Anything Goes!

The kids came home with exciting news. 
They both got parts in our high school musical Anything Goes!  Karl is the Purser and Kalissa is Bonnie.  She’s been dancing around the house singing and the performance isn’t until November….I already know the words to one of the songs because she keeps singing it, and singing it, and singing it.  If this keeps up it will be a long couple of months…but as they say Anything Goes…even possibly my sanity.

Speaking of my sanity….It’s our school tradition that the cheerleaders bring treats for the football team on game days.  So…This morning I made home made from scratch cinnamon rolls for the football team…70 of them.  I was up a 5 am so they’d be done in time for school. 
For the sake of my sanity, I think I should probably take the rest of the day weekend off and administer a long dose of sewing….as they say….”anything goes”!

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