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Find more pictures of the quilt and a full write up of it by going to our home page and searching for Ariel’s Wedding Quilt.

Click on the link to get to your free pattern. You will need a FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program to access it. If you don’t have it, you can easily find it by googling.

11 thoughts on “Ariels-Quilt-Instructions”

  1. Love the quilt. May I print out instructions to give to my group? Or am I to direct them to web site to get their own copy? (Being able to provide copies would certainly make it easier for the older members.)
    Thanks, Carolyn.

    1. That’s fine to print copies. It’s nice if you do explain where you got them from though. I understand not all older quilters are into the internet.

  2. had everything I owned sold in a Storage Auction, which included 3 sewing machines,yards and yards of Material, a Oval shape floor stand Quilting Frame, numerous Quilting notions(rotary cutters, rulers,and templates, etc,) When I started I bought everything. I am trying to start over. I am buying a little at a time (i draw 900.00 per month social security ) each month. I have a niece named Aerial. I thought this would be a good starter quilt. Since I can’t put a Sewing Machine in Layaway till Sept., I am open to suggestions on what I need in basic notions, between now and the time I get the sewing (99.00) Machine.

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