Apple Pie

Sunday rather than go work on the house in town, Hubby and I opted to stay home and get some things done here.  I was supposed to be cleaning house…but that didn’t really happen.  It all started when I went to move the bag of apples that Craig had brought me.  Next thing I knew I was making pie…

Baking is so relaxing for me.  It’s weird.  Most people if told to make a pie would be stressed..not me.  I love baking.

I ended up making four apple pies.  We kept two…I sent one home with Kalissa and took one to the neighbors.  I miss baking. Since the kids moved out and we’ve been working on the house in town, I don’t do it nearly enough.

…and if you’re wondering if I got the house clean, the answer is no.  I got side tracked and make a batch of buns and cooked up squash.  Oh well.    The cleaning will be here tomorrow…the opportunity to bake, probably not.

2 thoughts on “Apple Pie”

  1. Catholic Bibliophagist

    Have you ever added dried cranberries to your apple pie? It’s really good.

    (I love baking too but no longer do it since becoming diabetic. Sigh.)


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