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A post from Kelli–

In May, we told you about the painting class that we went to.  We ended up having so much fun that we decided to have our own monthly crafting night!  My Aunt Julie (on Jason’s side) decided to host the first night.  When we went to a graduation party this spring, she saw pictures that had been decoupaged onto wood.  After searching pinterest for instructions, she found a tutorial which served as instructions for our first Artsy Fartsy night!

art 1 (400x225)

We med in Julie’s shed and were ready for the festivities to begin.  I often feel like I’m kind of in this odd place in life that I don’t have kids, so I don’t always fit in with people that have kids.  I have a job, but I only started in January and don’t have a very regular work schedule, so I don’t really feel like I have lots of work friends.  Jason works all the time and we rarely go out, so I don’t really have many couple friends.  And I’m in school, so lots of my free time is tied up studying, so it was nice to get out and do something fun!

Julie also made us some yummy food!  My favorite was the pineapple wrapped in bacon with brown sugar….WONDERFUL!  She also made dip and little cucumber sandwiches.

Art 2 (225x400)


To start, we all brought pictures that we wanted to use.  Julie had boards, stain, and paint.  We started by trimming our pictures if we needed to and staining or painting them.

Art 4 (342x400)

Then we put a layer of mod-podge on, added our picture, and then added another layer of the mod-podge.

Art 5 (225x400)

We let it dry for a little bid, and this is our finished project!

Art 3 (400x363)

Mine still needed to dry a bit as you can see the mod-podge on the top of the picture, but I’m really glad with how they turned out.  As soon as I got home, I let them finish drying and then added them to my other family photos on my entertainment center.

At the end of the night, we had a little show and share so that everyone could see what we had done.

Here are Renee’s photos–

Art 9 (400x259)

And Vicki’s–

Art 8 (400x276)


Art 6 (400x347)

And mine–

Art 7 (400x225)

While I had a blast making the pictures, even more than that, I enjoyed the wonderful company.  We’ve decided that we are going to skip July because everyone has some crazy schedules, but I agreed to host for August.  I found a really cool tutorial for making a wreath out of old sheet music and I think it’ll be perfect for our little group.  Thanks ladies for a wonderful time–and many more wonderful times to come!


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