Apple Donuts

I have lots of recipe pages that show up on my Facebook feed and I admit it- sometimes I have trouble resisting the recipes.  I especially have trouble if it’s easy, I have the ingredients and I think the kids might like it.

That’s what prompted me to try these Apple Donuts…They look good don’t they?

It is super simple.  Open a pack of refrigerator crescent rolls.  Unroll them and cut in half.  Wind a strip around a cored apple ring and bake.  How simple -right?


I really liked them and thought the kids would too….From the kids they got medium reviews.  My picky one stayed picky.  My one who eats everything gobbled them down and the kids in the middle stayed in the middle.

I did like them and I really think it would be fun to make with older school aged kids.  My littles that I made them with were too little to figure out the wrapping.


The original recipe suggested that caramel sauce could be drizzled over the top when finished baking…that would be extra yummy but I didn’t have any and they were still good.

You can find the original recipe here.

If you’re like’ll have to try them too!

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