chairs. Can’t locate it anywhere on the site. Would love to have one like it as I spent 3 months with severe back issues. Does the chair have a name or order number??

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