Ask Jo: Quilts, Cookies and Pizza (what an odd combo)

Hello, and welcome to another edition of “Ask Jo”.  I get many comments and questions from all sorts of places, the comment section here, Youtube, email, and from our Facebook group.  Sometimes I think others of you might want to know the answers as well so I answer them here on the blog.   Today I’m answering a bunch of miscellaneous questions.

Beth asked:
“When will your Halloween quilt be coming out in American Patchwork and Quilting?”

The quilt Beth is referring to is this…

I never did show you the finished quilt.  It will be published in American Patchwork and Quilting in a fall 2021 issue.  They never give a specific date as to the issue the quilt will be in.  I am assuming it would be a September issue or an October issue.  Typically they hit the newsstands 6-8 weeks before the actual month stamped on the magazine.  I’m going to take a guess and say it will hit the newsstands in August.

I will have a big quilt reveal and notification here on the blog once the issue is released.  So my best advice is to watch the blog and trust I’ll let you know.  I am sure that many of you are collecting fabrics in anticipation of making this one!!

Brenda wrote:
Could you post the entire recipe including how to mix the frosting? I’m not a baker so I need all the info I can get! LOL, These do look yummy!”

Find the blog post Brenda was referring to HERE.  There were no instructions for making the frosting.  Often times church cookbooks and Amish cookbooks assure a level of baking skills.  When I made them I threw all the frosting ingredients in the bowl minus the salt and mixed it up.  The frosting turned out great.

Gannon sure loved them.  The childcare kids just asked me to make them again so I’m calling them a winner!!

Some questions arose after I showed this picture of my pizza fresh from the oven.  They were wondering what I have my pizza on.  It’s a pizza peel.   I heat a stone in the oven at least a half hour before I start making pizza.  I put parchment paper down on the peel.  I make my crust on the parchment paper, finish making the pizza and then slide the pizza parchment paper and all onto the hot stone in the oven.

When the pizza is done, I slide the peel under the parchment paper and scoop up the pizza.  From there I put it on a pizza pan and put it on the table to eat.  I love it!  With little kids here there is never a hot pizza pan on the table.  Find my Pizza Peel HERE.

As I said, Kalissa has been trying to perfect pizza.  I let her pick out a stone and a peel for her upcoming birthday.  She picked these…

This is the peel she picked. It has a nice handle that will swivel for easier storage.  You can find it HERE.

She picked this pizza stone. You can find it HERE.

I am completely and totally jealous of this stone.  I have a round one and it’s a challenge to make the pizza on parchment paper and make it the exact right size with no guide.  I think I’ll be buying myself one of these for my birthday if one doesn’t “accidentally” land in my Amazon shopping cart before then.

I had no idea about making pizza on a stone and using a peel until I watched this video.

There were comments about this quilt after I did the post about the “airing of the quilts”.  A comment was made that maybe I could draft this pattern.  You’re right.  I can look at that see how it is put together.  It’s a beautiful quilt but drafting a pattern off of it isn’t right.  It’s better to see if we can find the designer and get the pattern.  Does anyone know who designed this??

Does anyone know the name of the pattern?

Hopefully, someone will leave some info in the comment section and then we can know and whoever wants the pattern can purchase it from the original designer.

I think that wraps up this version of “Ask Jo”.  If you have other questions, please let me know.

17 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Quilts, Cookies and Pizza (what an odd combo)”

  1. All good questions and answers! I hope somebody will know about that quilt pattern. It is beautiful, the colors with the black – stunning.

  2. Donna Minter

    Jo, I think you are right about the quilt pattern. Sometimes I see quilts I could probably draft, but I believe others creativity should be protected and rewarded. If I really like the quilt, I buy the pattern. it’s the only fair thing to do.

    1. Nancy Elliott

      Thank you so much Ray. Love the quilt and just ordered the pattern. I got mine from Etsy, but Amazon also has it.

  3. Paulette identified the quilt on “Airing of the Quilts”. This is what she said…
    “ Yes, it is called “Diamonds in the Rough”, and it was a quilt kit by All Through the Night, Bonnie Sullivan designer and owner, at I don’t know if it’s still available, but you could check the site and/or contact them directly. I will say it was a dream to sew! I had not worked with flannel before and was cautious, but the fabric in the kit was excellent quality and had a suede-like quality to it. ”
    This is the link to the pattern.

  4. I do my pizzas just like you do. Before I put my stones in the oven I trace the circle on parchment paper, then I layer up the parchment paper and cut them all at once. I know exactly how big my dough circle can be.

  5. Evelyn Haupert

    Jo, Ray is correct. The “Diamonds in the Rough” was a flannel kit which I won. I don’t work in flannel and asked you for the name of someone who would do it honors. You steered me to Paulette and she did a great job putting it together; she sent it to Ray for quilting. From the pictures I’ve seen, they both did wonderful work. I’m so glad for your team of generous quilters.

    1. I love how the community come together to get a quilt finished. I will have to check the pattern out. Happy Quilting.

  6. I used to make chocolate marshmallow cookies all the time when my kids were little, they were a favorite. I got my recipe from my Mother-in-Law. She make them often for the Grands. They can be messy.

  7. Kudos to you for wanting to find and give credit to the pattern designer. I was able to find the pattern name by copying your picture onto my Pinterest board, then using the spotlight feature to find similar images. (With thanks to my techie son who showed me how to do that a while back!). The pattern is Diamonds In The Rough by Bonnie Sullivan. Looks like there was a kit offered in the past, and the pattern is still available for purchase… I found it offered through Amazon.

  8. Jo. I can draft this pattern easily. That’s something I’ve done so often. If needed , let me know. Iwill do it up & send to you. Snail mail, don’t know how to send otherwise.

  9. can you please post the yardage for your halloween quilt again? I know you have posted it before, but i cant find it now. I am looking forward to getting my copy of the magazine to get started on it!

  10. Judith Fairchild.

    You’re so right about protecting the pattern designer’s work i got used to copying free patterns. I never thought about the c work designers put into them until I saw some of yours I wanted. Then someone said something about stealing patterns. I don’t want to be a thief. So now I wait till I have the money and buy the patterns. It’s the right thing.

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