As Long as I Broke My Fabric Diet

Well as long as I broke my fabric diet, I went for it!  Last week or so ago I told you that I broke my diet..well I broke it again.  I’m thinking it’s all legal though.

First off…let me tell you about my “diet”.  I decided that I had enough fabric for the most part and decided I could make wonderful quilts with what I had.  So I decided to try to not buy much quilt shop fabric.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  I love it all…but I wanted to rein in my purchases to well thought out purchases and this was a way to do it.  I did decide that any thrift store fabric was completely legal though…I could also accept any fabric gifted to me.  Also, like diets, cheating is occasionally allowed…and at times, completely justified.  This had always made me learn to look at my stash first before buying….

…and that, made me organize things in an efficient way so that I could quickly access if I needed something or not.  No more digging to the back box behind the closet for me!  Many would think, ewwie, I don’t want to be on a fabric diet.  Me, I love it.

Well fast forward to now.  I’ve had it on my brain that I need a quilt for one more childcare kid.  I have the two Geese on a String Quilts.  I have the Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt but I need one more quilt.  I pulled things and looked but nothing caught my eye.  I wanted something VERY scrappy as the others are VERY scrappy and I want them similar..not necessarily the same but similar.

Well as I was loading one of the Geese on the String Quilts onto the frame I was thinking about what quilt to make.  I was thinking about needing to clean up a few more projects that are UFOs..I was thinking after these quilts are done I need to stop and regroup a bit.

I ended up turning my head and saw this…

BINGO!!  Like that I knew what I was going to do.  I was going to make a Wild Thing quilt.

Let me explain.  In that middle drawer were these….

These were supposed to be for the quilt Wild Child but Bonnie Hunter.  It’s in the String Fling book.  Well when I made them, I twisted the triangles the wrong way.  Rather than rip them out, I set these blocks aside and made new blocks.  These have been waiting and now they are going to have a purpose.

This is the original Wild Child quilt….
You can read more about the quilt HERE.  I’ve kept this quilt…I love it.  The border fabric was gifted to me by Linda.  It’s a Kaffe print.  It started my love for Kaffe fabrics.
Well I have 20 “wrong twisted triangle blocks.  I’m going to make 20 more that are with white background and then I’m going to make the 40 of the other blocks and I’ll have a quilt.

But…I can’t make the other blocks until I picked the border fabric because the block background fabric needs to match the border fabric.  I was going to go online and order fabric but this was something I thought I needed to do in person as I felt I need to hold the two fabrics together.

During my trips back and forth to Lacrosse, I ended up stopping at Red Roxy in Decorah and picked out this….

The swirly Kaffe fabric will be the border and the purple will be the background for the alternate blocks.  YAHOO!!  I have a plan and can get working on it!  Best of all, I love the plan.

I have the blocks started and will finish up something that has been lying around here!  That’s the best of many worlds.  Also, I think she’ll love it.  So with that, I broke my fabric diet again…but I think it was a completely legal cheat as there was NOTHING in my stash that was the amount or anywhere near what would work.

I can’t wait to put this quilt into the FULL SPEED AHEAD mode.

18 thoughts on “As Long as I Broke My Fabric Diet”

  1. This quilt is going to be so beautiful & such a special gift! I truly think that this is not breaking your fabric diet but purchasing what you need to make/finish the gift!

  2. A little treat now and then never hurt any diet! The fabrics are perfect! This will complete a gorgeous quartet of quilts! Good job!
    -Jean ❤

  3. Since you have been on a diet, I have too. I’ve been gifted yards of fabric and pieced backs. I doesn’t look like I’ve made a dent but it means I have money for other things too. Besides, I think it makes you more creative! Mary Ann

  4. Love those purples!
    When planning a quilt, I’m just the opposite. I see a pattern and decide on it…and then see another…and another…it’s frustrating because there are so many that I love! Fortunately, I’m still working on Steph’s so that elusive pattern won’t be needed until after Christmas!
    Love and prayers

  5. Jean from Manchester

    I love your selection of purples so much!! This is going to be a real eye catcher!! And, I ❤️that you are sewing brights. I believe it really helps with one’s demeanor, as the bright colors lift your spirits!! I can’t wait to see the finished product!!

  6. Patricia A Boelens

    Beautiful choice! Now don’t forget to make the new blocks with the points backwards like the ones you already have so they go together. LOL This girl is going to feel so special!

  7. Looks like another fun quilt in the making! In my fabric diet world, if I need fabric to finish a quilt, it’s not cheating!!!!

  8. Judith Fairchild

    Like those purples. Diets were made to be broken occasionally. Enjoy finishing that quilt. You are going to have some very happy littles. Prayer continues for you and your family

  9. I wonder if anyone would notice that the points are “backwards.” I looked and looked and may have figured it out—Another beautifully creative quilt in the making!

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