Appliance Woes

When we were living on the farm and working on the new house, we’d talk to friends or family and people would ask- What are you getting for new appliances?  I’d say none-unless we get a different stove.  I had (and still do) wanted one to put in the garage.  I’d like just a little “kitchen” area there eventually.  With two ovens it would make it easier when the family all comes home.

People were often surprised that we weren’t getting all new appliances.  They just figured, new house, new appliances.

We’re pretty thrifty so to be honest, it never even crossed Hubby’s mind until people started mentioning it more and more often.  We did talk about it and decided for us it was an expenditure we just didn’t really need to make.  We did debate on a new stove though.  I wanted a vintage rewired one at the time…he didn’t.  Mine was scuffed up and I had hoped to talk him into getting a new one and putting the old one in the garage.

As the house budget kept getting tighter and tighter, I knew a new stove wasn’t to be…so I lived with old one.

Well last week, the old one died…well not exactly died…Broke might be a better word.

Here’s what happened….
It was breakfast time and I had childcare kids here.  I often make lunch at breakfast time..or at least prep lunch during breakfast time.  This day I was making a batch of goulash.  I had finished frying the hamburger and turned the burner off.  The problem…the burner wouldn’t shut off.  The knob would turn, but the element stayed hot.

Back and forth I turned.  It wouldn’t go off.  UGH.  This had happened before and Hubby put in a new element and it was fine.  That time, the burner stayed bright red so we could see that it hadn’t turned off.  (read about that saga here) This time, it wouldn’t turn off and the element didn’t get red.

I called Hubby at work and asked what I was suppose to do…He said he’d be home in 20 minutes.  I continued to play with the burner and finally decided on putting a pan of water on the burner so it was at least covered and no one would touch it.

I ended up getting the burner shut off and he didn’t have to come but that kind of scared us both.  Yes, we could try to replace the element again but neither of us really felt comfortable with that.

He told me to call Kalissa, see if she would come late in the day and finish up childcare.  I’d go buy a stove….and that’s what happened.

I am about the least picky person when if comes to appliances.  I want basic only.  I was in and out with a stove in the back of the truck in 15 minutes…and the majority of that time was because the sales lady was writing out the ticket.

I am excited about my new extra large burner.  I always use the front, right burner for my big frying pan so the big burner will be perfect.  The one to the left front is one that can be smaller or larger.  Thankfully neither of theses options made the stove any pricier.

I did have to take a picture of the inside of the oven….It will NEVER be this clean again.


Admittedly, I am the worst oven cleaner.  I hate doing it.  I know it auto clean, I still hate doing it.  The other problem, I never think of it until I’m ready to put something into the oven.

I already baked something in the oven…Banana Bars with Peanut Butter Frosting…(find that recipe here)..

Well that’s the second new appliance we’ve had to buy since buying the house-third if you count a vacuum….Thankfully the washer, dryer and microwave are all working.  I’m glad we didn’t buy new right away though.  Even waiting this little while bought us a little bit of time…and that’s my appliance woes.

6 thoughts on “Appliance Woes”

  1. Nice looking! I think y’all made the right choice. Better safe than sorry…especially in your beautiful house you’ve worked so hard to finish. O’course safer for the people inside too!

  2. Don’t you just hate when you’re forced into those purchases instead of getting to decide when you want to shop. I bought a new refrigerator/freezer in about the time you did on December 26 one year. Yep, discovered on Christmas morning that the old one had died. Fortunately, we had coolers and it was cold outside, but not really the best Christmas present ever. Good luck with your new stove!

  3. That is just WAY too scary! I suppose you could have turned it off by flipping the switch on the breaker box, but that’s not something you should have to deal with.

  4. When my electric range broke, I ordered it online. Didn’t see the point in going to the store – it’s an electric one and they come in white or black. No regrets!

    I did take the time to install a tile backsplash. That was fun.

  5. I see that the stove has a flat surface on top. How do you clean that? I still have the bottle of cleaner from the manufacturer, but was hoping there was a more economical way of cleaning.

  6. I’m in the same boat with appliances, my dishwasher broke a couple years ago so I’m just washing by hand no biggie, now my oven is locked closed! I put it on the self clean setting, it locked itself like it’s supposed to do but never heated up! I have played with the dial every which way I can but it won’t open or heat up on any setting but the burners still work so hubby just bought one of those small convection oven things. Cheaper than a whole new stove until the burners break too.

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