Apple Day

Sunday was apple day.  With frost on the way we wanted to get the apples picked.


The old tree is awfully old and in terrible shape.  We lost  half of to wind a couple years ago.  Everyone has told up to just chop down the rest but it is still producing apples.  This year, they are especially large.  In the photo below it shows three apples.  They are almost softball size.  I pealed the three of them and they made 7 cups of apples!


In the evening Hubby and I peeled and peeled.  He used the Pampered Chef peeler that I have.

Sadly, I ended up peeling many by hand.  The peeler just doesn’t cut up really large apples.  That’s okay though, I appreciate any help I can get.

We ended up peeling 11 gallons.  One gallon went in to an apple crisp and the other 10 gallons went into the freezer.  We have about that many more to do but by the time we were done in was 9 pm and I was already pooped…I had another not so relaxing weekend.

4 thoughts on “Apple Day”

  1. Oh how I would love to have an apple tree in my yard!!! I am green (or should I say red) with envy! By the way, I just found your blog and went through your tutorials last night :^) Well I am on my way to a “self sashing 9 square” quilt. Using scraps I had….I wanted to see how it worked. Thanks for sharing.

  2. what a smart thing to do using the farm equipment to get that extra boost up and into the tree! I’ll bet that beats going up and down on a long ladder any day!

    I’ve heard that this is a good year for apple production. So glad that your tree is still comming thru for you. have you thought about juicing some of the apples and making cider or apple jelly with the juice?

  3. Jo, Do you put anything on the apples when you freeze them? We picked apples last week and I made 2 pies, apple coffee cake, and today I made 2 containers of applesauce and apple bread. I have more to do something with and was thinking about making pies and freezing them. Maybe I can just peel and slice the apples and freeze for another time.

  4. Awesome! They are saying it is a bumper crop of apples this yr, but since I don’t have an apple tree I have to buy mine. The Prices are still high, thank you high gas prices!

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