Antiques in the Square

Well it’s happening.  For years and years Hubby had wanted to have a booth at an antique/flea market.  Tomorrow is the day it’s happening.  We’ll be here….


All week long I’ve been cleaning things at night and pricing them.  Today Kelli’s coming home and she’s helping out too.

Remember all those axes our son Buck has been collecting?  (Read this post if you missed that) Well he’s been cleaning them up and making them shine.  He’ll have his axes at the sale.


Hubby has things he’s been working on over the winter that will be for sale too….boxes, a few pieces of furniture…oh lots of things.

Who know what else will get thrown into the mix.  I’m a little nervous because Hubby’s been eyeing a few of the things around the house and asking if I really liked that pieces or not.  So far, I’ve parted with my a piece we used as a coffee table.  It worked great at the farm house but here it doesn’t look quite right.

It’s so  hard.  I don’t know if we’re pricing high or low.

I have some things I want to sell but sadly I can’t really dig things out….I’m left to sit and price things.  I do have a few things that I’m hoping to have on display….even some quilting related things…I have finally come to the realization that I can’t keep it all.

Hubby isn’t appreciating my little talks on the need to display things to make them more appealing to buyers.  He hasn’t appreciated my questions on what he’s bringing along to display things on.   We’ll see what happens.  I am trying to lay low and stay out of the way… if you come by and we look unorganized, just know I tried.

Part of me is hoping that this sale goes great and he can continue to go to auctions and have this as a hobby.  Part of me is thinking-oh no if does go good he’ll become a “junkie” buying up stuff and hoarding it in the garage until sale time.  Either way it was a fun adventure.

Stop by and see us…and if you do PLEASE introduce yourself and tell me you’re a blog reader.  I LOVE meeting you all.

7 thoughts on “Antiques in the Square”

  1. Just another one of those times Texas is too far away from where I would like to spend the day. Have fun and best of luck!

  2. Might want to consider adding your books to the items for sale. Quilts go well with all antiques and good way to promote your book too !!

  3. Oh yeah, not a’junkie’. My hub is one. Can barely get the car in our 2-car garage. When does the sale start?? Don’t know; too busy now. I won’t tell you how many years he has been ‘too busy.’ :-p

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