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I have gotten several questions about the applique process I used when creating my Five Cent Fairy Garden Candle Mat from Kim Deihl’s book Simple Blessings…I thought I’d tell you about the process. 
I used a product called Applique Stabilizer.  It feels a lot like tear away or interfacing.  I googled it online and here’s a link to learn more about it.

Step One:  Trace your pieces onto the stabilizer and cut them out.

Step Two:  Use a washable glue stick and glue the pieces to the wrong side of your fabric.  Working on a surface that is covered with freezer paper with the shiny side down is suggested so you don’t get glue all over.

Step Three:  Heat set it by ironing the top and bottom sides.

Step Four:  Cut around the piece leaving a 3/8″ allowance.  Then using more of the glue stick, glue the edges down.  A cuticle stick from your manicure kit works great.  Heat set again. 

Step Five:  Position your pieces and glue in place using a washable glue.

Step Six:  Step back and admire.

Step Seven:  Decide how you want to permanently secure your pieces.  I did mine by machine.  I used a smoke colored invisible thread on the top and a regular neutral thread on the bottom.  Using a blind hem stick, I sewed the pieces in place.  You will actually be stitching right next to the applique piece and your need will jump over and catch the applique piece.  I had to mirror my stitch.  Make sure to lock your threads in place at both the beginning and ending.  Secure all pieces.

Step Eight:  Layer the backing, middle and top and quilt either by hand or machine….I chose machine quilting.

Step Nine:  Bind.

Step Ten:  Wash in the washer and dryer.  The stabilizer will dissolve and get a bit fluffy. 

Step Eleven:  Take pictures and share with the blog world.

…and that’s the story of my adventures in applique.  Will I do it again?  If the mood strikes, but honestly, I prefer piecing.

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    1. Sorry Denise. I have no idea. I made that project years ago and haven’t touched applique since then. I don’t remember the name.

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