Antiquing in Cascade Iowa

When Kelli and I went south to the Muscatine Quilt Guild we planned a stop at an antique store or two.  High on my list of places to stop was Annie’s Treasures in Cascade, Iowa.  The shop is in an old church and is always neat, clean, tidy and full of furniture.  My mission is to try to find a few pieces for the house in town.

I am on the hunt for a cupboard for the kitchen.  We got the bid back from the cabinet maker and the cabinets we want to the left of the refrigerator are over $3000.  I don’t think it’s a bad price.  I just think I’d rather have an antique and at the price they are quoting..I could have a nice antique.  I liked the cupboard show in the picture below.  I just wish it was a bit wider.


The other thing we are in the market for is a couple antiques to turn into bathroom vanities.  Not this one.  It’s maple and no mirror.

Cascade-8 Cascade-7

We also want a desk for the office.  It seems Hubby has become computer savvy and wants two computers in the office-one for me on my roll top desk and one for him…but we don’t have a table or anything for it.  I considered this table but moved on.  It’s walnut and I think I want oak.


Kelli loved the blocks that said family.  She think she might make them by putting burlap through the printer like she did for the wedding.


I liked this cabinet but too small.


Ah…we could put a vessel sink in an old dry sink.  Maybe.  I’ll have to present that idea to Hubby and see what he says.


I liked this old cupboard but there was so much stuff in front of it that I couldn’t close the doors and see what it would look like.  UGH.  I hate when antique shops do that.


I loved this dresser but I’m not in the market for one like this…


Ah…now this one is interesting.  But, I don’t know.  I think I want something with glass in the doors.


I want something bigger than this one but I love that quilt.  Someday maybe…


Oh.  A medicine cabinet.  Did we need one??


Now this I liked.  We could put a vessel sink on there.  The bars on the side could hold the towel eliminating the need for a towel holder.  Hmmm.  Something else I need to present to Hubby.


We didn’t end up bringing anything home with us.  Hubby wasn’t with.  It was raining and I’m still not sure what I want.

As this house remodel and search continues, I need to remember the message on the sign, “These are the good old days”.

If you’re ever in Cascade, Iowa…I HIGHLY recommend this shop.

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  1. Wow Jo, you were in Muscatine??? I guess I need to get out more and join the guild. I’ve been to Cascade before but not to that antique store……looks fun!

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